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Author has written 7 stories for One Piece, Monster Hunter, and Soul Eater.

Finally decided to do my profile, if you do not want to know about me, then don't read this. I'm not holding a gun to your head and demanding you learn more about me...I'm not that big of an egomaniac (close, but not quite).

Name: Alien Life Form 44412-C, but since my escape I go by the name CSpacian. (Not really my real name for you guys to know, but I don't really want you guys to know my real name. Why? Because if I told you, I'd have to kill you, dispose of evidence, dump the body, set-up the fall guy and a lot of other things...and that's just too much work for me.)

Alias: CSpacian

Age: Somewhere between 0-222 (21! I can finally drink my sorrows into oblivion. I mean, legally I always did it before and got arrested for it. Which was in and of itself a sorrow, so I drank it away too...it was a vicious cycle. I'm kidding. I don't drink. Can't stand it.)

Gender: Male.

History: Since my escape from the alien planet I have crash landed on this planet (Don't tell the government..those guys hate guys like me.) I have crash landed in some English speaking nation...I think Atlantis? Anyways, since my crash landing I have become interested in your populations' text. The things that have occured on this planet are really amazing, I mean Devil Fruits, ninjas, and time travel. It is obvious that you are more advanced then my home planet...we only got teleportation and world peace...anyways, I hope you will welcome me as I write stories based off of your populations past. Thank you.

Personality: Not serious. I'm a jokester, a leg-puller, a kidder. However, despite this I believe myself to have high morals and there are several lines I would not cross. However! Despite my high and mighty act I always thought of myself more as a villain. I would rather accomplish great things by crossing lines, building Death Rays, and collecting money than be a hero, constantly rushing around and helping civilians in need. Pros and Cons tend to side with capable villains. Oh, yeah, I am also very logical. I'm not saying I don't have emotions...cause I do (those rotten bastards), I just tend to think people need to think more rather feel. I'll admit gut intuition has its place...just not all the time. I have a typical male brain (I think of solutions rather focusing on the problems, I am inquisitive enough to disassemble a computer and put it back together, and I dislike asking for help like directions (I can do it myself)).

Favorite Manga (not in order): One Piece, Naruto (until Sasuke runaways), Toriko, Zombie Powder (upset that it did get cancelled), Psyren (I will remember you fondly), Soul Eater, Hunter X Hunter (just recently started to read it), Yuyu Hakusho, Hajime no Ippo (I don't much care for boxing, but this is just too good)

Manga I Dislike (so seriously stop asking me about them): Fairy Tail (no offense to anybody who likes it I can see why its good, but its just not my cup of tea), Hitman Reborn (Eh, read the first like six chapters, but once again not really enough to keep me interested past that)

Favorite Books (not in order): Hunger Games, Alex Rider, Pit Dragon Trilogy, Dexter (on the lookout for a new book have any suggestions?)

Favorite Characters in One Piece (not in order): Smoker (a cool marine), Brooke (I don't like his personality but the way he is drawn is cool), Usopp (an honest liar), Chopper (NINE FORMS!), and Zoro (three swords and a thousand awesome quotes)

Important Information:

First off some of my favorite quotes:

-You only have one life, but there are over six billion for you to take.

-Give a man a fire, he is warm for a day. Put a man on fire he is warm for the rest of his life.

-Scars on the back are a swordsman shame. -Zoro (One Piece)

-"What if I said if you follow me I'll kill you"-Gamma, "I'll follow you anyways, kill you, take your rings, and still bring my sister back to life"-Elwood, "Good answer"-Gamma. (Zombie Powder)

-"Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten"- Neil Gaiman

Other then that there isn't really anything important about me. Actually most of the stuff above me isn't that important. Look below for information on my stories.

Story Statuses:


School time so I don't have as much free time, but the schedule helps conform me to a certain uploading schedule so that's nice.

Individual stories:

The Saga of the Infinity Pirates (One Piece): Is continuing. NO MORE OCS. The story is decidedly winding down, I'm not taking on more than I can chew any more. Currently in the Grand Line, sailing about, and causing trouble. Below is a story index for all of the arcs (Well, most of them). Got a decent backlog so bonus updates aren't out of the question.

Marine Base Arc: Chapter 10-17

Blackwell Arc: Chapter 24-32

Pimp Arc: Chapter 36-50

Home Arc: Chapter 52-60

Reverse Mountain Arc: Chapter 64-80

Reaper Arc: Chapter 83-102

Arena Arc: Chapter 103-150

Horror Island Arc: Chapter 151-159

Zenith Gaol Arc: Chapter 160-189

Ghost Hook Arc: Chapter 190-Now

Iron Hammer of Justice (One Piece): Is continuing. I'm still searching for OCS for the crew and for the Marine Base in general. Or you can just submit pirates and other baddies...an unlimited amount. Currently in the Four Pirates Arc (coming to a close, though). got a decent backlog, but may be awhile till I get enough to feel comfy doing bonus updates.

Beginning Arc: Chapters 1-5

Boyd and Ghorl Arc: Chapters 6-12

Su(o)ns of Blackbeard: Chapters 13-37

Interrogation Arc: Chapter 39-64

Grand Line Pirates: Chapter 66-Now

Sights Set on the Sky (One Piece): Just got started. I want to kick it off into a high note with a lot of chapters, so be sure to help me out with a lot of reviews! Still on the search for OCs...no, that's not quite right...in desperate need of OCs...then again I always create the crew myself if need be.

Bonus Chapter status: I have an idea for this. For every 10 reviews I get I will post one Bonus Update (up to Chapter 200 after that I will have to reassess my backlog). Note: Number of reviews is subject to change and I may or may not count anonymous reviews as one person could, in theory, spam that to create an infinite number of reviews.

Beginning Arc: Chapters 1-6

The First Marines Arc: Chapter 7-13

The Phantom Arc: Chapter 14-?

An Unsound Body (Soul Eater): Is Dead. I lost interest in it, not enough reviews to spur me on, it died.


Okama Way (One Piece): Luffy says good-bye to the manliest of all men! Bon Clay! How does one say good-bye to such a manly man! In dresses with the rest of the crew!

One Piece is a Lie (One Piece): What if the One Piece didn't exist? The Strawhat Pirates have fought their way to Raftel, numerous lives were lost in the battle, and the reward is...an empty chest? Will Luffy tell the rest of the world that the One Piece didn't exist? That all of their lives were wasted in vain? Or will he keep the secret and let the Age of Pirates continue?

Humans Aren't the Only Hunter (Monster Hunter Story): Follow the hunt of a normal Jaggi as it is hunted by a human hunter.

Random Stories I am Writing For The Heck of It:

These will probably never be added to Fanfiction.net, but I am creating them for fun cause I'm bored out of my mind and I like writing and these random stories keep my brain active and thinking of fresh new ideas. They are weird/stupid/probably not going to last for no fifty chapters (I mean, I will probably grow bored of them and quit before it gets that far, not it will end then). Like last time just shoot me a PM or leave a review asking about them and I'll probably hand them over to you to read. All names are pending, all summaries are pending, everything is pending and subject to change.

Okama Switch!? (One Piece): A guy gets turned into a girl by Ivankov. He is now on a quest through the blues to find the guy and have him get turned back into his guy-self (whether through force or not). Four chapters.

PMD (Pokemon): I like PMD more than actual Pokemon. A Cyndaquil who always wanted to be Pokemon Exploration Team and a Squirtle, who was shunned by the Exploration Guild for past misdeeds, decide to team up off the books as a the renegade Exploration team, Team Criminal! 14 chapters written, I do believe.

Lawbringer (Original): There's a new sheriff in town. Or at least there would be if the town was still there. A gunslinger, Lucas Skye (temporary name), takes on a job as a sheriff of a small town on the edges of the border of the sprawling wild west. The problem is it took him three days to arrive and by the time he finally did the town had been ransacked by bandits meaning there's a whole lot of trouble...and pretty much no pay. Join Lucas Skye as he tries to recreate a town in the only way he knows how, shooting bandits, saving damsels, and being a general wise ass.

Template for submitting your own original character (Saga, IHoJ, and Sets Sight on the Sky):

Story (Is your character for IHoJ, Saga, Sights Set on the Sky or any combination):

Full Name:

Aliases (or nicknames):



Specialty/Position: (What is your Character good at and what would their position on the crew be?)

Affiliation: (rival, Marine, pirate, bounty hunter, Shichibukai?)


Romance: (want your character to be paired up? If yes, to who (can either be a specific character or just a collection of characteristics))

Devil Fruit/Weapon: (Devil Fruit are not required. If you wish to add some of your character's attacks feel free.)

Attacks (anywhere from 0-20)

Physical Appearance: (Be as descriptive as possible, please)


History: (Again, descriptive is good)

Family: (If your character doesn't have a family, if you do not know about it, or if you want to introduce the family member later on please say so.)

Personality: (Include positive traits, fears, habits, and whatever else you can think about.)



Goals (Or Dreams if you prefer):

Other: (Anything else you can think to add such as catch phrases)

-If your character is a Marine please add the following-


Opinion of pirates:

Justice (Lazy, Dark, or their own personal brand):

-If your character is a rival crew member-

Bounties (please be reasonable):

Opinion of the James' or Alexander's crew: (Do they think they are their rivals, enemies, friends? Please elaborate)

Submit an Island

In order to separate this story from other submit an OC stories, I have added a submit an island section. Where readers and reviewers can submit their own innovative locations to be used within the story! (This idea was submitted by Labyrinth-Designer)


Season (If not in Grand Line, leave blank):

Geographical Features:

Ownership (Yonkou, Marines, other):

Marine Presence (just cause an island is owned by the Marines doesn't mean Marines present):

Location (North/East/South/West Blue, Calm Belt, Grand Line, New World, Skypiea):

Notable Residents (mountain bandits, Marine captains, the mayor):

Special Features:

Size (a rough estimate is fine. Small(one town)- extra large (a continent.):

Notable Resident Species:

Arc Ideas (not necessary):


(not really 'frequently asked' just wanted to post some question I've been asked before where people won't ask them again and other people will know my stance on them so if they wanted to ask they can look here and get some semi-good answers):

1. Will you review my story?

-Yes. HOWEVER! I am a very slow reader sadly as I don't generally spend a lot of time reading (I have artwork to draw, stories to write, games to play, etc). But I do like to read, so shoot me a PM or leave a review with the story you want me to review and I'll TRY(super-mega emphasis on that word) to get around to it. I usually do. Secondly, I think I also tend to be a tough guy when reviewing. Mainly because I like my writing style so if a story deviates too much from how I would write it I like to state so. If this comes off mean or harsh or cruel or anything of the sort, I apologize. I'm a bit egotistical.

2. Are you still accepting OCs?

-Eh, kind of? I am, but I'm not...I've decided to start winding down all of my stories (SHOCK!) so that means I'm trying to answer all of the questions left remaining, I'm finishing up all of the plot holes left in them, and blah, blah, blah. So, yes, but they have to be good and they kind of have to tie into what I've got planned left to do. (I apologize to all the ones that I haven't used yet, but I really want to focus on the finishing touches for my stories).

-Sights Set on the Sky is the only exception. I am accepting any OCs and their brothers (as long as they are OCs as well).

3. Can I use your OC template?

-Sure...its not even really mine. I borrowed it from another story, made some changes and smacked it on my profile. I really think it is a good one, though. A lot of people skipped certain sections of the original versions I had (like three or four before this one). So this was kind of what happened when I ironed out the kinks. Some suggested updates are things like 'Religion, home island, alternate this or that' and a few others I'll mention if you shoot me an email.

4. When do you update?


5. How can YOU help?

-Honestly...either leave reviews or send me PMs. For the reviews, seriously this is what my stories/I live off of! If I don't get any reviews I lose some motivation to write, the more reviews I get the more I want to write. For PMs, I love to talk about my story or manga in general or just joke around (I like bad puns, like really, really bad puns).

-Also write a very good One Piece fanfic (and update). Reading other people's works get me fired up to write my own. Basic facts.

6. I have this super-great super-spectacular story idea. Will you write it?

-Eh...maybe. I have college, work, and three other stories I am updating. But despite this I do tend to write a lot as a way to vent steam or burn excess thoughts. I suppose if you really do have a good idea that I like I will probably try it. HOWEVER, like I said I AM BUSY! If it is an incredibly long story like...um, One Piece retold if Usopp was the captain, then I probably will never finish it and never get around to it. If it is a one-shot that'll increase the chances.

-I tend to write a lot. The stories you see me updating probably only consist of around 1/3 of my total writings. I write a bunch of OC oneshots as well as ongoing stories that I get bored with writing.

7. When will my OC appear in your story?

-Don't know. Don't know when and I don't know if they will. I tend to be more a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy...as a result I can only say this when asked this question. Until I write them into the story I make no promises and I make no excuses. Your character may or may not appear in the story.

-Seriously guys, stop asking.

8. What did you think about my OC? (Alternatives) A) Why didn't you respond to my message containing an OC? B) What do you think of this OC?

-Admittedly getting OCs is something I'm kind of on the line with. I don't like getting OCs whose entire description is one line so I probably won't respond to those OCs. However, if you send me an OC that is three messages long (that's over 24000 words...in other words longer than my chapters) I'm going to take my time getting back and as a result I will probably forget to respond. Don't worry it doesn't injure your character's chances to get accepted, just that I'm a forgetful young crone.

9. Do you respond to your reviews?

-Not always, but if you leave me a review that is quite a few sentences long I will even if it is just to say thank you. If I laugh at your review I will generally send you a message saying I did. Or if you have a question with a question mark (this thing here: ?) I will gladly respond to answer said question.

10. How long does it take for you to get back on a PM?

-Sadly I've slowed down recently. I used to get back like the day after, but its gotten to the point it takes me two-three days to respond. It depends on the contents of the message (I take my time responding to OCs, but I try to rush answering questions and giving help) as well as admittedly who's sending it. Some people on this site I talk to a lot more than others so if I see a message from them...I naturally give it a high priority in responding.

11. You draw?

-Yes. I draw an awful lot and even more in these past few days as I've taken that up as my primary task a lot. I also do wood sculptures and web design as of late to round out my 'portfolio'.

11a. Do you have a Deviantart account?

-Yes, but I don't post all too much stuff to it. Namely because A) I have a sucky quality scanner and B) I am a lot more sensitive about my artworks than my stories. I'd rather only post the best of my artworks and sadly as I am my own worst critic nothing usually makes the cut. If I ever start on working hard on it, I'll probably post a link, but as it is a rather barren landscape I don't think people should get excited about it yet.

12. You write a lot (I'm always bragging about my backlog). How come your chapters are short?

-Honestly, its the way my brain thinks. I write until I hit a good stopping point and that stopping point tends to be at 2000-2500 words. I tried increasing the chapter size to 3000 and I HATED IT. It didn't mesh well with my abilities.

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