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I was born in the deep south, Birmingham, Alabama to be exact. Although the south is in my bones, I did not live there for long and so I don't have an accent, for which I am grateful. I spent my childhood living in Florida and various cities in Europe. I have traveled quite a bit, but not enough for my taste. We first lived in Houten, Holland (in the province of Utrecht). Then, we lived for a few years in Pickliessem, Germany, a small farming town close to the Air Force base my father was stationed at, Spangdahlem. For a time, when I was sixteen, we also lived in Paris, France, a city that I love, despite most Americans' scorn. I dream of seeing Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Eastern Europe, especially Prague and Romania, and I want very much to live somewhere in the United Kingdom. I've misplaced most of my French, unfortunately. My father is a retired jet fighter pilot, of which I am very proud. Only a few people can brag about their dad being an aerial rock star. My mother evened the score, she is a bat shit crazy, Appalachian alcoholic and hypocritical bible thumper. She beats me with the Jesus stick all the time.

I myself was a veterinary technician for over ten years. I almost pursued an equine veterinary career, but thanks to my relationships with many veterinarians over the years, one an esteemed equine surgeon, I wizened up, realizing that as a 5' tall woman, I would probably break down physically before long, and veterinarians have to work much too hard for too little pay, and I don't like to work hard. Now I'm a published author, an artist, and a music journalist. I've interviewed all kinds of bands, big and small. If you're curious as to who, contact me.

I write fiction and poetry mostly, and some personal essays whenever the muse strikes me. And my muse does strike me, usually with a cane or a club. He looks like Russell Brand, except a bit more scuzzy and only almost as hilarious (of course, he only lives in my head). I'm working on my first novel (and have been for years, I've had a lot of emotional and physical set backs). It's about Rock n' Roll, love, hate, murder, death, rape, loss, addiction, fuckery, suicide, and redemption. Yes, I'm fitting all of that into one book. My favorite authors are Shakespeare, Janet Fitch and Louise Erdrich, and all of them have influence on my writing. I have two children from terrible, tumultuous relationships.

As far as my personal distractions, they are freeing the West Memphis Three, advocating for victims of domestic abuse, fighting for abused, neglected, and exploited animals, horses (especially Friesians, Holsteiners, Hanoverians, Irish Draughts, Gypsy Vanners, Trakehners, and most cold and warmbloods, sometimes Thoroughbreds if they aren't too squirrely, but Arabians are on my most hated list (blech)!, riding dressage and jumping (mentally choreographing freestyle dressage to Slayer) I started riding English in Holland and Germany at the age of eight and if I had had proper money, I would have gone far competitively, exotic dogs and cats (English Bulldogs, Neapolitan and English mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Irish Wolfhounds, West Highland Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Scottish Terriers), exotic accents, everything in and about the United Kingdom, especially the gorgeous, descriptive slang and profanity, but not chavs (the only aweshum chav is Vicky Pollard from "Little Britain" and yes, I can understand everything she says but please don't expect me to translate Glaswegian for you), New Orleans, London, Paris, fine art museums (especially the Louvre), Da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt, Parkes, Rodin, Bernini, & John William Waterhouse, the Pre-Raphaelite movement, chiaroscuro, Baroque, stained glass in Gothic churches, ancient cemeteries, tribal belly dance (Rachel Brice is my idol), guitar, music in most every form especially blues and rock n' roll (except for rap, cuntry, bubblegum pop, nihilistic & satanic black metal and all of the sub genres of that doo doo (Slayer is the one exception), and easy listening), sparklies, Christian Louboutin (I would so fuck a pair of his shoes), Alexander McQueen (God rest him), funky colored nail polish, piercings, and most recently, a profound, if one-sided relationship with Robert Pattinson. He is the first man who made my nose tingle and my teeth hurt just by looking at him. He turns my panties into dust. Not particularly because of just Twilight. I fell in love with his music first, and then everything else just fell on me. I would NEVER go to one of his appearances because I loathe the psychotic, gushy Twi-tards, and I wouldn't necessarily want to meet him in that sort of insane setting. I would not be opposed to having dinner with him and discussing blues, guitar, art, and books, though, if I could possibly keep my head about me.

I had never really read or got involved with fan fiction before meeting a few pervy, fuckawesome grrrls on facebook who publish Robporn. It's been a fast slide into the seedy underbelly of smut for me ever since. I really hope that you enjoy my work and go easy on me. Thanks for reading all of my blather and bleating!

I will be posting pertinent links for each story below. As far as music goes, I've set up a new youtube account and you can just hit it up to hear pertinent songs.

Can't Fight the Devil

Okay, I'll be updating my photobucket with pics as necessary so here's the link to the album itself and when i make a note that there's a new picture, it will be up! the couple of horses who've already been introduced (ten belles the bay Holsteiner mare and Ambisagrus the black Hanoverian stallion)... are up, and more to come...

AND here's the link to that specific required watching video for chapter 8, LOL no, it's not porn, unless you're me...


Cougar's youtube.

if that link doesn't work for whatever reason, here it is in plain text.


Ahh, Charles Worth. God Rest You, you are still the best. eva.

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