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We are The Cabal. A collective of five of the most awesome humans to ever walk upon the earth. We are:


It is impossible to wander through the Chuck fanfiction section without knowing mxpw. While he is most commonly associated with the terms "Sarina" and "Sill," there is a wealth of information that fans don't know about this mysterious character. To wit, did you know that mxpw knows what happened to the Lindbergh baby? The formula for New Coke? How to beat Chuck Norris with only a toothpick and a can of sardines? Yep. Stuck right there in his noggin. Unfortunately, a court order prevents him from revealing too much, but as a fellow Cabal member, I (Frea) can tell you that the Old Spice commercials featuring The Real Man were loosely based on the awesomeness that is mxpw (they edited a few details, removing that whole 5'2" Bolivian with a toupee thing--sorry, that was Peruvian, not Bolivian, I always get it mixed up). When he's not inserting subtle Sarah/Carina overtones into every scene, Sarah and Carina present or no, mxpw can be found cracking the whip at his minions (the ones dressed like Oompa-Loompas), convincing Crystal to use her powers for evil instead of good, attempting to keep Liam2 and Wepdiggy in line (an impossible task, but he persists), and railing against Frea's love for em dashes and fragments. How does he do it all? He's @#ing mxpw, that's how!

EDIT: Oh, look at that, Frea used an em dash. Hee. And there's a fragment!

mxpw EDIT: As co-founder of the Cabal, its oldest member, and future First Emperor of the Moon (Al Gore can suck it), I approve this message despite the presence of em dashes and fragments. Good job, rookie.


Known throughout the land as a country singer of legendary proportions who once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die... No wait, that's Johnny Cash. On to Liam. As a co-founder of the group known only by the mysterious moniker of "The Cabal", along with the equally legendary mxpw, Liam's purpose is to supply far fetched ideas that can never come to fruition, write pithy dialogue, and make the other members uncomfortable with his incessent flirting. Flirting not limited to the female members of the group. When not working with The Cabal, Liam's interest include baseball, not writing Road to Innocence (an interest he might soon give up), and teaching the female group members new dirty words. You should hear the limmerick he taught Crystal about rolling over in the clover. It was EPIC.


Crystal is The Cabal's mascot, first inductee and youngest member. She sometimes wonders how she was pulled into a group of such awesomeness and considers herself to be frakkin' lucky. Nevertheless, she works her hardest to broaden her horizons and harass the other cabal members as much as she can. She mostly blames mxpw and Liam2 for the corruption - I mean, molding - of her growth as a writer. A self-proclaimed dork with the writing speed of an arthritic turtle, Crystal reeeeeally needs to update her other stories very soon. In her free time, she enjoys going Photoshop-crazy with Chuck avatars (mxpw likes to think that she is his Photoshop slave for everything Sarah), brainstorming new video ideas that may never see the light of day, and jeopardizing her career in higher education by procrastinating on Facebook and Google Chat.


Once upon a time, The Cabal had only three members, and they were getting along just fine. Then, the group's janitor (yes, I said janitor), Wepdiggy, begged and pleaded for a chance to prove his worth. Well, Liam2, being the magnanimous guy he is, gave the youngest male of the group a chance. And true, he didn't really prove himself, but because he was Jewish, he met a certain quota for the group, so he was admitted into The Cabal. And after all, a happy janitor is a productive janitor. But when he's not writing, dumping waste receptacles, or cleaning up sick with sawdust, Wep is generally busy bothering mxpw to read over some rubbish he's written, or talking to Liam2 about things that shouldn't be mentioned in public, or watching/talking about "Doctor Who" with any of The Cabal members (or anyone that will listen, for that matter), or enjoying the company of one of his many female companions.


Frea O'Scanlin

Frea is The Cabal's newest member, both to the group and to Chuck fanfiction. She is therefore expected to fetch Dr. Pepper, keep Liam's Scotswoman obsessions to a minimum, study up on the Art of The Adorable Psycho (to date, Frea is the only one who hasn't dabbled in the APverse), keep the Sarina light going strong for mxpw, and help Crystal from being completely surrounded by guys all the time. When she isn't having Sarah beat up Chuck in "Fates," she can be found organizing her troll collection or making bets on her fantasy curling league.

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