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Voting was very close in both the Open Vote and the Judge's Selection Round, but eventually it all came down to one fic. Yes. One fic swept both the top spot in the Open Vote and the Judge's Selection Round.

We are pleased to announce:

Strings, by TKegl is our GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

Second Place of the Open Vote went to Gotta Have You by Risbee

Third Place in the Open Vote went to A Night in Vienna by Zigster

The Judges read all of the fics and after picking their favorites and voting

First place was once again Strings, by TKegl

Judges second place choice was Yogacat's The Other Side of Night.

Third Place judge's pick goes to a entry inspired by a picture plot bunny, AStarDanced77's Memories of Us

We've all had those moments when our box is knee deep in updates, two of the three fics you're writing still need to be finished, when something small and furry comes along and nips you in the brain: Plot Bunny!! What do you do with all of those unused, but brilliant plot bunnies just prancing around?

We've also had those moments when the urge to write hits us, but then our creative muse apparently stepped out to go use the bathroom or something, because all of a sudden you're drawing a blank. You know what you need? a Plot Bunny!!

This contest brings both worlds together! Unload your unused plot bunnies and see what others can do with them. We'll be opening up our blog for folks to submit any and all Twi-related plot bunnies that have crossed their minds in the hopes that an author will take it and run with it. Then, on June 19th you can start to request your plot bunny and get to writing!

Every person entering will be sent two different plot bunnies. You can either choose to write just one of them, or both!

Who are your hosts for this craziness? Yogagal, SorceressCirce & Il Bel Mondo


To submit a plot bunny, please visit our website and fill out the form. We are currently accepting plot bunnies now! You may submit as many plot bunnies as you'd like!

To request your plot bunny, please go to our website and fill out the form. Once submitted, we will do our best to match you up with two plots that fit your criteria. We will begin filling plot bunny requests June 19th!

All plot bunnies given to us will remain anonymous until the end of the contest. You will not know who submitted the plot bunnies you request/receive. (After the contest ends, if those who submitted plot bunnies wish to contact the entry authors, they may choose to do so).

Once assigned your two plot bunnies, you must use one or both as your prompt for your fic. You cannot swap, exchange or change your given prompts.

Entries must be rated appropriately according to content. Please take into account violence as well as language and sexual content when rating your entries.

Entries containing rape, pedophilia, incest or other unacceptable content as defined by the hosts will be disqualified.

Entries cannot come from any existing stories. The entry must be new material written for the competition and stand as a one-shot. Participants are more than welcome to continue the story after the contest concludes.
Word Limit: Between 2,000- 10,000 words excluding header and author’s notes.

A maximum of two entries per author, including collaborations.

Entries must be on in order to enable the public vote. Once you have posted your entry, please PM this profile with the link so we can validate it.

Entry MUST be beta'd. If your entry is rejected, you have one try to re-enter it for validation. After that, it will be disqualified.

Because the judges will be reading these anonymously, please include "PLOT BUNNY CONTEST ENTRY" in your entry's summary.

Please include the follow header for all the entries:

Story Name:
Word Count (not including header/author’s note):
To see other entries in the Plot Bunny Contest, please visit the following C2:

Don't forget to include your actual plot bunny in your entry. It can either go at the start of the fic in an Author's Note or you can place it at the bottom with a note!


Prompt submissions begin: Saturday 6/5

Plot Bunny requests begin: Saturday 6/19

Last day to request a plot bunny: Saturday 7/24

Last day to submit story: Saturday, 7/31

Open Voting ends 8/12

Winners of OV and JSR announced 8/14

Winners of special awards announced 8/15


We've somehow managed to round up a kickass panel of judges. These authors know their way around a plot bunny, and have had their fair share of them.







A reminder: The entries will remain ANONYMOUS for the judges, so please do NOT contact them or pimp your fics to them. Any authors that do will be immediately disqualified.


Winners will receive custom banners for their fabulous stories, and pimpage on any and every blog site we can get our hands on (including our own!).

First place winners (both for Open Vote and Judge's Pick) will both be featured on THE FICTIONATORS!!! as well as be interviewed by TwiFic News!!!

There will also be special prizes for Judges' Picks.

Plus, bragging rights for having a fuckawesome story that we all love and squee over.

Questions/ Contact information:Please direct your questions to the hosts as opposed to the judges. Feel free to PM us at this profile if you have any questions or concerns. We can both also be reached on Twitter @Yogagl_ @SorceressCirce & @Il_Bel_Mondo

We cannot guarantee that every single plot bunny will be used.

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