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Helloooooo :)

I do have twitter :D

About Me...!

- I got brown hair and blue eyes.

- I have a million and 1 nicknames (Mush being one of them).

- My family is everything and more to me.

- My mum is my whole world.

- My dad walked out on me because I asked him to pick alcohol or me, I'm sure you can guess what he picked.

- I am a great believer in karma.

- My family and my dreams keep me fighting.

- I love reading.

- I love music, all types.

- I believe that you should always stand your ground and if you cant do that then you should go down fighting.

- I laugh at all the wrong times.

- I love a good argument.

- I also love the rain... Because I'm weird like that. :)

- My favourite movie is Watership Down.

- My favourite song is Father And Son.

- My favourite book is Lucas

- I am loving Justin Bieber's music. His lyrics are VERY good.


My stories have been taken down from this site as they are not allowed. If you'd like to continue reading At War With Myself, Forget Me Not and its sequel Everything Changes go here: