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Pemberley Estate: Where the jaw porn comes with cravats and sideburns.

Pemberley Estate started as a community devoted to the good, the bad and the lulzy of the Jane Austen fandom. It grew to be so much more than that. We like to think of ourselves as the thinking girl's nerd palace. Not only are there discussions about literature - there are discussions about politics, arts, crafts, fandoms and pop culture .

We generally don't take ourselves too seriously.

As the amazing Miss Austen said "Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh us out of our opinions." (sic)

You can find us here on livejournal.

This is our twitter where #pemberleyatnight is full of throbbing manhoods in 140 characters or less. Depending on the mod in charge, you might also find alien pronz, Doctor Who rants, Hip-Hop spam or general #twitterjail appropriate material.

As always, a big shout out to our homegirl Lisa. We miss you.

The Austenatious Endeavours Challenge

We will be running the Austenatious Endeavours Challenge, in memory of our friend and former mod Lisa.

It will combine Austen with everything imaginable, and hopefully be delivered to you in a way different to most other fanfic challenges. There will be no "prizes" or "winners" - just fic, fun, laughter and respect - the way she would've wanted it.


- The competition will run on photo prompts. Please see below for links to the prompts

- The competition will allow drabbles as well as one-shots and these will be judged separately.

- Please put us on author alert to receive updates on new stories :)


You can enter as many times as you want - either drabbles or one-shots.
Crossovers are allowed in the one-shots, but not the drabbles. Drabbles must remain in the realm of Austen.
Can be any genre - crackfic, angst, fluff, smut - so long as it uses one of the picture prompts.
One shots and drabbles must be based on the picture prompts. Drabbles must use a different prompt for each separate drabble.
Collabs are okay.
Must be an original story. Must not be an outtake of an existing fic
One shots must not go over 10, 000 words
Drabbles must not go over 4 chapters.
No rape, no underage pedo sex. Please use your discretion if you intend to write about sensitive topics.
Contest is anon - entries will be stripped of identity and placed on here by a moderator over at PemberleyEstate.
Entries will be judged by a panel of judges as well as being subjected to a public vote.

The contest opens 12th April 2010, and will close on 18th May 2010 (midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Judges will announce the winners on 28 May 2010. People's choice winners will also be announced then.

Email entries to pemberleyonlj(at)gmail(dot)com. You will receive an email in reply saying we got your entry and that it has been placed on this page for reading. If you do not receive an email, please get in touch through any of the ways listed on this page.

Info that must be included in your email:
Word Count:


Prompts can be found here in a public post on Pemberley's mod comm.

And the gorgeous banner by Cinnamon.Scars (please note this is not a prompt).

Check back here, or at the comm, for updates.