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Author has written 2 stories for Star Wars.

Universal Disclaimer: I own only the original plotlines, characters, and interactions between characters in any fics on this website. Everything else is not mine. Sadly. But then, if they were, they'd be so amazing that the world might just explode from the epic power that would erupt. So maybe it's a good thing I'm poor.

Each of said fics are also separate from each other unless otherwise directly stated. This allows me to toy with various universes and plotlines.

Apex Author's Notes- Starting from Chapter 40

40- I'm back! And a new POV, that of Darth Sadic. In the game he doesn't have the "Darth" title, but I felt it was more appropriate that the pair face an actual Darth this early, rather than Angral being their first. It may turn out that I have a chapter from the POV of every villain; I've gotten them all so far, so we'll see how much the trend continues.

I like this chapter, and I especially like Kira's final confrontation. I thought, too, that it was more powerful to have it be seen not from her eyes; in this way, we are bystanders rather than experiencing the bravery with Kira, since we've had plenty of time in her head to get what she's feeling and going through. Besides, her POV is returning next chapter.

I have a question for those of you reading this: should I include my versions of the other classes? Or should I leave them ambiguous?

41- Hello again all. Yes, I took this chapter in a direction that's a bit different from what you were probably expecting. However, I hope you like it as much as I did. If you know who the shadow is, good for you. If not, you soon will. Or you can read spoilers for the Jedi Knight story.

So. I also have a little something to share about the characters. If any of you know of MBTI, I made up MBTI types for Hayram and Kira. They are as follows:

Hayram- INFJ. He's definitely Introverted, and a strong iNtuitive, given that he focuses so much on abstract concepts and on the hidden, philosophical meaning of things. I picked Feeling because while he can be logical, he uses his heart to guide him and has trouble keeping his emotions in check, at times. He's a Judger because he prefers things to be settled and likes plans.

Kira, on the other hand- ESFP. She's Extraverted, offering commentary and being the more outward-focused of the two, and a Sensor because she's more down-to-earth and realistic when compared to Hayram. She shares Feeling with the Jedi Knight, because she certainly follows her heart in decision making as well. Finally, she's a Perceiver because she much more spontaneous and open to changes than Hayram.

Anyway, if you like MBTI or what to learn more, send me a PM and we can chat about it. I think it's a fascinating subject.

42- The first chapter that is from the point of view of... everyone. I tried it several different ways, but I wanted to try to capture the many points of view and how fast everything was moving. Really, Sadic had only a short time of glory before he was stopped; the destruction would have been much worse if Hayram had taken longer to get moving. I think it worked out.

So. My hints worked out. Catch (Kira catching them), Rockets (Sadic exploding), Karate (the fist fight), Kiss (duh). All in one chapter. Epic. I really liked how everything worked out, and I like the somewhat random kiss at the end. Felt more natural, rather than falsely dramatic. (shrug) I guess we'll see if everyone else likes it.

Explanations, confusion, and discussion will happen over the next few chapters, so fear not about that. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who reviewed! It really makes my day to get those, and read how much everyone enjoys what I've been doing. Keep it up. :)

So, what's next? Well, you can look forward to a ship name. Also, a new lightsaber for Hayram. Also, some good times with Orgus Din. Also, some recovery on Tython. Also, fluff (but hopefully not the gagging kind, and not too much). Also, a dance. So stay tuned for more.

43- So... uh... hi again?(dodges more thrown fruit, along with missiles and force lightning) YEESH I GET IT.

So I was away. Apologies. I've been focusing most of my efforts on an original project and have not had the time or energy to work on this. HOWEVER, I have returned Malgus style and plan to continue updating. Hurrah!

So this chapter was entirely fluff and filler. My favorite. We have a good three or four chapters like this before Tatooine, so stay tuned. I do try to reply to every review, so drop one if you like something, and thanks for sticking with the story. Also, before I go, you can now find Hayram Antilles in The Old Republic! If you are on the Ebon Hawk server, you can find Hayram by sending him a whisper usually in the evenings (PST). Although sometimes I'm on all day. Depends.

44- I return! I made Orgus very Qui-Gon like, and I like it. Not quite the Orgus from the game, but then, neither is Godera. Also, the ship will apparently be more crowded from now on. Yes, I'm changing things. Tatooine will definitely be a bit different with two others accompanying the trio of Hayram, Kira and T7.

Also, my profile picture is now Hayram Antilles. There he is, with Kira in a green outfit in the background.

Leave a review if you like what you read! I enjoy reading them.

45- Another light fluff chapter, but I like it. It's nice to have these after the emotional whirlwinds that were Taris and Nar Shaddaa. This chapter mainly serves to tease at the next bit of shameless fluff and romance and to ties up some conversational loose ends. After this, we have another chapter or two and then off to Tatooine. And boy will things heat up... (see what I did there?)

Thanks to all of you who reviewed and gave me feedback. It makes my day to read those comments. :)

Hayram Antilles is on the Ebon Hawk server, if any of you want to chat with him. Also, his canonical appearance is now the cover of this story and my profile picture.

46- So I almost gagged writing that. Don't get me wrong, sap and fluff and great, but sometimes it's hard to write with a straight face. Hopefully it came out alright. And for those of you wondering when we are getting back to the action, it is NEXT CHAPTER. Huzzah! Leave me a review if you liked what you read, or message Hayram in game on the Ebon Hawk server.

47- I hated the way Revan and the Exile were treated in SWTOR, so I'm fixing it. There is going to be a huge subplot involving them, and I'm changing bits of the main plot of Apex to incorporate them. Sound good? Of course it does. Tatooine will be the first place you see major changes, since, you know, there was a Star Map there in the original KotOR... not that I'm suggesting anything...

48- So, I'm back! Again. Sorry for the delay, things have been very busy. However, Hayram is still on the Old Republic if you want to say hello. Also, I started a new story called "Flashpoints" which are vignettes but of the other seven characters and their companions. Check it out! I'm very excited to see where that goes.

I like Kiwiiks, but I thought she didn't really have a lot of screen time or characterization. So I'm adding in Praven, and going to do this whole subplot with the two of them across Tatooine... I think you'll all enjoy it. As for the Star Map... you'll have to wait and see. I am adding to main story, a bit. Anyway, I'll be back soon. Stay tuned.

Flashpoint Story Notes

So, I started a new fix! Rest assured, Apex will continue on unimpeded, but I was itching to provide the viewpoints of other events around the galaxy. This freeform, vignette-focused companion will be the answer. Expect the chapters to be shorter (as they will be certain moment or flashes... hence the title) but also more frequent, since I have eight stories to pull from instead of one. I will definitely be taking requests for this fic as well, if any of you are interested. Further, Hayram and co. will appear in Flashpoints, but notably less frequently than the other seven players. This means that Apex is canon in this fix, and Flashpoints are canon in Apex.

Just in case you're interested, here is the roster in my legacy, Infinity: Hayram Antilles, male human Jedi Knight (guardian), Orrin-Var, male human Sith Warrior (marauder), Lorvon, male mirialan Jedi Consular (sage), Eluvien, female miraluka Sith Inquisitor (assassin), Ellyon, male miraluka Trooper (vanguard), Talith, female human bounty hunter (mercenary), Solira, female Echani Smuggler (scoundrel), and Ral'zah'nuruodo, male Chiss Imperial Agent (sniper). Yes, I have all the classes in their opposite variations from each other. Totally. It was intended, I swear. As for their personalities... well, you already know Hayram, and as the others get screentime you'll learn what their ticks are.

So there we have it. Read, review, and let me know what you like. I think it'll be a great fic to write.

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