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As Rich As Gold...

Sit back and relax
Miss Azzura has a tale to tell
These are the stories you here
And many you know very well
So who is "Goddess Azzura"?
A name as sweet as rose?
Or something like Shakespeare say,
Ah well, who knows?
Come one, come all!
All short and all tall
All young and all old
Azzura has a tale about the silvers and gold
From intimate tales of romance and lust
(Come read them all! It's a must!)
To the adventures of our good friends from the anime world
For all boys and all girls
Come one, come all
All short, and all tall
From young and old
Azzura has tales that's as rich as gold

Hey guys I have some great news to share with you. Good news is, I'm taking a year off from school since I had a really bad first and second semestr. However, because I'm working a lot, I'm spending less and less time away from the computer. Also, I've been losing my muse to Destiny's Dream: The Beginnng, and the other stories that are supposed to come out two years ago. Um, right now, I'm in the prcoess of revising all my old stories. Please you guys! Take a look at them! They're the best you ever seen!

The Real Life of Goddess Azzura

Age: 19

Birthday: January 28th.

Sign: Aquarius

Where From: That's me to know and you to find out. _~

Personality I'm the girl-next-door type of person. I can be very fierce and fiesty when I want to. I'm not overbearing and I'm not egotistical. (Boastful? Yes. Conceited? No) I'm a very loyal, especially when it comes to my friends. Most of the time, I'm kind, sweet, compassionate, understanding, and funny--but only when I want to be. I can be truly evil if you disillusion, deceive, or betray me in the worst possible way. But that rarely shows, so hardly I'm ever mad. Just be smart and don't cross me.

Myspace URL: . Add me as a friend if you like!

My Favorite Anime/Favorite Couples

Card Captor Sakura
Rorouni Kenshin
Detective Conan/Case Closed
Ouran High School Host Club
Outlaw Star
Tenshi Muyo
And others I fail to mention

Favorite Quotes:

"The world is nothing but a stage, and everyone plays a part in it"

"Gold may be be full of riches, but the value of life is even more richer"

"You don't live once. You live twice"

Things that irritate me the most: I can't stand vainglorious people, and people who are full of drama. I utterly detest ignorance and hypocrispy, and people that smile in your face and stab you in th back. If you're either of those things, you better keep it moving, cause I'm not dealing with it!


6/2/07: Finally, all of the DT fan-fictions have been revised. Now, all I have left is Snow White and Under the Moonlight. I know you're probably wondering why I'm neglecting Destiny's Dreams, but truthfully I lost my muse to it. Once I get my inspiration back, then I'll get back on it ASAP, okay? Thanks for the patience!

Additional Information:
I am with a group called the xXxTenshiBellesxXx. Please read our story A Bittersweet Story, and give us reviews! My other name is BayBAngel, so please look us up!

Our email is Tenshibelles@hotmail.com, talk to us!

Or you could to your profile at, http://www.fanfiction.net/~xXxTenshibellesxXx

Stories In Progress:

Destiny's Dreams: The Beginning:
Status: Hiatus
My lack of inspiration is holds me back. Please guys, if you have any ideas, please email me, Mistyangel757@aol.com, or Angelbabie006@hotmail.com. I need some inspiration! Some help! This story is much difficult than I expected it to be.

One-Shots Coming Out Soon:

There are no one shot fanfics coming out at this time. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Chapter Fics Coming Out Soon:

SPY C.H.I.X: Sakura, Meiling, Tomoyo, Naoko, Chiharu, and Rika are spies for an international secret government. An important item has been stolen, and it's said that it's hidden somewhere in a high school. The girls are sent to be diguised as young school girls in Hong Kong's most prominent schools in hope to retrieve the stolen item before it's fallen into the wrong hands. Watch as these ass-kicking beauties fight bad guys all over China to find the item before global chaos stresses all over the world.

Forbidden Dreams: Over the last three years since the adventure began, Kagome and Inuyasha's feelings have been growing, and so has their desires. The only way they'd feel the love, lust, and passion for each other is in their dreams. Lately, the dreams have turned into their worst nightmares. It would seem the more they dream, the more real it becomes no matter how much they try to stay awake. Who, or what is controlling their dreams? What does Kikyou have to do with this? It'll come out soon.

That's enough about me, um...check for updates!
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