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Alright, as of April 9, 2012 this account will be divvied up between Tai-Chan and Tsuki. All fics written by Tai- Chan can be found under the name xxTurtlezRockxx where they will be slightly revised but uploaded in a timely fashion. Thank you.

HI! Two people share this account, Tsuki and Tai-chan. We hope you like our fanfics, whether they be solo or together.

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Tsuki: help me! anyway this panalphin thing came about when Tai gave me the nickname 'Pekapon'. i liked it so i used it. i was kinda hurt when Tai said i wasn't a person but the only Pekapon ever. when we were filling out this friendship book i had, we did this personality map where you answer a question yes or no and it leads you to another bubble. the results you would get were either panda, dolphin, or leopard. Tai said she finally found which general species i was: Panalphin. it was fun!

Tai-chan: so help Tsuki and donate chocolate icecream, her main food source. SAVE TSUKI THE PEKAPON PANALPHIN!


Tsuki: O.O" first born child?!

Tai-chan: yeshhhh.

Tsuki: glad i don't want any kids.

Tai-chan: why?

Tsuki: *smiles creepily* children are the spawn of satan and should be kept in their rooms in hell where they will not bother me.

Tai-chan: but, you're a kid too.

Tsuki: i'm not. a kid is a human child. i'm a Pekapon.

Tai-chan: damn, you loophole finder!

Tsuki: loopholes are fun to find when they're to you're advantage.

Tai-chan: you're in 'evil' mode aren't you?

Tsuki: very much so.

Tai-chan: this happens when you haven't read a Yullen fic within the hour.


Tai-chan: where's that steak knife? ... oh shit.

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