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Author has written 25 stories for Silent Hill, Doom, Resident Evil, James Bond, Ultimate Marvel, Final Fantasy VIII, Star Wars, Stargate, Left 4 Dead, Final Fantasy VII, Ben 10, Metal Gear, Zone of The Enders, Marvel, Red Faction, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

I've erased all the information from my profile. Why? IT WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS TO MANAGE!

So, now I'm putting up a new profile. Why? I don't care. You don't care. Nobody cares.

That's how sh*t works.

Who am I? I write stuff. Most notably, I'm probably know for my Bond fics, and I don't mind that. I put a lot of work into those. Y'know what else I put a lot of work into? Red Planet. Not so many people read that, unfortunately. Oh well, some people do.

I'm a fan of a great many things. Just looking at my fanfics tells you I'm a fan of Final Fantasy, Doom, Red Faction, James Bond, Left 4 Dead, Ultimate Marvel, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Star Wars and Stargate. My name comes from a character in one of my favorite Star Wars books, Outbound Flight. Hilariously, I can't think of many ideas for Star Wars stories, and I don't know why.

I'm told I'm good at making dialogue sound natural, which I find funny. I don't think my own words sound natural, let alone the words of the characters I write.

In addition to all the stories I've already written,

GoldenEye 2010 (complete)
The Quantum Trilogy, Book 1: Casino Royale (complete)
The Quantum Trilogy, Book 2: Quantum of Solace (on hiatus)
The Quantum Trilogy, Book 3: A Game of Sorts (on hiatus)
Killing Some Time (on hiatus)
Final Fantasy VIII: Love Can Ignite the Stars (abandoned)
Gateway (abandoned)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III (abandoned)
The DOOM Chronicles: The Ultimate DOOM (still abandoned)
Red Planet (on hiatus)
Green Planet: The Prelude to Red Planet (completed)
Silent Hill: The Unending Nightmare (completed)
Resident Evil (???)
Ultimate Comics: X-23 (abandoned)
Ultimate Comics: Spider-Woman (abandoned)
Becca (completed)
Grand Admiral Thrawn meets Slenderman (completed)
Final Fantasy VII: The Anime Series (uncertain)
Men of Action - Unite! (completed)
Metal Gear Solid: Radio Drama (abandonded)
Jehuty: Zone of the Enders (we'll see)
Iron Man: Technovore (in progress)
Dolores: Zone of the Enders (we'll see)
Star Wars - The Clone Wars: The Forced Clone (in progress),

I have plans for

GoldenEye 2010: Reloaded (remake of my previous work, more faithful to the 2010 game)
Skyfall (novelization of the film, probably won't happen until after QoS, A Game of Sorts, GE2010 and Blood Stone, oh yeah, this movie is AWESOME)

Update 4-16-13: At the moment, all Bond fanfics are on hiatus, and won't be updated until I work up a temporary Bond fetish, and right now, it ain't happening. I put a sentence in each in-progress chapter every now and again, but right now my focus is on FFVII:TAS. And a secret crossover that I hope to drop on you all soon.

Update 9-11-13: Yeah, I've had everything on hiatus for a while now. Writer's Block. Hopefully, I'm getting over it. My writing on other stories is proceeding very nicely, however, just not my fanfiction writing. I've got an idea for one that I might start writing today, but which might not be published for a little while. Oh well, we'll find out. Oh, and, Men of Action is getting a sequel.

Update 11-29-13: Hi all, I've accidentally been ignoring you! And, yes, I mean accidental. Those last two projects which used to be ????'s were originally a long series-wide fanfic novelization of the Resident Evil series, using what had been my original Resident Evil fanfic (which is still up, for some reason, I don't know why I haven't taken it down) and going in chronological order (0-1-2-3-CVX-DSC-UC-4-DEG-REV-LIN-5-DE-DMN-6). It has gained no progress, and probably won't be finished. The second was a Syphon Filter fic that would be a sequel to Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, but my contacts inside Interpol (Syphon reference) haven't responded. It may still happen, if the guy I've been throwing plot at ever responds. My novelization of the MGS Radio Drama has hit a dead end. I just can't seem to build up the drive to write it. FFVII:TAS is pretty much dead, for much the same reason. Whenever I get back to Bond (which may happen, I don't know), I'll finish QoS and A Game of Sorts, but the question is whether or not I'll do any more than that. The sequel for Men of Action has lost its focus. The bad guy is too tough to define, and as a result, the whole fic has dropped down the toilet. Hell, ALL my writing has pretty much dropped down the toilet. Whether I like it or not, something is going up by the end of the year.

Update 12-21-13: Today, I posted the four complete chapters that I have of a Zone of the Enders novelization. Hopefully it garners interest.

Update 1-21-14: I like to show up occasionally, freak out those two/three readers I have by updating my profile page. Sadly, not a lot has happened. I'm in a bit of transition, floating between Bond, Red Planet, and a possible revival of Resident Evil. I don't know when anything will actually come to fruition, but hopefully we'll see soon. Oh, and my grand experiment of my ZOE novelization has pretty much failed. To get reads, I had to drop it from M to T (something I was hoping I didn't have to do), and I had to be the first read for chapter 2 myself, because for some absolutely f*cked up reason, people were only reading chapters 1, 3 and 4.

Update 2-10-14: A few days ago, I started posting a story called Iron Man: Technovore, a fanfic set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I've so far posted three chapters, and I'm doing pretty good on it.

Update 3-17-14: I started a new Star Wars fic a week or so ago. I had just finished watching Season Six of The Clone Wars and found that I had a story to tell. It's called The Forced Clone, and is about a Jango Fett clone that has accidentally developed Force sensitivity. Prior to that, after Technovore, I uploaded the two chapters I have of a second ZOE novelization. Right now, Technovore and The Forced Clone are the only two things I'm working on. Technovore's 5th chapter is just about done, and the 1st chapter (after the Prologue) of The Forced Clone is deep in writing, but not yet close to finished.

If you are sick and goddamned tired of people posting that shit that says "Copy and Paste this in your Profile", then copy and paste this in your profile.

Now, a little bit about me:

My name's Josh, I live with my parents (no job, no place to go, not really ashamed, and I don't live in the basement). Despite actually having published a book (it's on Amazon, called Dead Place), I only consider myself an aspiring writer, and I'll probably continue to write fanfiction, even if I become a bestseller (fat chance of that). I play video games, mostly, but I also read and watch movies. My life consists of waking up, doing sh*t for 15/16 hours, going to sleep. It's a boring existence, and if anybody who reads this is in Goshen, Indiana and can hire me, I'd REALLY appreciate it.

Now, you know as much as you need to. Go, read my stories, review them, keep reading them, keep reviewing them.

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The Ghost of a Chance by Alexander Turnbull reviews
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