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Um, hi =3

I'm GingerBizkits, but my real name is... ok, I don't want to say, just in case ;) I can be recognised as Urchin amongst the people who know me best.

I was born in England, an I still live here- my all time favourite place in the world has to be, this small river my family and I found in France, which I don't actually know the name of, or where it is, we just always manage to find it

OR Calstock, a large village in Cornwall. Living here are the two people who probably know me best in the whole world- despite the fact I only ever see them once a year. Every time I hear or see from them, I almost always end up spilling my deepest secrets. You two ;3

Enough about my sad life. This is a FANFICTION website, not a blog.

I have a total of seven fanfiction ideas in mind, the majority of which I'm afraid are Aladdin-orientated, I'm afraid :)

I'm currently working on my "Aladdin Blood Trilogy" at the moment. The summaries are below (written all dramatic-like because I'm just that cool :P)

Aladdin Blood Trilogy Story One: Bad Blood (Completed, WHOO!)

Three months after Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Cassim and Iago accidentally stumble into the Land of the Black Sand, and Cassim is captured by Mozenrath. Iago manages to escape, and informs Aladdin, who - along with Jasmine, Genie, Carpet and Abu - comes to the rescue. However, when they get there they discover something shocking, which could spark a strong alliance or an even stronger war.
Now things take a turn for the worst when Mozenrath's old master, Destane's spirit rises, and plans to extract revenge on Mozenrath by slowly transforming Aladdin into his familiar (a creature that aids a sorcerer or the like with their magic) with the ultimate goal of possessing him, and destroying Mozenrath. The group - now joined by Sadira - are on a quest to break Aladdin free from Destane's spell before he is forced to destroy them all. With their new-found knowledge, can Aladdin and Mozenrath put old hate aside and become allies... before it's too late?

Aladdin Blood Trilogy Story Two: Ocean Blood (In-progress)

(Set one month after the events of Bad Blood) Armed with the memories of Aladdin and his friends, Saleen works on her biggest plot to drag Aladdin down to the sea with her by creating a slightly-younger version of herself out of sea-water: her 'daughter' Urchin, who is given one month to get Aladdin to come down to the sea... or she will become sea-foam once more.
However, Urchin is met with a few surprises upon her arrival in Agrabah: somehow, in the one month since Saleen last encountered Aladdin, Aladdin and Jasmine have somehow managed to raise a small family: the two fifteen year old twins; Ruby and Ali, and their younger brother, Ahmahl (eight), who keep Urchin hidden from Aladdin and the others.
As Urchin - together with Ali, Ruby and Ahmahl, unravel the secrets of how they came to be fifteen years old in a single month, Urchin finds herself less and less willing to carry out Saleen's plot... will Urchin decide to tear apart the family she's become so close to, or refuse to carry out Saleen's plot...
...even if it kills her?

Aladdin Blood Trilogy Story Three: Stolen Blood. (Not started yet)

I'm not going to tell you the plot... it gives away Ocean Blood's ending :D

Following that, I have a few ideas planned...

The first would be a collection of short stories in one fiction, which would be a follow-on of the Blood Trilogy, which would be like an Aladdin TV Series, only it includes some of my OCs from my fics.

The next one is a vague idea, but I was thinking of writing the Aladdin episode Two to Tangle. I don't know why, but I love that episode! I was thinking of having one chapter as the story from Aladdin's point of view, then Mozenrath's and possible Jasmine's, then another chapter being a different twist on the episode- what if Aladdin and Mozenrath had switched?

My other two ideas were a Tangled fanfic, and a mass disney crossover set in modern times :)

But I need to dig up some time... then TADAAAAAAAAA I WILL BE DONE!

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Aladdin Blood Trilogy 2: Ocean Blood reviews
Sequal to Aladdin Blood Trilogy Story 1: Bad Blood. Saleen now has the memories of Aladdin and his friends, and has a scheme to drag Aladdin into the depths of the sea.
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When Mozenrath captures Aladdin's father, Aladdin races to save him. However, when he arrives, he discovers something shocking, something that could form a strong alliance, or an even stronger war.
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