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Woohoo! Somebody done been to the Wal-Mart!

Ohh, ohh, ohh! Ahem. Hey ya'll. Piotr's girl here. Actually, ya can call me Kitty. Or Kat. Or Kitty-Kat. Whatever's easier for you. I am not a Shadowcat clone, nor do I purposely try to copy her, but we look strangely alike if I put my hair up like her, which I do quite often. It's all uber-odd, so... um... yeah.

So picture this: A 17 year old girl from Florida, who almost sounds like Rogue only with a better truer accent, and has nothing better to do than sit and look at the computer. This is rather odd, yes?

And in case you're wondering... I just recently discovered that I do infact have powers! Yeah! I can make oatmeal cookies fall from the heavens, I can manipulate water (... somehow... I dunno...) and I am rather good at beating the crap out of Kitty Pryde. It's great. I also discovered that Abraham Lincoln is my brother. I think. That's what I was told. There again, I was also told that Mystique is Magneto's mom and Pietro is Rogue's dad. Anyone else confused?

I also recently recieved a John Deere tractor, a novelty gun-shaped lighter (courtesy of Sparkie) and a propane torch for my birthday. Isn't it great? I got to randomly torch things in my backyard for my birthday. Sooo fun.

Oh yeah, and me and my friend April started a cult. It is the infamous Cult of the Flaming Penguins... we say this because our manager Donna looks like a penguin when she wears her suit to work... so when April called her a faggot penguin, "Nay I say! I say Nay! Shit, can't she just be a flaming penguin?" And there is our name. We meet once a month to shoot at chickens with BB guns and drink kool-aid. 'Tis fun. *makes 3-toed sloth noises*

Claynus- From now on, young Kathranus, you shall be known as the crazy sexy redneck girl from the far side of the plantation with the jacked up red golfcart. You should be proud. (A very inspirational speech given to me by the idiot across the street who almost got me and my friends arrested when he drove someone's push-cart into a 5-foot ditch at 11 pm. Nice, uh? And funny thing is, I'm older than him.)

Tomas: Can I get a lay-up?
Ledford: Lay-up!
Tomas: Ya might be the godfather, but that was weak. The seargant of arms has been angered.
Ledford: The seargant of arms is about to fail this class.
Tomas: And we're on the hiiii-way ta hay-yell...
Ledford: And you just scored an A.
Tomas: Yessa! Lay-up! Lay-up for the godfather!
Ledford: Lay-up!
Tomas: Lay-up! Bow down to the master, Lord Ledford of Lichtenstein!
Half-aker: Who's stine is he lickin'?
Jimbo the Bimbo: Your mom's.
Ledford: Man, that was crucial.
Jimbo the Bimbo: That's not what your mom was screaming last night.

And such are the conversations in PreCalc every day. Baldwinites suck. And unfortunately, I am one of them. Pity me.

Yeah so um, if ya ever wanna e-mail me, it's [email protected] My other one doesn't work.

So G'day! All my love, Piotr's girl

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