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Author has written 8 stories for Code Lyoko, BioShock, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Misc. Cartoons.


A Quick overview and Description Of My Writing, If It Can be Called That: My writing can possibly humour you with it's out-of-place-ness, depress you with it's sadness, or horrify you with it's brutality. it all depends on your point of view or which stories out of the many you select to read. To be honest, this account was made back when I was a die-hard Code Lyoko fan, in order to comment on an outstanding piece of work by an acquaintance, then I decided to expand. I do Bioshock, Amnesia, anything that i see fit. I can not set a mood well :C. My attempted themes are some horror, death, action, etc etc etc. Not much else to say.

Favorite Music Artists/Composers: Airbourne, Amon Amarth, Anal Cunt, Audio, Austrian Death Machine, Bassnectar, Battlelore, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Blind Guardian, Blue Stahli, Brutal Truth, Buckethead, Burzum, C418, Calyx, Celldweller, Cemetary Rapist, Charles Clouser, Chelsea Grin, Children Of Bodom, Coal Chamber, Counterstrike, Eye-D, Catacomb, Receptor, Donny, Katharsys, Zardonic, Current Value, Day To Remember, Deftones, Dethklok, Dieselboy, Kaos, Disturbed, DJ Hidden, Dokken, Centaspike, Drowning Pool, E-sassin, Eighteen Visions, Ekstrak, Eluveitie, Escape The Fate, Finch, From First To Last, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, Hollywood undead, Iced Earth, Insomnium, Iron Maiden, SLOT, John Murphy, Junkie XL, justice, Karl K, Jae Kennedy, Karnivool, Korpiklaani, Korn, Ladytron, Led Zeppelin, Limewax, Raiden, Limp Bizkit, Mastodon, Maximum The Hormone, Megadeth, Metallica, Motley Crue, Mudvayne, Mushroomhead, Napalm Death, Norther, Omnium Gatherum, Ozzy Osbourne, Pitchshifter, Queens Of The Stone Age, Rage Against The Machine, Ray LaMontagne, Robert Benfer, Saliva, Saosin, Saul Williams, Sean Murray, Sevendust, SiKTh, Skindred, Spermswamp, Static-X, Story of The Year, Stratus, Styles of Beyond, Suicide Silence, System Of A Down, The Teknoist, Tenacious D, This Is Menace, Toxic Avenger, unwritten Law, The Used, Velvet Revolver, Vernian Process, Wolmother, WuTang Clan, 3 Inches of Blood

Favorite CL Characters: Odd, Aelita, and Ulrich

Favorite MLP FiM Characters: Big Macintosh, Rainbow Dash

Sex: Male

Favorite Book: Lord Of The Rings

Religious Views: Fuck if I know...

Favorite Movie: Dr. Strangelove (or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)

XBOX Live Gamertag: RednecksGotAnAK ( Befriend me if you have an account)

DeviantART Account: ZiggyUndead:


I'm still working, but horribly affected by brutal writer's block and procrastination. The stories still being worked on, contemplated, or in the process of completion openly, are for the following franchises:

F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon)





No Good Deed Goes unpunished

French-Nevadan Assimilation


Life Goes On

The Process

Peaceful Nightmares


CL: Reloaded (the black sheep of the black sheep of my work)

Youtube Account:

Favorite Song: "I'll Find You" by Hundred Reasons

what could have happened to
take what's become of it
choices that he hath made
moulds to most of it
but to hide in the shade
will keep the weather out
and to crawl into
the hole that hides you now

he's hidden it all just to cover his tracks
sutured what could be described as the facts
taking the trail or the leads we'll find you, find you

back to the start of it
before it will be changed
if it's a little weird
well then dig in a bit
it's more than the sum
of all the separate parts
suffer the thoughts i had
that you will take to heart

he's hidden it all just to cover his tracks
sutured what could be described as the facts
taking the trail or the leads we'll find you, find you

fail safe always tends to try
and make way while you watch and wait
for those to take it on themselves

he's hidden it all just to cover his tracks
sutured what could be described as the facts
taking the trail or the leads we'll find you, find you [x2]

And I'll find you, find you, find you
I'll find you, find you, find you,
I'll find you, find you, find you,
And I'll find you, yes I'll find you.

Favorite Quotes from song Lyrics:

"Seconds from the end, what's it gonna be? Pull the trigger, bitch."

(No Pity For A Coward by Suicide Silence)

"So I take my face and bash it into a mirror, I won't have to see the pain"

(Here To Stay by Korn)

"I know why you want to hate me, 'cuz hate is all the world has even seen lately"

(Take A Look Around by Limp Bizkit)

"You ain't hard, you think you is, you just mad because i speak like dis, you just cryin' 'cuz you ain't got milk, got nothin' to spill while this mic's on tilt"

(Douche Bag by Limp Bizkit)

"Give me a minute and I'll change your mind, give me a bullet and I'll change your life"

(Gematria by Slipknot)

"You fucking touch me I will rip you apart, I'll reach in and take a bite out of that shit you call a heart."

(My Plague by Slipknot)

"I tell you what they want you to know, and you consider it the truth. No one is opening their eyes!"

(said by news reporter in beginning of music video for "Sugar" by System of a Down)

"The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away"

(I'm Alive by Disturbed)

"You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down."

(Won't Back Down by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

"Where will all the martyrs go when the virus cures itself? And where will we all go when it's too late?"

( Letterbomb by Green Day)

"There's so much on my mind, we're given so little time, there's no way to hold on as it passes by"

(Stay With Me Unlikely by Celldweller)

vents and every issue, Make a person disappear, and no one will ever miss you!"

(Hook In Mouth by Megadeth, written about the P.M.R.C.)

"Two in my heart have left me a while, I stand alone, When they get back, it won't be the same"

(Second Heartbeat by Avenged Sevenfold)

"I'll smile, and you'll wave, we'll pretend it's okay"

(Dammit by Blink 182)

"Too weird to live, too rare to die"

(Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold)

"You know what? Fuck you. I'm fed up with you. I'm not as good as you? Fuck no, I'm better than you!"

(Divine by Korn)

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