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Hey folks, some information about me you might want to know (or not):

I'm currently 19 years old, male, from Germany, and I've finished school this year. After my alternative service, I'll (hopefully) study English, German and Latin to work as a teacher later on.
My hobbies include writing (actually, most of the time I write German fantasy/science-fiction stories, no fan fiction.), listening to and making music, playing football (the soccer one), and going to concerts and music festivals.

I honestly don't know when and if I write more stories, but if I do, they will very likely be about Golden Sun. (maybe also about Warhammer 40k or Guild Wars, but it's so much more complicated to write in English so I don't know if I really want to take this on me)

I've played GS since it came out here, but when I couldn't beat the Doom Dragon at first, GS2 went back into the cupboard. Very good I decided to play it once again some months ago.

And because all of the GS writers do it: here are the shippings I like, but I'll also read stories with other pairings, as long as they don't contain explicit sexual content (that means no lemons - I'm just not interested in reading them).

Felix/Karst (Duskshipping is my favourite one, but I don't want to ruin it with a story I couldn't tell right because I hadn't the right words. Maybe when I study.)

Felix/Kay (Oldersiblingshipping is just so convenient with Flameshipping... and as Kay has no real personality, it is up to the author to create a credible one.)

Isaac/Mia (well, it came first to my mind when I thought about possible pairings, and with The Angel and the Slayer, it has already THE ff)

Garet/Jenna (the beauty and the beast - or something like that. It makes for a good amount of humour, at least.)

Ivan/Sheba (They're just cute together, let's hope it won't be revealed that they are siblings in GS3)

Yeah, that's pretty much it. PM me for questions, suggestions, whatever. Review me and I will review you for sure. Thanks for your time!

So long,

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Igniting The Spark reviews
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