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Author has written 9 stories for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy I-VI, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hey there, everyone! This is a joint account between KitaraStrife and vIoLeT bUtTeRfLy 90 of this very site!! Kit talking here. :) While our icon and Vi's portion below tell we RP Tidus and Zidane as well as Jecht and Kuja, we also RP /A LOT/ of other pairings--canon and crack, het and yaoi--as I'm sure you've probably picked up by some of the stuff she's posted. By the way, most of our stuff is NOT going to be appropriate for kiddies under 17. Just warning ya. And whatever parents happen to be looking over the shoulders of their kids like the over-protectors that they are. :) (Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I'll be the same way when/if I have kids myself.) There's really nothing too special about me to say here, so I'll let you get back to your lives. :) See ya 'round!

Update as of 9/23/15

As of today, if anybody has any requests for the following couples listed, please go to my profile and PM me directly and I'll try my best to write one ASAP. We haven't talked in months and I doubt she even looks at this account. So yes, this account is not dead(yet). If you have any questions or requests, hit me up.

-vIoLeT bUtTeRfLy 90

If you want us to write a oneshot of any of the couples below, feel free to send us a message and we'll see about getting one in ASAP! Don't ask for a couple NOT on the list!

List of Couples in our RPs


Garland x Warrior of Light
Firion x Bartz
Cloud x Squall
Cid x Vincent
Sephiroth x Zack
Angeal x GenesisAs
Tseng x Rufus
Reno x Yazoo
Weiss x Nero
Rod x Ravyn (aka a Turk and Riku Replica)
Seifer x Zell
Laguna x Kiros
Tidus x Zidane
Jecht x Kuja
Riku x Sora
AkuRoku (also RokuAku)
Vanitas x Ventus
Dante x Nero
Shino x Sai
Mello x Matt
L x Light (aka LKira)


Cecil x Rosa
Edge x Rydia
Kain x Aerith
Kadaj x Xion
Lazard Deusericus x Shalua Rui
Reeve x Yuffie
Loz x Quistis
Buddy x Rikku
Gippal x Yuna
Baralai x Paine
Pence x Olette
Hayner x Kairi
Marluxia x Namine
Watts x Rinoa
Irvine x Selphie
Rude x Tifa
Itachi x Anko



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