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UPDATE 4/28/14

Thing 1:

Apparently editing is harder than I thought. Who knew? (Except apparently every writer ever.) But the whole thing is on it's way.

Thing 2:


I'm saying this because a few people have asked me about it: I don't plan on leaving the fandom or fanfiction at all, and I don't mean to take a hiatus...I just need to work on self-discipline. I've got a regular schedule for work now (finally got my dream job, yay!!), so I actually know when I'll have free time more than a few days in advance and can plan it somewhat...but that's the hard part. There's ALLLLL this stuff I want to do with my free time and I don't know how to structure it so I don't waste my time doing other stuff. And with this free time, I've got interests competing for my attention. Some days I want to read, some days I want to write, I'm trying to learn to code and program, and some days I really, really want to crochet. (Can we all just take a moment and absorb the nerdiness of that statement, by the way? "Guys...guys...some days, I just want to crochet.") And I have more ideas for fanfiction, I just need to write them. And to do that I should finish this one first. I'm learning that sometimes the fanfic-writing muse dries up and would rather direct itself toward crochet or whatever (reading this, I clearly have a problem with crochet...maybe I'm...hooked?), but lately it's coming back a little. I just have to grab it and not let it get away until I use it to write something. But time management is not my strong suit: that's the takeaway from this paragraph. Also, apparently, crochet.

Thing 3:

Apparently China is cracking down on--as in actually arresting--women writing slash fanfic. Just read an article from The Daily Dot about women in their 20s being hauled off under some policy trying to eliminate porn from the Internet...I'll pause and let you finish laughing. As I think my readers know, I'm not a big fan of writing anything smutty, but for crying out loud, if people want to, they have that right! I'm reading the whole thing as an attack on women in a field of the Internet that is pretty well dominated by women and telling them that being sexual, especially publicly acknowledging it, is wrong (not to marginalize the guys who write fanfic; really, dude-fellas, you rock, and seriously, bring some guy friends with you! Fanfic is for everyone!).

And also, holy homophobia, Batman! It looks like a lot of the policy is specifically against anything portraying gay relationships or liaisons...because I guess these policymakers decided people don't already freak out enough about two people of the same sex kissing, even if it's in a fictional story that isn't necessarily endorsed by the creators.

The reason I bring this up is this: I have been thinking for a while about fanfic as a legitimate artform or means of expression, and I think it's important that fanwork does tend to be, from what I've seen, one of the few realms of the Internet that is pretty heavily by and for women (apart from some blogs and like...Pinterest). Somehow the Internet is not as democratic or equalizing as it was meant to be, and a lot of the disparity you see in online worlds is gender-based; even after Web 2.0, the Internet seems more like a guy's realm, and that sucks. I think fanfiction is an exception in letting fans find each other and see that there are people who do the same things they do--in this case, obsess weirdly about fictional characters and worlds (wooooo, represent!)--and in giving them an outlet for their ideals, fantasies, perspectives, and voices. It sounds like I think about this too much and too seriously--and I do--but I really believe in fanfiction as a legitimate thing that we do, and I want to work to make the world see that.

Where am I going with this, you ask? I'm asking you to write smut.

Woah woah woah...where did that come from? Let me explain.

Mockery can be a tool. If you can't do very much else about something you don't like, you can draw attention to how ridiculous it is, and hopefully weaken it by doing so. I'm an American citizen living in America, the Chinese government doesn't give at all about what I think of their stupid fanfic policy. But maybe if they start seeing how stupid this makes them look...something will happen. I don't know what. But art can be a political tool, and I firmly believe fanfiction is or can be art. I'm proposing people write slash fanfic about these policymakers and the people enforcing the policy--no specific individuals, but just rough sketches of a generic, fictional policymaker or whatever--as slash, and post them on fanfic sites anywhere and everywhere so they get seen. Because if you can't fight em, you can make em look stupid. What do we think?

I'm posting this on my profile on but I'm going to crosspost it to a few other places too. Please pass it along if you feel so inclined. And hey, smut for freedom...that's a noble cause, right?;-)

UPDATE 11/5/13

Hey party people,

Fear not, for it is November, and that means NaNoWriMo! I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month again this year, where I aim for having written 50,000 words by the end of the month, and I'm using that to work on Cabin in the Woods. I've got 3,175 words under my belt so far (I'm supposed to be at 8,335 by tomorrow at midnight lol, but I had to start a few days late due to traveling, so I'm rushing to catch up), and as soon as I finish the next chapter I'll have it up. Last year I got to 20,000 words, working around my part-time job and full load of grad school courses, and that ended up being a lot of what you've seen already for Cabin, so I'm hoping to finish the story this month. We'll see, we'll see...fingers crossed! In the meantime, I've gotten a couple people begging me not to abandon this fic, hence this update; fear not, I have no intention of abandoning or not finishing it! I'm going to embed my NaNoWriMo word count meter into my profile here so people can see my progress and nag me when it isn't going quickly enough--I'm serious, nagging helps, so PLEEEEEASE do so! Also, Freemance fanart motivates, lol, so if anyone knows any cute Freemance art they'd like to pass along, PM me (I think now allows for links in PMs?) because they help me want to write.:-)

Here's to finishing this fic, party people. Are you ready? 'Cause I am!;-)

UPDATE 5/10/13

I owe you all an apology and an explanation. I haven't been neglecting Cabin in the Woods purposely, and I do not in any way plan on abandoning it, but have I mentioned that grad school sucks? The second half of the semester increased the workload I had, and at one point I was like, "I should post that chapter I've already got written!"...then opened it up and saw I needed to edit it and wouldn't have time that night. Then finals kicked in, and I don't have finals week here so much as I have finals MONTH. I didn't really get a Spring Break because I was assigned two major assignments to be turned in at the end of it, and I and the rest of the class spent all our time that week doing nothing but working on one of them--one poor woman worked on that stupid project for 10 days straight--and it meant I didn't get to the other major project until the day before it was due, and I had to spend about a week or two playing catch up in everything else. That's a slice of what my workload has been like.

Right now I have a few weeks of break before my summer class, which will be my LAST CLASS EVEEEEEERRR...after that I graduate from grad school and NEVER have to take another class again!! I hope to be working of course, and especially hope to work during the summer, so that might or might not affect my fanfiction output...but after the end of July I'm going to never have homework again, which means I can put in my time at work, go home...and then have my free time to myself. To do WHATEVER I want with. It actually is boggling my mind a little and I can't wait for this to happen.

So, what you really want to hear: there are indeed more chapters of Cabin in the Woods coming, and I've got ideas for three other fics bouncing around in my head that have been there for a while and are now at the point where they want to be written. THIS DOESN'T MEAN ALL OF THEM WILL GET WRITTEN...but hopefully I will get them on paper and completed. One would be a long (as in looooong) multi-chaptered kind of angsty pensive drama-y thing about a rather serious subject...because I have this notion that fanfiction can be used for more lofty purposes than it has been, and because I apparently am good at writing long, angsty pensive things.;-)

The other two would be one-shot comedy fluffy Freemance-y things...and you all seem to like those.;-)

Also, can anybody let me know why my traffic has gone up lately? I've been getting significantly more hits on my fics, and the spikes happen fairly consistently. Obviously somebody's shared my fics, and...oh my God, you guys,I don't want to sound like a drama queen, but I totally feel unworthy, lol. Thank you so much for liking my fics so much, and for all the positive feedback I'm getting. I actually do, when I'm feeling bad about myself, remind myself of the response I get to my fanfiction and it really does make me feel might sound flaky, but I love writing and it's wonderful to be told I'm good at it.:-)

So I'd love to find out where people are posting links or telling people about my fics and thank/follow/check them out. Who knows, if they like sharing links, maybe I'll find something new to read too!:-)

Off I go to ediiiiiit...

UPDATE 1/1/13

IT'S UP!!!

I put the first chapter of Cabin in the Woods up last night, and there will be more. Yes, I was publishing fanfic on New Year's Eve, and yes, there will indeed be more chapters. I've got most of the chapters close to done already, and a few already complete, so all I have to do is fill in the gaps and publish them in order. Expect that first chapter to be edited or revised, possibly, because I was still in NaNoWriMo "get words onto the page regardless of quality" mindset. Ugh.

But yes, it is up, and there's more coming. This'll be the first time I'm uploading chapters over time, instead of all at once, but I'm confident I can do it.;-)

Happy New Year's!!

UPDATE 12/16/12

I PROMISE I'm still working on fics!!

I tried to do this current story for NaNoWriMo,but the little sucker is turning out longer than I'd envisioned and while I added 40 pages to the dang thing--don't worry,it's going to be broken up into chapters this time.With epigraphs at the beginning of each one,even!--but my workload for finals kicked in and so did my work-workload,so I only added 20,060 words to the total count and never got to the 50k goal of NaNo.I'm actually fairly proud of myself for doing that much!...except now probably about five pages or so of it is going to have to be cut and I'm STILL not finished UGH.

My new goal is to have the fic finished and uploaded by the end of the year,God willing and the creek don't rise and the Mayans don't get us.I have free time to do it now,so the goal is probably doable:I have to finish two of the chapters,and write another brief one--although I always say it's going to be brief and then 40 pages laterrrrrr lolllll.

Anyway,I operate best on PEER if you like the fics I write,please feel free to drop me a line and tell me how horrible I am for not having anything up yet.:-)

If it helps,it's a Gordon/Alyx story from both perspectives again,and this time I BROKE MY HUGE CHUNKS OF WRITING INTO MORE MANAGEABLE CHAPTER CHUNKS!!Jenkies,what'll I think of next?!


UPDATE 9/8/12

My dear reader-y people,don't you hate it when the muse comes knocking,and knocking,and knocking...and you have a BROKEN COMPUTER?!?!?I'm not normally one for multiple punctuation marks,but it's frustrating enough that I think the situation merits it.I hve all this writing I want to do,but I went home to another state for a week,and as I was flying back,TSA got a hold of my laptop and broke the screen.I'm making sure nothing else is wrong with it,but I don't think there is,so I hope the stuff I was working on on there isn't lost--stupid,stupid,stupid me,I have a Dropbox but decided I shouldn't put my fics in it for privacy's sake.NOT going to be making that mistake again--as soon as I get access to that hard drive again,into the backup cloud the fics go!At the moment,though,they only live on my broken laptop's hard drive,so if it's just an issue of buying a new screen,they're fine,but if anything else is wrong with it...I don't think it is.And I'm not going to think about it,heh.Anyway,hopefully the issue will bee fixed by the end of the upcoming week or so.Fingers crossed,and please rest assured,I want to be writing fics as much as you want to be reading them!

UPDATE 8/6/12

Hey all,

Still plugging away on fics,don't worry,I'm not inactive or anything.I'm in grad school and working,so time is tricky,but I write to have something FUN to do.;-)

Currently working on a fic similar to Touch,although I've got other ideas brewing.They kind of come to me faster than I can write them down,lol.When school starts up again in September I'll have less time to write,so I'm trying to make the best use of my time I can right now as far as writing goes.I hope to have something for ya soon.If anyone wants to PM me to nag me to write,it'll make me feel guilty and guilt is a great motivator.;-)Also,it lets me know people are reading and liking what I write and want to see more,and they can tell me what they want to see.:-)

Hey!I'm KRSONMar(I pronounce it Kay-Are-Son-Mar),and I've been reading fanfiction for years,but only recently gotten up the nerve to write and publish any of my own!While I might work in other fandoms at some point,right now my big kick is Half-Life.In this and any of my other fandoms,I like compelling characters over everything else;the relationships between them,the dramas and conflicts they experience,possibilities left open.That's why a lot of my work tends to be stuff of a character-study-type nature,or else explorations of the fictional worlds they exist in.While I hope to write some humorous fics,most of my works ends up being kind of pensive or stream-of-consciousness reflections by characters on elements of the fandom I find interesting.I like to read similar pieces along with cute little fluffy romance one-shots.:-3

I really enjoy when an author expands upon or explores a fictional world in-depth or in a way not done so in the canon.I love when characters are portrayed true to their canon selves,but it's always a real treat if someone adds a new dimension on to a character or interprets them in a way that I didn't expect but is believable.Non-canon pairings can be fun,although I tend to look for fics of a certain ship I already support from the canon,and slash can be really interesting when it's not just a lust-fest;conflict in getting together is like sugar to me!;-)

If you like my work,first of all,thank you so very much,from the bottom of my heart!I hope to write professionally someday,and hearing that people like my work really does feel so good,so I sincerely thank you!Secondly,if you'd like to comment,thanks so much for taking the time to do so!Whenever I critique anybody else's work,no matter what I think of it,I try to tell them what I liked or think worked and then look for something they might improve upon.This means two things:1.)Those are the kind of reviews I find most helpful.I'm always interested in what I can improve upon in my writing,but I don't know what that is unless you tell me!So please,if you leave a kind word,don't be afraid to also let me know what you thought didn't work or might be done differently--I appreciate it!And 2.)please do not be offended if I leave a comment like this to you.I'm only doing what I hope people will do for me.If I comment at all,it means I liked your story enough to take the time to read it to the end.:-)

Happy reading and writing!:-D



Age:College graduate-ish.;-)


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