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" HidaKaku and KakuHida fans: I recommend one author to all of you. 911negotiation, writer of The Prices I Pay. I also recommend reading all of her fanfics! They're all HidaKaku/KakuHida and one is also DeiSaso! "

Hidan is my fucking idol!

I know everything and anything about Hidan! His favourite food is spare ribs and his least favourite is ANY VEGETABLE. His hobby is being an active Jashinist and his favourite word is Jashinist! The first kanji in his name (Hi) stands for Hisha, the rook in Shogi. He's twenty two. And I'll be celebrating April 2. That's his birthday.

Now, for me to say stuff about Kakuzu! First off, it's almost his birthday; August 15 is coming up! And he's 91. He doesn't like kurikinton but his favourite food is liver. Short tempered, greedy, and his hobby is reading old books! He wants to fight anyone with a high bounty.

People who go on a damn well written yaoi story, read it, and then write a review which calls that damn great story a crappy piece of shit are fucking bastards! And they are ALSO such dicks and morons and pussies!

And what hits me hardest... HIDAN-SAMA IS NOT A MASOCHIST! He's a sadist for Jashin's sake, he likes to INFLICT pain, not get it! He always complains OUT of rituals when he gets pain! And 'Kuzu-kyu is NOT sadistic, he only fights when he has to!

If it was that fucking UNOBVIOUS I adopted some of Hidan's mannerisms!character can die fully! 'Sides, original meaning of 'dead' was 'completely forgotten.' SO 'KUZU ISN'T DEAD 'CAUSE I SAW HIM IN THE ANIME! Suck it up.

Also I went completely fucking insane when I saw that some people were ANTI-HIDAN! I mean, what the fuck?!

Oh, if you're wondering about my nickname for Kakuzu... 'Kuzu is shorter and sounds cuter. 'Kyu' means old.

I'm in the mood for some fucking fluff. Seriously, I swear to Jashin fluff is a great story type.

You know what pisses me off?! Hardly any of the lemon on this site has a plot!

Holy Jashin... what the fuck? I stayed up all fucking night.

Hi reviews
Hidan annoys Kakuzu in the middle of the night.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 271 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/3/2011 - Hidan, Kakuzu - Complete
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