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Well hey there! My name is Emma-Rose and I live in a very, very small town in the UK (seriously, it's very small.) In my free time I like to play video games, guitar and baseball, watch movies, draw, read and, of course, write, which is by far my favorite hobby :) I could pretty much live on strawberry ribena and I drink way too much coffee.

I love a majority of things such as (deep breath!):
Phoenix Wright
Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Family Guy
Black bird
Rockstar games (and the energy drink, too!)
How I met your mother
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead
Gears of War
Phantom of the Opera
Vampire Knight
Left 4 dead 1 & 2

This list really could go on and on!

I really love rainy and windy days in the autumn, they're very inspirational and give me lot's of great ideas for writing :)

Want to give a little shout-out to some important people: My b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l best friend Beth (check her out; BethMolo) who I would be utterly lost without, Dad, who continuously supports my writing, Mum, my proof-reader of essays, stories and poems and Tom, who re-charges my batteries and constantly inspires me (even if he doesn't know it!)

A quick review of myself:

Last movie watched: The LEGO movie ;)

Last song listened to: Runaway- Galantis

Last food eaten: Profiteroles

Last drink drunk: Pressed apple juice

Last game played: Goat simulator

Last TV show watched: The Simpsons

Last book read: Life of Pi- Yann Martel

Currently: Writing

Random fact #1: I smell each new book I buy :)

Favorite Month: October

Random fact #2: I have to eat Jaffa cakes and skittles a certain way :P

Favorite Colour: Electric blue

Random fact #3: I can't sleep with my wardrobe door open because I think there's a monster in it :S

Religious views: Christian

Random fact #4: I have 63 manga/graphic novel books by the side of my bed (they tower over me!) D:

Political views: Well, they're pretty boring -w-

Random fact #5: I wear no make up. At all :)

Thanks to all the wonderful reviews I receive, each one is truly appreciated, though I may not have time to reply to all of them. If you really would like a reply, just let me know in the message, and I'll certainly get back to you :)

Well that's about it for my life, so now I leave you with my favorite quotes!

*Quotes may contain spoilers. To avoid these, please continue to scroll whilst humming something and diverting your eyes until you see a line, that's the all clear*

'Hey, hey! Settle down there, Kitten! If you keep trembling like that your going to make me spill my coffee.'-Diego Armando

'If they wanted all that flaky, free-spirit, I'm-an-individual crap, they should have moved to Pelles.'-Damon Baird

'Live long and suck it!'-Spock(Family Guy)

'Anyway, if they find me, then they'll find this letter, too, and if it's too late, at least you'll know what was on my mind at the end. It was you.'- Marcus Fenix writing to Lt. Anya Stroud

'Yes, My lord.'-Sebastian Michealis

'Well, when a mommy Corpser and a daddy Corpser love each other very much...'-Damon Baird

'Hot nights and even hotter coffee, that's what I always say.'-Godot

'Do you want me to sing to you? I'll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.'-Edward Cullen

'Yeah, Prescott's back, Michaelson's dead and my father's alive. Film at eleven.'-Marcus Fenix

'This is gonna be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!'-Barney Stinson

'I remember Anya when she was this tiny little thing who wouldn't say boo to a goose.'-Dom Santiago

'Yeah, Prescott's back, Michaelson's dead and my father's alive. Film at eleven.'-Marcus Fenix

'Nngh...Now i'm defiantly up the creek without a paddle...or a life jacket.'-Phoenix Wright

'I demand satifaction!'-Franziska Von Karma

'Hey, that's my Marcus. He's not like that, he wouldn't hurt you.'-Anya Stroud

'I bid you adieu, Wright...take care.'-Miles Edgeworth

'Hey bats! Get your cute little ass down here!'-The Joker

'This place is dangerous...I like it!'-Catwoman

'...And I used to be so pretty.'-Marcus Fenix

'I'm sorry, but I don't speak monkey'-Kyo usui

'Well, scientifically speaking, we gotta blow it's brains out it's ass!'-Augustus Cole 'The Cole Train'

Here's a list of all the words I usually spell wrong, so apologies if you spot these mistakes. Hell, make a game out of it, give yourself a point if you find 'em.

My most misspelt words:


Idly/ Ideally




Though you need to remember that I am British, so some words are spelled differently for a legit reason :) Here's a little example of those words:









It's all very confusing, so forgive me if I seem to switch between British English and American English :)

[IMPORTANT NOTICE]Godot-a life of time chapter 3 is down for a few modifications but will soon be back up, along with a new chapter! No major changes, so no need to worry :D

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] No matter what you might hear, Room 4 one more will be finished, it may just take a while. Since starting it, I have moved house four times (ironic.) This, and along with upcoming exams, has obviously limited my writing time, but I am continuously working on it. All of my stories will be finished, your patience will be rewarded :)
*Note* New stories will be submitted after Room 4 one more is completed (exciting!)

[IMPORTANT NOTICE]Previous chapters of Room 4 one more are currently going through a grammar, spelling and structure clean-up and no story information will be edited unless it is grammatically incorrect. So don't worry if you start getting emails (story and author followers) about new chapters being uploaded, they have only been changed for the better!

Next to be updated: Room 4 one more

Reason for update change: Due to playing Left 4 dead a lot more recently, I have found it much more easier to write about it and I'm really on a role with chapter 12. Sorry for any inconvenience, but a Pillar of Strength chapter will be up soon x

Reason for update change: Suddenly found, after going through 'All that glimmers if golden' that I had a new chapter just sitting there, just begging to be uploaded! So no worries, I'd already written it!

New story updates: No new stories will now be posted until at least one full fanfiction is completed (I don't want to irritate people and give myself to many stories to write at one time.) However, a new story may be Gears Of War or a Batman.
Let me know which one you prefer through a message :)

Continued story updates: Halfway through Room 4 one more chapter 11, it's going pretty well! I feel I've been missing out the fluffiness of Ellis and Zoey that was more common during the first few chapters, so perhaps I will revisit it more often. I'm looking to really strengthen the bonds between the characters in the next few chapters.

What's happening?

5/2/2012 It's snowing like crazy here, at least 8 inches of snow overnight! Great inspiration and, of course, Jasper the Malamute feels at home.

11/6/2012 Eeek, Biology exam tommorow and I've lent POTO (Phantom of the Opera) to my friend D': How will I ever survive?! D: Oh well, I'll play some Professor Layton with a hot cup of tea :{D I've got straight B's in my past exams, wish me luck x

20/6/2012 Physics exam today, though I thought it went pretty well. Going to Paris on friday via eurotrain, going to be awesome! :D

28/08/2012 Annnnd, chapter 9 is up! Sorry for the wait, enjoy! ;D

28/09/2012 Hello fans! I'm cutting 7" of my hair to donate to the little princess trust to create wigs for children suffering from cancer, if you could donate something on my page, it would be much appreciated! x

01/11/2012 Happy all saints day! Hope everyone had a good halloween, I know I did >:) Chapter 10 of RFOM is nearly finished!

22/11/2012 Chapter 10 is up! Chapter 11 will be started ASAP! ;D (Sorry for the delay, I have had many, many exams! I got B's though, so it was worth it.)

16/01/2013 Bagged myself a few days off school due to the bad weather, time for more writing! >:D

28/01/2013 College interview tomorrow, wish me luck! x

10/02/2013 Room 4 one more Chapter 11 is nearly finished, get ready guys!

15/03/2013 Been very busy with Comic relief fundraising, managed to raise a total of £52.40 through harlem shaking alone! But don't worry, I'm still writing and a recent A grade in chemistry means I can spend less time revising and more time finishing up Chapter 11!

27/03/2013 It seems an A grade in Physics has helped me overcome a little episode of writer's block, chapter 11 is on fire! It'll be up soon, the wait will be worth it :)

15/06/2013 Aaaaaaaand, chapter 11 is up! Thank you so much for your patience, I hope this chapter is worth it :') Writing has been a little slow through my final exams, but now there'll all finished and chapter 12 is already started!

24/06/2013 Got back into Mafia II again, so maybe you guys'll see a fanfiction of that in the future :) But it can wait, now I'm currently juggling chapter 12 of Room 4 one more and my own novel.

28/06/2013 Wow, there's been a crazy increase in both views and reviews for Room 4 one more since Chapter 11! Thank you very much for your reviews, each one encourages me to write even more! (Nearly 80 reviews! That's crazy! Keep it up, guys!)

01/08/2013 Apologies for no recent updates, I just got back from a trip to Germany! The outline of Chapter 12 is now complete and writing is already underway, I plan to finish it before I start college!

[For anyone that is interested, got my results in. You'll be pleased to know I received an A* in English Language and an A in Literature! (A total of 3 A*'s, 2 A's, 5 B's and 1 lonesome C in Art, because all I really did was play with the paint.)]

10/09/2013 Goodness me, where has the time gone?! Only just got back from Spain and now I've been thrown into college, and now it's Autumn! (Fall, for you American folks.) I'll admit, Chapter 12 has reached a bit of a slow point (you know how it is) but I'm facing my fears and knuckling down. I've got VERY big things planned for Chapter 12, it'll probably be the most dramatic chapter yet, so stay tuned!

02/12/2013 Aaaannd christmas excitement has finally begun! Trying to enjoy wrapping presents, but carrying a bad headache for a total of 10 days now is dampening my cheer and really effecting my school work :( Still, Chapter 12 is still going strong and things are getting rather interesting! For all those interested, I won the award for English out of my year from my old school, got a little plaque and a certificate and a voucher and nice things :) So yay!

14/03/2014 Hello all! I apologise for my disappearance, I know I have a lot to make up for! Unfortunately my health hasn't been in a great state recently, I am due for an MRI soon so hopefully the results will turn out fine (trust your author to be mental.) Unfortunately, whilst switching laptops, RFOM didn't transfer entirely and now the old laptop has packed up. I nearly had a heart attack. But not to worry, I have most of chapter 12 on my new system and I am insistent on getting the old one fixed so I can transfer it. Chapter 12 is well underway, I'm adding a good lot of juicy detail to make up for my naughty disappearing act. Thank you all for your patience, each one of you are what get me through and inspire me to write even more!

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Truth or Dare: Cullen style reviews
It's a rainy day and the cullens decide to play truth or dare. Find out what happens with chocolate mousse,naked Emmett,a huge temper tantrum, What Bella really thinks of Edward and who's flirting with Sam?
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,586 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 7 - Published: 4/17/2010