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hello you can call me Junak

- just my nickname -

i just really joined because i was bored i have been on fan fiction for a couple of months now i just signed up so i could review and favorite i will write stories maybe just random thoughts some times an illogical poem XD and my series of spuke bags that i wrote on when i was bored on the air plane to mexico also you can see me on deviant art im DawnToDust i have much more work on there and i am a member of the fire emblem family of mistressofike - good stories i like her lethe and ike stories - by the way im ranulf on her fire emblem family - yeah ranulf is awesome -

favorite fire emblem characters - ranulf - tibarn - naesala - reyson - nailah - volug - ike - sort of like mist - oscar - shinon - rolf - boyd - kieran - janaff - ulki - rhys - lethe - i don't know why but lyre and kyza - mordecai - zelgius - Thee Amazing Bastian XD - and thats all i can think of off the Top Of My Head

Final Fantasy whatever - i really gotta play the game - marlene - denzel - vincent - reno - cid - cloud - chaos - rufus - tseng

final fantasy 13 just got it - lightning - snow - vanille - sazh - hope ( i think lighting and snow should be together )

Kingdom Hearts

- axel - saix - demyx- xion - and all the other organization members - roxas - jack sparrow - and bunch of other i don't remember

Legend Of Zelda Series

- link - zelda - malon - saria - rusl - colin ( shoulda been named lil johnny ) - talo - malo - beth - fado XD - mayor bo XD XD - all ordon villagers basically XD XD XD - midna - zant - agitha - telma - auru - ashei - shad - marin - dark link - vaati - other when i remember them

i love

tim burton movies

alice in wonderland old and new

wolves well all animals on the planet

video games if have not noticed


i support oscars cooking

if DA says no to fan fiction i got

i solemnly swear i am up to no good

that all of em

my own characters

Junak Enhance - lil bro of Mako

Mako Enhance - young cheerful girl caring for her grandpa and lil bro ( still sorting her out )

Phoenix Felonex - young haunted warrior that has been experimented on

Rayaki Felonex - lil sister of phoenix

Leon - werewolf and is a dead spirit

Sheath - pegasus knight

Vincent - sage

have a nice day - or night - depending of the time lol XD

Xenobia (20)