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Hell there! I'm a BIG fan of Ginga Densetsu Weed! It's this Japanese show about dogs. It's about a blue and white Akita puppy with blue eyes named Weed. Here is a pic of Weed.
Cute isn't he? I also LOVE Warriors like hell! Warriors are books about cats by Erin Hunter, the best writer in the wolrd! My favorite cat is a ginger tom with green eyes, leader of ThunderClan...FIRESTSTAR!! Here is a pic of Firestar from Warriors.
I made a GDW pic of WeedXMel! D'aaaww xD Well...I was like...dead last night (extreamly tired and felt like crap, my knee was killing me, and I was all achy...I wanted to go to sleep but I could DX) and I started watching Ice Age: The Meltdown. Yes, I'm sure you're wondering what that has to do with the pic x3 but my mind wondered off to GDW somehow...and I started thinking about when I first saw the series, and how I always thought Mel was a girl xD and when I found out he was a boy I was like..."Oh shiz 0_."

Then I thought about the ending of GDW SPOILERS and how Weed wouldn't kill Hougen and I was like "WTF...okay that really pissed me off..."

And then I started thinking about how Weed must be gay xD and Weed and Mel would be just adorable together so...BLEH...this came to be x3 yep, doncha just lurve my lame excuse for th

Characters (C) Yoshihiro Takahashi
Art (C) FireNightWolf 2009

Hm...suprisingly I'm rather proud of this...well anyway, please no critz TT only constructive critz is welcome xD Here's the pic!
Cute, eh? My other favorite is Weed vs Hougen!! could think of a better title, I know...
But this one seemed o be the perfect one for this deviation.
Weed vs Hougen: ep. 26, Ginga Densetsu Weed.
DiE, Hougen!! xD
Muahahah, sooo sadic

Characters (C) Yoshihiro Takahashi
Art (C) Me
Like it? It took me a while to make. I also love, Sonic, Spyro, Crash, Sly, Meerkat Mantor, ParilyOddParnts and more. Well, I got to go for now. Hoped you liked my page! May StarClan and StarPack let your path, gang!