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What can I say about myself?

I have been writing stories for more than 15 years, but only a couple of them have been posted on line. Ten years ago I created an account on this site, but I never got around to uploading anything, so it was eventually deleted. Recently I have been hit by a renewed creative streak and have finally overcome my fear of publishing my work.

I simply adore the game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and have had a difficult time putting it down, even after finishing it. Therefore I have decided to write a fan fiction about it, involving LaCroix who is, in my opinion, one of the best “magnificent bastard” characters of all times. You know, one of those characters that you really enjoy reading about, though you probably wouldn’t want to meet them for a coffee.

I am usually very hesitant about writing an OC, but the genre of the game did not leave me much of a choice. I know of the plague known as Mary-Sueism and I generally read OC stories with a very sceptical eye myself. The risk in writing an OC is that it can either turn up too grandiose or on the contrary, if one tries too hard to avoid a Sue, so plain, dumb and boring that the reader just has to wonder why the other characters give him/her the time of their day.

I am really striving to reach a balance, especially since Western RPG’s main characters basically ARE Sues, even in the gaming script (they start out as wimps and in a very short time outsmart and defeat even the ‘most powerful… of their era”; the majority of NPC they meet either hit on them or fall for them and so on…). I hope I am up to the task.

I am completely open to constructive criticism, since it is the only way for me to improve. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what you think, even if only to bash my work (but no flames, please!).

Moreover, English is not my mother language, so, despite my best efforts, there are still a few mistakes in my story. Vivienne S. (now lvy) most generously agreed to read over my chapters and point them out to me, thus helping me improve my knowledge of the English language and my writing. The first eight chapters were beta-ed, for the others you will have to bear with my occasional mistreatment of the English language. Thank you Ivy for all the help and precious advices you gave me: we both went off the radar around the same time, so I do not know what you are doing at the moment, but I wish you all the best :)

Story status (yes an update!!):

Chapter 13 (half done)

Since I am back on the site, I think I owe the brave readers who may still venture on my profile an apology and an update of some sorts :) I also want to thank all the reviewers and subscribers who have prompted me to write more and continue my story. I did not dare to reply personally and make promises because every time I updated the profile to announce that a new chapter would be up soon, something came up that took precedence. So I will not make any promises, but I just want to say that Against All Odds is not dead and I am still working on it in my scraps of time. I am quite busy with my job at the moment, so I do not know how long it will take, but I am really trying to overcome this writer's block and get back on track.

That’s all folks, thanks for taking time reading this.

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