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FAV STORIES: Darkest Powers(Derek's my man hands off) , Percy Jackson(I love you Percy), Twilight(go team Jacob!!) and Imortal Insterments( Jace kicks butt)

HI If your readinf this eather you know me or I reviewed your story. I've never writen a fanfiction,but I'm working on an Idea. My freind told me about the site and I was suprized by how many good writers there are.

Yay first fanfiction up and no flames!!! thats a good sign right? :-) everybody here is sooooooooooo nice and supportive!!!!

If you are reading this and have a goodreads account you should add me. i'm Arienne Souza(yes like Derek souza.)

Chloe's outfits from 'First kiss, First boyfriend' The tube top isn't as short as it should be and it's not back but it's the general idea and i couldn't choose which V-neck i liked better so i put three of them. :)

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Darkest powers

-"Oh, my God! It's a killer Pomeranian." I glanced up at Derek. "It's a tough call, but I think you can take him." Chloe said to Derek from the Awakening.

-He pivoted, gaze following me as I crossed to the shower and turned on the cold water, so it would drown out our conversation without steaming up the room.
"Great," he muttered."Now they're going to think we're showering together. Maybe we can just tell them we were washing off the crawl space dirt and trying to conserve water."- Derek saying to Chloe from The Summoning!

-"I'm behind you." I spun to see Derek. "I can't win," he said. "You're as skittish as a kitten."- Derek said to Chloe in the Summoning.

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