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I had a previous account on here, but I pretty much abandoned it. It had old stories, some I'm still proud of, and then some I'd just abandoned due to lack of, well, lack of motivation I guess. I wanted to give it another shot, though. What will you find on here? Well first off is a Twilight story. I'm very into that saga, and the movies. I truly adore it. My favorites from the stories are Emmett, Alice, Carlisle, Sam, Paul, Quil, Emily...I think that's it. Be warned, I'm not Team Jacob. At all. In fact I have pretty strong opinions about Jacob that most likely will come out in my writing. If you like him, it might be a good idea to skip my stories. Just a fair warning as I don't want someone to go in blindsided. I also dispise Rosalie as I think she's a very selfish character. Although, funnily enough, my favorite moments of Breaking Dawn involved Jacob and Rosalie. Yeah, walking contradiction. That's me! Charlie isn't a favorite of mine either, as I think he's not always on the side of what's in his daughter's best interests. He has a very unhealthy hatred of Edward, despite telling Bella that the Cullen's were a wonderful family. Yet he pushes Jacob at her, without even caring that a) he's younger than her, and b) that she's not even a bit interested in him in that way. And in true Bella fashion, she just lets him. Anyway, enough of that.

Another interest of mine, that I've only gotten into this year, is the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. Also known as the basis books for the TV series True Blood. I love those books and after liking Alcide up until he became head werewolf honcho person, I am firmly in the mindset that Sookie needs to wind up with Sam. I think Sam is good for her, and would make her happiest in the end. I do not at all like Jason, and I think he's a horrible character. I'm disappointed in Sookie for just forgiving him so easily after he slapped her after Gran's funeral. I know he's her brother, but he was let off the hook way too easily. I also think Bill is a horrible person (vampire?) because of how he played Sookie. Yes he says he eventually fell in love with her, but how can we know this to be the truth? We can't. Can we?

Finally, I am also into wrestling. Very much so. I started watching innnnnn 1992 or something I believe. I watched WCW until WWE Raw started, and have been hooked ever since. Let me talk a bit about my likes and dislikes with wrestling.


1) David Hart Smith- Hart Dynasty as a whole is awesome and I especially like him. He and Nattie have a fun rapore.

2) Evan Bourne- Funnily enough, when he was in Ring of Honor, I didn't really care for him. I thought that he was one of those flippy dippy wrestlers who do a lot of flips and that's it. But once he debuted on the WWE main roster on ECW I found myself liking him. He really is an exciting wrestler to watch and he's not just another flippy dippy wrestler. He has actual skills and when he gets to show them off he's great.

3) John Cena- Down since day one. Truly. He has a lot of detractors and I only have one friend who actually likes him, but I really do like the guy. Is he the best wrestler ever? No. But he entertains me. Plus I find him hot.

4) MVP- I've liked MVP since his feud with Kane. He had an inferno match with Kane and ever since I've liked him. It's really strange, as I can't pinpoint exactly why I started liking him. But I did. He's very underrated.

5) Randy Orton- I've went through stages where I don't like him. Particularly after news of him acting like a dick comes out. But I am a fan. There's no one better in the WWE in my opinion. He's great at everything he does, and he seems to have a true passion for the business.

6) Santino Marella- I've liked him since his debut. I mean who doesn't like Santino? He makes me laugh. He's not the best in the ring but he's not supposed to be. Grow a sense of humor and see him for what he is-comic relief.

7) Sheamus- Another I've liked since his debut. There's something about him that just makes me like him. He has a unique look, he's good in the ring, and he delivers good promos. What's not to like? Another I think is hot as well.

8) Ted DiBiase Jr.- I didn't totally like him when he debuted, but I thought he was hot. After a while I realized he's good in the ring as well. He's ok at promos. To this day his movie The Marine 2 is my favorite WWE movie released thus far. Not counting See No Evil, a couple Rock movies, and Stone Cold's movies since I haven't seen them.

9) Jillian- Freaking LOVE Jillian. I really do. Singing gimmick and all. She doesn't get enough cred as she should. Give her the divas title and let her have a long reign!

10) Maryse- Not the best wrestler ever, but she's a better heel than someone like say Alicia who thinks looking bitchy= being a heel. So much more to it than that. Maryse is great.

11) Melina- One fierce bitch. Best wrestler women wise in WWE I think. She's fantastic and I love the hell out of her.

12) Tyson Kidd- I like him. He's awesome. Not as much as Harry but whatever.

13) Natalya- Just awesome. Enough said. Go her!

14) Wade Barrett-I started out not liking him but he grew on me. My dream match is him vs Sheamus.

15) Justin Gabriel-Dude's hot.

16) Heath Slater-He's so fluffy!...That's just a shout out to a friend to hopefully make her laugh.

17) Zack Ryder- Woo woo woo!


1) Mark Henry- See Kofi.

2) The Miz- Seriously I used to like him. Right up until he became Bryan Danielson's mentor on NXT. Call me petty for it, but anytime he downs Bryan he just makes me hate him even more. Fuck off douchebag.

3) Triple H- Game needs to be over. Go away now. You're stale.

4) Yoshi Tatsu- Go away. Bye bye. Although I can't help but laugh when I see him, due to Ayako Hamada outing him as a huge pervert.

5) Eve- She's not good. She's just not good. And she's (at the time of this typing) the divas champion? Dear God.

6) Kelly- She flips a lot. Big woo.

7) Bellas- They're men in drag I'm convinced. Plus they aren't good.

8) The remaining 4 members of Nexus: David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield, Darren Young.-They're boring as hell.

9) R Truth-He bores me and makes me hate the phrase 'what's up'.

10) Uso's- At first I was excited to see them on the main roster, but then I realized they suck and blow at the same time.

Anyone else on the Raw Roster that I haven't mentioned I'm currently meh about. Meaning I don't love them or hate them, so to me they're not worth mentioning.

1) Chris Masters- I have always been a fan of Chris Masters, ever since his debut. I find him hot, ok? And even though I got his shoot interview and he came off as a total meat head, I simply can't dislike the guy. He's gotten better in the ring after spending some time on the indies, and I really think he's an entertaining character.

2) Cody Rhodes- I went through stages with him. When he first debuted I marked out since I'd heard great things about him from OVW. Then after the initial 2-3 weeks of marking wore off I grew bored. Once he turned heel and teamed with Ted DiBiase Jr. I felt like it breathed new life into him and now he's firmly on my like list.

3) CM Punk- Seriously if I think Randy Orton is the best in the WWE, Punk is second best. Just wish he wasn't saddled with Serena, Luke Gallows, and Darren Young. Bring in Joey Matthews already! Oh and shave him!

4) Drew McIntyre- Anyone who comes in and immediately starts beating the shit out of R-Truth is great in my book!

5) Edge- I used to hate Edge. Truly. Up until he came back from injury I did. But he's a breath of fresh air and he's truly awesome.

6) Jack Swagger- I like him. I find him hot, sometimes, and his lisp doesn't bother me. He's great in the ring and his recent match on SmackDown vs John Morrison was amazing. Let him be champ for a while.

7) Beth Phoenix- Beth Phoenix is great. She was getting stale on Raw, but she's really been rejuvenated on SmackDown.

8) Joey Mercury- I looooove this guy! He's so great and down to earth.


1) Matt Hardy- Not feeling him anymore. He needs to go away. And not just to TNA. I mean like out of my sight forever. Go work the indies.

2) Rey Mysterio- He does the same shit feud after feud after feud. Boring. Plus he plays politics yet tries to come off like a good guy. Fuck that. Don't hold people down asshole.

3) Undertaker- Re-ti-re. Seriously if he retired, we'd get an extra 20 minutes on SmackDown that wouldn't have to be used for his entrances and matches.

4) Tiffany- Horse face. She's pretty good in the ring though I guess. Better than Maria ever was. Which is a plus.

5) Kane-Champ? Really? Fuck off.

Like I said about Raw, anyone listed isn't on my radar enough for me to like or dislike them.


1) Alex Riley-My friend calls him Mini Miz but I like him.

2) Michael McGillicutty-He's so awesome it's not even funny.

3) Kaval-He's the greatest and I love he and LayCool together.

Everyone else. Short and simple.


1) AJ Styles- He's awesome. Best guy in TNA now. I do like the Ric Flair rip off gimmick, too. It's entertaining. AJ can make just about anything work.

2) Alex Shelley- As a whole, I like him. Just not in TNA. They make he and Sabin way too whiney. When they work other places they're awesome.

3) Chris Sabin- Don't like as much as Alex, but he's still awesome. His match with Samoa Joe was the reason I started liking Joe a bit to begin with.

4) Desmond Wolfe- I never liked him in Ring of Honor. I really didn't. But after he got to TNA something happened and I think he's amazing.

5) Eric Young- So underrated it's crazy.

6) Kurt Angle- He's always been awesome. I've not always liked him but no one can deny his talent.

7) Rob Terry- I find him hot in a way.

8) Brutus Magnus- Hot, good in the ring, awesome promos.

9) Angelina Love- She's awesome. Heel, face. Doesn't matter. She's just all around great.

10) Daffney- Who doesn't love that crazy bitch!?

11) Tara- She's good when she's not whining.

12) Velvet Sky- I love the hell out of her. She's not a good wrestler but damn she rocks my socks.

1) Abyss- Yawn.

2) Amazing Red- Overrated.

3) Jeff Hardy- He's a major screw up that shouldn't be given a shot like he is. He doesn't deserve it.

4) Generation Me- Overrated. Boring.

5) Orlando Jordan- Pointless.

6) Rob Van Dam- Ugh, just horrible. He can't wrestle for shit, nor give promos, nor is he at all entertaining.

7) Shannon Moore- Yawn.

8) Outsiders/The Band- Whatever you want to call them. What's the point? Go away old geezers. No one cares.

9) Mr. Anderson-Fuck off douchebag.

Ring of Honor:

1) Austin Aries- I've liked this man for YEARS. He's just awesome. So very good. I can't say enough about him.

2) Chris Hero- I used to haaaaaate him. Seriously. Up until about 6 months ago I did. But a friend got me into him. He's really great.

3) Christopher Daniels- TNA's loss. It truly is. Daniels is amazing and can only help Honor.

4) Claudio Castagnoli- See Chris Hero.

5) Colt Cabana- Who doesn't like Cabana? He's great. All around entertaining as hell.

6) Davey Richards- The best in ROH right now. Maybe even all of wrestling.

7) Eddie Edwards- I didn't like him at first. But he's amazing. Anyone who can break an elbow, wrap it up, and compete in a ladder match is ace in my book.

8) Erick Stevens- He's really great. His feud with Roderick Strong proved that.

9) Joey Ryan- Who wants a mustache ride!? Joey Ryan is fucking awesome!

10) Roderick Strong- If Davey is the best in ROH, Roddy's second best.

Anyone I haven't named.


1) Allison Danger- Danger! I love her paired with Daniels. But on her own Danger is just fucking amazing.

2) Ayako Hamada- She's amazing.

3) Cheerleader Melissa- TNA was fucking stupid for letting this woman go, and how they treated her as a whole.

4) Daizee Haze- Dynamite comes in small packages. Smoke it to the dome. Tick, tick, boom! I love this woman!

5) Jessie McKay- I've only seen a limited amount of things of her but she's really good. Plus she's frickin' cute!

6) Kellie Skater- After getting her chest turned into hamburger by Mercedes Martinez Kellie has my damn respect!

7) Leva Bates- I like her for some reason.

8) LuFisto- I fucking love this woman. Seriously. She's just so damn good.

9) MsChif- She's the best. She really is. This woman is just so much fun to watch.

10) Portia Perez- Awe.some. As a heel anyway. She's so much fun to watch. She's so entertaining. I love the hell out of her.

No one really. I like pretty much everyone in Shimmer. Anyone not on my like list just means I don't care for them enough to put them there.

Wrestlers not in any big fed that I need to make a separate list for:

1) Scott Lost- He's awesome. So very much awesome. I love watching him.

2) Candice LeRae- Holy crow she's great. Really she is.

3) Christina Von Eerie- Not even seen her wrestle and I like her. She's unique and fun.

4) Jimmy Jacobs- Huss! Huss! Huss! Huss! Huss!

5) Johnny Gargano- I'm blaming my friend on this one! Damn you!

6) Kyle O'Reilly- He's so damn good. So damn very good.

So I don't even know if anyone reads this. But I have a favor to ask. I want to write a Glee fic at some point. And I will. But see, I've only seen a limited amount of it, and I only know so much about it and the characters. So I need someone to fill me in. I need to know anything I'd need for the idea I have. In fact if there was someone out there willing to co-write with me, I'd love that. I have two ideas I want to get around to so...

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