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Name: Kimberley

Nickname: KimDangIt

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An iCarly Survey

Which fave line(s) from each character?


Sam: Show 'em the prank, Fred-wiener!
Freddie: Sure thing, Sam...jerk.
Sam: And that's why you're behind the camera.


Carly: Sign it!
Spencer: I don't even know what this is!
Carly: It's a contract that says, "I, Spencer Shay, hereby promise to never prank anybody again as long as ye shall live.".
Spencer: What is "ye"?
Carly: "Ye" is you, it sounds official! Sign it.
Spencer: And what if I don't?
Carly: Well then I might sneak into your room tonight and push a pillow over your face till you stop kicking.
Spencer: ...That's some pretty dark stuff.

Yesh it is (:


Freddie: Thank you, Cort. You can go now.
Cort: Go where?
Freddie: Wherever you came from. We've already decided who we're gonna hire.
Sam: [Smiling] We sure have!
Carly: Congratulations, Cort!
Freddie: What?

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