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Author has written 4 stories for Big Time Rush.

Okay, my cousin Jen is making me write stories for her, about Big Time Rush and stuff like that. I have absolutely no problem with that because I LOVE to write, but this account isn't going to be full of BTR stories. Anywho, you don't really need to know a whole lot about me other than I go by the name Farra or Nana. Actually you don't even need to know that.

The stories I'm working on right now are: Breathe Again a BTR fic about Logan who has asthma. (Jen wanted me to write a story about that because she recently learned she has asthma, but of course the Angst monster in me has twisted it into something way worse) and I have like...let me count...thirteen others in my head. I'm not going to post them yet, I haven't even started them yet, but here's a list of the titles and summaries.

I thought wrong: A Logan/Camille one-shot. Logan walks in on Camille kissing another guy and before she can explain runs off. She finds him as an absolute wreck in the woods at two AM in the rain.

Haunted Love: The BTR gang gets locked in an old house when they go back to Minnesota for a visit. The house is haunted by a teenager who committed suicide named Marie. After she falls in love with James, can they convince her to let them go?

Flare up: One-shot, Logan has a really bad asthma attack while hanging with his friends, how will they react?

Freezing: The four boys and their girlfriends get snowed in their cabin, and there isn't any heating. Will someone find them in time before they go insane or freeze to death?

Rumors: Stephanie leaves LA after she hears rumors spread by the Jennifer's that Carlos was cheating on her because Sasha came back.

Lost: Logan gets in a car crash, and the car is completely obliterated. His body is nowhere to be found and everyone assumes he's dead, but what if he survived and was kidnapped.

History: With the help of Katie they create a time machine, and try to save Logan's mom. But when they come back everything is different; Logan is a doctor in New York, James is a model, Kendall is a hockey player, and Carlos is a drug-addict, and they all hate eachother. Can Katie save them?

I thought I lost you: Kendall makes the mistake of forgetting his and Jo's anniversary, and he spends the day with Jordan Sparks writing a new song. He needs the Lucky Patrol to help him, but Logan and Carlos are in a fight. Will he be able to fix everything?

Proposal: After four years of dating, Logan decides to ask Camille to marry him...but she turns him down the same way she turned him down when he asked her to the dance. What will he have to do to win her heart and her hand?

Unwanted: Logan feels like an outcast after Griffin, Gustavo, and James say they bet that Logan would be kicked out of the band. Then Camille and James kiss, which proves to him that he's worthless. He writes a song about it, but when no one gets the message he runs away.

Lightning: Logan gets struck by lightning and is paralyzed from the waist down. There's a chance he can walk again but it requires a surgery that could end up killing him. The others don't know about the surgery...what will he choose?

The only exception: Logan sings to Camille when he realizes he loves her, and she realizes she can't say it back. She loves him, but she's afraid she'll get hurt. What will it take to change her mind?

See? I told you I have a lot, lol. Well, I should probably be writing right now, so...yeah. Later.

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