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Author has written 56 stories for Harry Potter.

After being an avid reader for about fifty years, I suddenly found the urge to write (or maybe it found me).

Apart from HP fanfic I've also written some other stuff - mainly SF and romance, some of which you may find on /mharel50. You're more than welcome to visit it. My commercial E-books are now available on Amazon and other outlets. Elf Prince, my first published book, is a bit romantic and somewhat fantastic modern story. You're welcome to read it. Several other short and long stories are also available on Amazon. There are more to choose from.

You can see my author page on Amazon at /Moshe-Harel/e/B00BWORS4Y

Whatever story removed from this site will be published at archiveofourown dot org (AO3) under same name.

Jan 6,2024

I checked yesterday and finally found the statistics working. Not quite well yet, but the data is there. They still need to correct the sorting by columns, which doesn't respond on quite a few pages. Still, I promised to resume publishing here when the statistics finally works, so here I am.

Ginny’s Frustration is a short story which other writers would have probably published as a single shot. I decided to make it in three pieces that fit my standard chapter lengths of between 2k to 3k words. I find that length better suited for reading at leisure. Well, maybe it's my age showing. I'll keep to my normal schedule for now.

I keep updating Urgent Requests on AO3 twice a week, for those who look for me there.

I keep hoping that this site will fully resume working as expected. It used to be a good site. I hope it becomes a good site again. It's not there yet.

And, of course, a belated Happy New Year to all!

Dec 23,2023

Happy Christmas to all who celebrate it!

Statistics is still firmly on zero, although I get mails for favs and reviews. I keep waiting for it to come back before I resume posting stories here. Until then, I started publishing Urgent Requests on AO3. It is strictly harry/Hermione after the fifth year. Its first two chapters seem to be too sexy for some bigots on this site anyhow. Go there to enjoy this story.

Dec 4,2023

I now receive site mail again, but the statistics is still firmly on zero, which is a no-go for me. Meanwhile, I checked some of my old stories and found many typos, punctuation and word choice errors. I started correcting them and will gradually replace the old chapters with corrected ones. Not sure if it will reflect on the way the story update date is shown.

Nov 25,2023

This site is still not back to what it should, so not much change here. I started a new story on AO3. Ginny Matures has Ginny exploring her sexual nature before settling down very nicely with Lee, while Harry and Hermione go to Australia. I only published the first chapter and I'm sure to publish the rest at a faster rate than here. That story would not fit here anyway since it has some very explicit scenes, all M/F, which seems to trigger some trolls in here, unlike M/M or F/F scenes. Go there to enjoy this story.

Oct 14,2023

The site is still barely functional, so I'm not going to bother with it until it resumes functioning as expected. If this takes much longer, I'll probably move to another site. I still hope not to need to act that way, but the way this site (doesn't) work, and seeing how long it was constantly deteriorating, I feel unsure about the chances of it returning to normal. I'll still wait a bit longer before deciding.

Oct 7,2023

Published last chapter of After the Ball. Now, I'm not sure if I want to go on publishing on a non-functional site, where most of the features for authors (statistics, sorting) don't work. I have several stories ready for publishing but...

Well, I hope the site will be corrected soon. Let's hope we can all continue to enjoy it without frustrating site behavior.

Sept. 16,2023

19:00 Although I managed publishing, now I get no information about any readers - the statistics doesn't work and the mail about like/follow/review isn't working either. I wonder if I should continue publishing on this site.

10:00 It looks like the site has problems again. Can't post my new chapter. This adds to some other pages that don't work correctly for months or more. Does anybody take care of the site?

April 13,2023

The story After the Ball was waiting for me to finish it for long enough. It's done, now, so I can finally publish it. Still, I doubt I'll be able to post the next chapter next Saturday. Only expect it another week later. Hopefully, the rest of the story will follow on schedule.

March 24,2023

The statistics page resumed working, somewhat. Sorting the tables still doesn't work, but it hasn't worked for quite some time, which is still frustrating.

I plan to publish the first chapter of Pansy's Protector this weekend. It has stayed om my hard drive for way too long, almost 10 years. Originally, I thought it would turn longer, but my muse insisted it shouldn't. Well you can't argue with muses...

March 10,2023

Questions was a small one-shot to deal with some of the problems of the HP universe. Unfortunately, the site seems to not monitor traffic correctly since then. I should have had at least the number of reviews, favorites or followers as the number of readers. I get a fat ZERO for all the stories, which is very unusual. Actually, for the last few months, the site has gone from bad to worse, considering the authors. I have some stories ready for publication, but I'm going to wait for the site to act normally again before doing that. I'd like to publish on a site I can trust, not one where technical problems (and more) are too common. I sincerely apologize to my followers for this, but I must wait for the site to function properly again. Hopefully, I won't need to look for alternatives.

December 2,2022

Returning to Harry/Hermione/Fleur in Champion's Date. I already got a reviewer who thinks I should take Hermione out. Sorry, but this is my story and Hermione is more important than others in it, so if you don't like it - go write your own story or look for ones that fit your taste. In a way, that's why I started writing Fics, so that I can enjoy the stories that I like. Very selfish of me, isn't it?

May 23,2022

Didn't update here for a while... Well, I published Play It Again that showed how HH did when not waiting for Ron to come to his senses, going back to the past to make everything better. Getting Experience was a single-shot that dealt with what the name implies along with the way squibs are treated by Magical Britain. I'm now publishing Summer Camp in which I send Harry to... well, a summer camp, where he gets friends and experience and has his luck turned to the better.

Jul 10,2021

With Reluctant Ally finally done, I decided to publish Luxurious Search next. The idea just came to me and the story practically wrote itself in roughly a week. It might not be a masterpiece, but it's quite enjoyable, I believe.

Jun 19,2021

Finished More Than a Beam of Light. Got very positive response and already working on the sequel. Not quite sure what to publish next, having three stories ready.

Feb 22,2020

Starting The Man Who Conquered. As expected, it deals with some events following the battle of Hogwarts. This story was brewing for more than four years. I hope it proves to worth it.

Feb 8,2020

Once again I have problems with this site, unable to view traffic. It seems not to work at all on personal pages when using Chrome. I only managed to write this with Firefox.

I'm still not finished with Reluctant Alley and my muse seems to prefer other stories. I'm going to try and put some more effort into that story, but I'm going to publish other until this effort bears fruit. Graduation Speech was the first to be moved forward due to this problem. Other stories will follow, but I'll also do my best to finish what I started.

Summer 2019

I thought that retirement would let me write more. It didn't. My backlog of unfinished stories only seems to grow. That's why I started publishing Eventful Summer along with continuing Reluctant Ally. I'm still struggling with the latter, but the other is already finished, written in a matter of days, while Reluctant Ally is barely moving. Well, that's the life of a writer...

Dec 29 2018

With Daddy'd Boy finished, I had no story ready. It took me some time to realize that Reluctant Ally should be the next, despite not having finished it yet. It already has 26 chapters ready, which means that I have about half a year to write the next chapters. Hopefully, that would be enough. Reluctant Ally has been on my unfinished list since mid 2014. Time to let it out.

Apr 21 2018

Dudley's Best Year turned to be less attractive than my other stories. Well, Dudley is not a very attractive person in canon. It's finished now, and the first chapter of Daddy's Boy is out, dealing with a different outcome of Voldemort's attack on Halloween. As this is a Harry/Hermione pairing, I expect it to become more popular. Unlike the stories I've published before, I'm not so sure about the final chapters of this one. That said, I have almost half a year to settle it in my mind and rewrite as necessary.

Mar 10 2018

Finished The Dance, which didn't get as much response as I expected. Starting Dudley’s Best Year, which almost wrote itself despite the backlog of unfinished stories that I have. It's relatively short (6 chapters). I've just read a few stories which had very long chapters. While the stories were good, I prefer the shorter chapters, that one can read in one sitting. I think some of the chapters there were even longer than this whole story.

Sep 9 2017

First chapter of Yuletide Blessing is out. This is back to my preferred Harry/Hermione pairing and is about 16 chapters long. Hope you enjoy it.

Sep 2 2017

I had some reservations about Eloped. It is a short one-shot that may even seem rushed, to some. I had it ready for a few months already, yet refrained from publishing it. No more. Ready or not, here it comes. As usual, reviews are welcome.

Apr 29 2017

Now, with Surprise Child finished, I face a dilemma. I have about 30 incomplete stories. Some are just a chapter or two long, others have close to thirty chapters, yet none is ready, and as I declared long ago, I won't start posting a story that is not finished, at least as a draft. I'm trying to finish at least one soon, but with Real Life demanding most of my time, I can't give a schedule. If you'd like me to publish sooner, there's nothing like some real reviews to push a writer forward.

Feb 2017

Surprise Child is out. A somewhat unusual pairing and a kind of Cinderella story, with some humorous touches. It should turn into a fun read, I hope.

Nov 2016

Although some say that Sex Education – Hogwarts’ Style was ended in a hurry, I don't agree. It was never intended to be a long story, dealing with all the ramification of the soul bond and of having another child, although they can prove to supply enough material for another story. Currently, I have enough other stories to finish before trying to work on that idea for a sequel. A new story - The (Non Marriage) Law, or simply The Law - is the next in line, and is a variation on the marriage law, caused by a panicky Wizengamot after the war. I hope you like it.

Sept 2016

Lord and Ladies proved to be quite successful and What Nargles Can Do was fun to write, and hopefully to read as well. Now I start a new story that may attract some trolls. it's called Sex Education – Hogwarts’ Style and as you may guess, the subject matter may become problematic with some, especially since it is just plain male-female relationship, and not some less natural kind, which seems to be more acceptable here. I still hope to be able to publish it here and that it stays indefinitely.

April 2016

My first fanfic written in first person is Blame it on the Firewhiskey. It includes my favorite pairing but no real bashing of anyone. It also speeds up events and is quite humorous, I believe.

Jan 2,2016

A new year and a new story. A Nigh of Love is the first time I try this kind of story, but I already have another on the works with the same main characters. Like always, I like to explore ideas from different directions.

Dec 26,2015

I only wanted to check a new version of Libre Office, and then my muse kicked in, resulting in Ups and Downs - a short story that is not very kind to Ron. I still enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading.

July 25, 2015

I've just turned 65. As a gift to myself, I post a new story, The new Mrs. Potter, which had been waiting long enough and is not yet fully written, as I have to finish writing the last chapter (or two). Still, I think it's ready for publication. I enjoyed writing it and, judging by the response to another story that includes Fleur, I believe you'll enjoy reading it.

It was really fun writing the now completed Graduation and it did get some nice response. I have some more stories in the making. Just wish me time (and inspiration) to finish them all.

Mar 21, 2015

Started publishing Redemption, which deals with the changes that the war and the aftermath caused to some people. It is probably over-optimistic in some ways, but well - so am I, despite what happens around me. I still believe most people are good.

Mar 10,2015

As usual, bigots and bad-wishers are hiding. I've just got the following review report:

Story: Hero's Ladies Chapter: 2. Chapter 2 Heirs From: Guest -- :MA content is not allowed. Reported.

I don't think it is MA, and even if so - about half the stories of T or M ratings are much worse offenders, having M/M or F/F explicit and detailed sex. I keep my hotter scenes less detailed and more hinted at, but the bigots will not be satisfied unless this becomes a place with no normal sex scenes, although they don't mind extreme graphic violence and bizarre sex. Hiding as guest reviewers helps them stay anonymous (some don't even give a review - why bother if they can make the story be removed anyhow?)

I'm getting sick of this attitude. While each site has its rules, and I accept this, the rules should be applied in an honest and visible way, not under cover. Either they remove every single story with sex and violence (what would remain is a different question) or they do an honest scanning and remove only real offenders. If that story is removed, I'll take all my M stories elsewhere.

Sorry for the rant, but this is really unnerving.

Nov 29,2014

Just uploaded the first chapter of Spring Equinox, another Harry/Harem story. WHile I don't think I could be happy with a harem (and I'm sure my wife would never accept the idea), such stories are fun to write and I have a few more in different stages of writing, but I also have some more traditional pairings as well.

May 17, 2014

Some reviewers of my finished stories keep asking for the next chapters. Here's some news for you: I only mark a story as complete after I've posted the last , once a story is complete, there is no next chapter. At most, I may write a sequel, yet I've only done it once and didn't like it very much. Those who like my writing are invited to show this by reading my non-FF stories, which can be found on Amazon.

April 19,2014

I can't upload the next chapter of "Dobby's Friend" as I keep getting error messages. Hope this is resolved soon.

February 1, 2014

The last chapter of "Hero's Ladies" is out. I'm working on several other stories, but none is ready for publishing yet. It may take a few more weeks (not more, I hope) to make one ready. These are "Dobby’s Friend", "Redemption", "The new Mrs. Potter", "Yuletide Blessing", "The Dance" and "Adam and Eve", which are more advanced, and a few more. Don't hold your breath, but I promise another story as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, please check my stories on Amazon.

November 22

I started publishing "Hero's Ladies" today quite reluctantly. While it has no specific sex scenes, some purist (who relly like slash) may still frown at it, being "just" normal, male-female relations. Still, I hope you'll like it, even though it has some unorthodox ideas and a rarely used pairing. I'm already working on some more stories.

If you like my writing, you may also be interested in my original stories, available at my Amazon page.

October 9, 2013

Some anonymous reviewer reported "Hot Summer" to Admin and it has been removed again from this site. I moved the story to hpfanficarchive dot com under same name. I consider publishing all my newer stories there, as this site seems to become full of prudes or purists who think everything should be sex free (yet violence, horror, gore and other disturbing activities are alright with them). I'm a mature writer targeting adult readers, so maybe this site is no longer suitable for me.

October 7, 2013

Started posting "Hot Summer" which is basically same as the removed story with minor changes to keep to the guidelines - mainly removein the s e x word. It may take me a few days to catch up with the last chapter. I've also started posting it on hpfanficarchive dot com, where I don't expect any problems.

October 3, 2013

I've just been informed by bot@ that my story, "Hot Summer at the Burrow" has been removed, as it violates the guidelines. Having read many "M" rated stories, I know I'm not even close to the top of the scale, concerning sex scenes, yet the word "sex" appears in my summary. This seems to offend the purists who set the bot, which is a very inefficient way to check the contents. Yet it has been removed and I'm not going to fight them. It's their website and their choice.

I'm now open to suggestion for a new and less close-minded site where I can post the rest of this story.

I consider it quite immoral to disallow normal, clean, hetro, sex scenes, which cause no harm, while allowing all kinds of kinky, violent and plain sick behavior to be freely described in some fics. To each his own, I suppose.

I have a few more stories ready, but I'm not sure this is still my preferred site for publishing them.

All my devoted readers who want to read this story to its end, please let me know where you'd like me to post it now.

September 2013
Bound is reaching its end. I don't think I'll continue publishing two stories at once. It takes to much energy. Yet Charlie's Child is ready for some time now. Oh, well...

July 2013

Just uploaded the last chapter of Fleur's surprise. Hot Summer at the Burrow will follow within a week.

Please visit my Amazon page as well. There are currently six short stories there and one book. I'm sure you'll like reading them.

May 2013

Just published Wrong to Right, a short Harry/Hermione story which popped into my mind. Seeing how popular Fleur's Surprise has become, I've started writing another story with Harry/Fleur/Hermione and maybe more (not decided yet), named The new Mrs. Potter. I'm not going to publish it before Hot Burrow or Charlie's Child, which are both ready now.

I wish my Amazon stories were as big a success. Please have a look at them. Who knows, you may actually like them. ;)

Apr. 2013

Bound is out. Hot Summer at the Burrow (I'll probably rename it to just Hot Burrow) is going to be next. Hero’s Ladies (a Harry/Luna/Hermione/multi) is probably going to be next. Also working on Charlie's Child (Charlie/Daphne), Daddy's Boy (Harry/Hermione), and a few more which are still in early stages.

Mar. 2013

Fleur's Surprise is now out, as Harry's Love(s) is almost done. Bound will probably be next.

Feb 2013:

Witch Way is nearly done. Two or three more chapters to go, though.

Harry's Love(s) is now done and continues as two separate, though similar stories: Harry's Love (Ha/Hr) and Harry's Loves (Harry/Multi).

Another story is almost finished, named Hot Summer at the Burrow, a summer lemonade. It will probably get published after Fleur's Surprise and Bound.

Jan. 2013:

I'm still a bit stuck with Witch Way. I have several ideas for it but I still don't know how to make them work. Two more chapters are almost ready. I'll only publish them once I'm satisfied (well - sort of) with the results.

On the brighter side, Harry's Love(s) is (are) finished. All I do is check one chapter each week, correct some typos and publish it.

Another story, Fleur's Surprise is going to soon follow the same route. I don't intend to publish any unfinished stories, as my experience with Witch Way has taught me not to go that way.

I'm also working on two younger Harry stories: Bound and Daddy's Boy. Enough of that for now.

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