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HI everyone. First let me say I am NOT dead. Been gone a while I realize. Honestly I need to see what I even have on this site now. I can say for readers that enjoyed obsession I have written several chapters on the second book. If it isnt posted I will post on it. Good grief I may have a heck of a time remembering how to use this site but hopefully Its still user friendly =o) I also actually started on a couple of other Labyrinth tales so I guess I can now post on those as well. As for my absence besides the stupid desert. Sorry if you love the desert but this girl does NOT belong in the desert. I need green! LOL . In all fairness I must also admit I *sighs* managed to get myself locked out of my account for far too long. Okay I just got it figured out and unlocked okay? Pathetic I know. But it is what it is. See everyone next chapters! OKay so upon taking a look... I have a few chapters to find. I have another chapter for anything, entrapment, and journey. I thought they were on my computer but apparently not. Ill see if i can find them and get them posted in the next day or two. Also I will probably post the other story I've been working on.


Wow I have not been on here in a very long time. Okay so here is what happened I moved to the desert and yeah I do not belong in the desert. It killed my creativity. Good news I am moving. Ever since my imagination switch has turned back on. You can look for things to be updated in August. Packers are coming next week and I won't be in the new house before probably end of July. Unpacking I figure it will be early August.Dracula readers Obsession is complete. I will post those chapters here for you. I have also started a sequel Dracula's Angel. I will get the chapters up probably tomorrow.


9-25-11 Okay everyone updates will be coming. I actually moved and im not completely unpacked. I also have a tough class im starting Tuesday. Updates wont be as fast as before but I will try to update at least every other week. More if I can. I will admit i am also facing writer's block on one of my stories so for now Fight for Love is on Standby. However Journey of 2 Queens and Entrapment of the Peach will begin moving along once again. There is also another I started writing when i did not have comp access. My comp crashed after we moved. wasnt fun. Anyway as I wrote to one of you a few minutes agao I am just starting to write on these stories today. Ill try and update in the next week. Maybe sooner. I'll post asap. Those looking for stories that had been on fictionpress can find them being put up on . same penn name. also Light in the Darkness fans the story is going to be put up on that site. however u will have to put in the title in search because finding r rated stories is just hard to do there. Any questions let me know.


nyt. Only ones that were my complete creation. Labyrinth stories will remain. I havent decided on Dracula. My stories r not dead and burried. I simply don't want people stealing them. That is why Light and the Drakness and Shalace are now gone. I will post once I have the stories on a secure site. (No one can copy and paste) or they are published. Sorry everyone. I feel bad for dissapointing u.



Hi everyone. I am working hard to update my stories but I have a several going on. For now I have decided to focus on a handful. I plan to update these stories very consistently. All stories will get finished but some will not be updated as Often. Those I am going to focus on is *Entrapment of the Peach*Journey of two Queens* The Visionary*Light in the Darkness* Obsession of Dracula*. Other stories will be updated randomly until one of these is completed. Then I will add a different story to the list. As I said all of the stories will be completed.



Yes I know I am in sooooo much trouble with so many of you. Let me say the holidays were nuts. My next classes were worse constant weekly papers that took all my time. A few writer block moments and did I mention I had surgery? Don't worry I am okay. I also accidentally errased two different stories chapters by accident. Still not sure how I did that. I am frantically working to rewrite and will try and have Entrapment of the Peach and A Journey of two Queens updated by Monday. Light in the Darkness should also be updated about the same time. Obsession of Dracula fans I'll work on this story after I finish the previous three stories listed. Chased by the Gods fans I uploaded the document but apparnetly I forgot to attach it sorry about that and fanfiction already dropped it from my uploaded files. Unfortunately I wrote the chapter on a different computer so I have to wait for my friend to send me the chapter before I can reload it. So hopefully she will in the next day or so. I really am sorry for the delays I feel so guilty!

I enjoy writting and now that I have found fanfiction I will be sharring my stories. I enjoy stories of Vampires, Shifters, Labyrinth, and other Fantasy and Sci-fi stories. I will try to always keep my stories moving. It drives me crazy when others only post once every month or two! When I read a story I look for updates. Hope you enjoy my creations! I Welcome reviews and comments always.

I will update stories consistently. I love Reviews and comments. I also welcome comments about specific characters. If you happen to really like a particular character let me know. If their is a character that you would like to see more of let me know that as well. There may be times I can use the character you like for parts in my stories. I reply to review questions both directly to the person and in the review section. If you are asking a question you can be sure someone else has the same question and those who are not members are not able to ask.

Thank you to all of you who read my stories whether or not you leave a review. However I strongly encourage you to review my work or any other Author's work. I make a point to always review. Even if your review will only be I liked the chapter or I didn't like this particular event or even that you liked something a character was wearing. Author's love Reviews! =o) Thank you!

I respond to all questions in reviews. I have discovered that not everyone reads what people have said so I will sometimes put information about stories in the Author's Notes. Espevially if there are a lot of the same questions. I understand not everyone is a registered member that reads my stories. You don't have to submit any writting to become a member. It also doesn't cost anything. Become a member so we can hear from you. However you can also send me a message at skylingerstories@. Plesae indicate what story you are refering to. I love reviews! It let's me know what you like or don't and at times let's me know I didn't explain myself very well and may need to update a chapter. Thank You!

Thanks Again!


Current top Stories - The Visionary - Vampire tale / Entrapment of the Peach -Labyrinth

I am adding Beta's to my stories because I have so many different one's I'm working on. I do not want the quality of my stories to go down so I have added Beta's to double check myself. Any story that does not have a Beta eventually will. If you are intrested in being a Beta for one please let me know.

A Journey of Two Queens - Labyrinth - Beta added. Please Welcome (vampyr-eternal)

Entrapment of the Peach - Labyrinth. - Beta added. Please Welcome (vampyr-eternal)

The Visionary - Vampire- Beat added. Please Welcome (xxDarknessxfallsxx)

Guardians of the Night -Vampire -Beta- (vampyr-eternal)

Shalace - Fae - Beta -(Sw33tDaisie)

Obsession of Dracula-Dracula-

A Fight for Love- Labyrinth

If you would like to see other fictional work from me you can see other stories at

Currently posted that you can not find on fanfiction are:

The Enforcer's Daughter - Romance/Supernatural - Shapeshifter-Tori doesn't want to get married but when she's chosen by the werewolf pack regional lord's son,River,the choice is out of her hands.Neither are what eachother invisioned. Can an enemy bring them together? If so, will someone else tear them apart? Pls R/R

The Warrior Prince - Romance/Fantasy- After the Castle is attacked Valeria is taken prisoner by the Heir to the Zandell Throne. He is a warrior and has lived as such. She is a Lady raised very differently. Can they learn to deal with their differences or will their diffences be too great?

Claimed by the Czar of Tigers - Romance/ Supernatural - shapeshifter - Summer knew her ex Brad and his grandmother,Mimi were witchs. She had no idea another ex was a shifter King. Madeline's been careless and Summer's being claimed by her shifter king ex. War is brewing and Summer's caught in the middle. Please R/R
Romance - Fiction Rated: M

Defended by Love - Romance/Fantasy-Aryanna is loved by a prince in another kingdom.She loves him but isn't ready to stop being adventerous.When assassins start killing royals from many kingdoms she is needed to defend him but is bound to her own kingdom. Can she save him and her prince?R/R T

The Unknown Starchild - Sci-fi/Romance- When Zandite ships appear the Earth suddenly finds themselves at war. Caught in the middle and wanted by both sides is a powerful Starchild.Who and what is Darwin?Why is he familiar to Kierra? Why is she drawn to him? Choices must be made. T

Fae Moon - Romance/Fantasy- The time has come for Prince Rowan to marry.Displeased by who he will be betrothed to he finds a suitable bride in the mortal the power of the Fae Moon he can turn her will she react to being stolen from her world?Can Rowan win her heart? T

Avina-Guardians of Magic - Romace/Fantasy - This is a Fae story as well.- This is a Fae story. Avina is falling to Darkness.The only way to stop it is to recover the lines of Guardians that Avina has lost to the mortal realm and convince them to take there place. Follow Caterina as she learns about herself, her family and love T

Dark Secrets - Romance/Supernatural - Shapeshifter- After a tragedy occurs Tori quickly becomes surrounded by a world of secrets.Some so dark people will kill to will she cope with danger all around her? Who can she trust? Can she love again? More importantly can The Enforcer's Daughter survive. M

Chased by the God's - Romance/Supernatural - During a trip to a museum with friends in Greece Alexandria mistakenly attracts the attention of the Greek god of war, does a girl cope when a god decides he wants her? Will the other gods help or hinder her? The Olympian gods meets the modern day. M

Thanks Again!


PS: Please review what you read on fanfiction. It takes less thana minute.

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