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Author has written 11 stories for Naruto, Code Geass, Misc. Comics, Anime X-overs, Lupin III, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Bleach, Gurren Lagann, Death Note, Fate/stay night, and Persona Series.

Name-Not telling

Age-Old enough to know I should not tell you.

Sex-Love it and a male

Hobbies- Reading Naruto, Evangelion, Code Geass, Fate/Stay night, and FMA fan fiction. Also love playing video games and watching movies.


Fate:Zero Sense TVTropes Page!:

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Stitches (By Farmer Kyle) Cover Art:

Partnership Fics:

From Across the Throne of Heroes (The Samurai): Me, Farmer Kyle, and Corvus no Genmu-

Heaven of Sinners: Me and RealmOfEmptiness-

Virtues Of Hoenheim: Me and Baron Von Nobody-

Akatsuki Rising: Me and Oni Shin-

Favorite Bands/Artists:

U2-Bono and the Edge are the SHIT!

Linkin Park-Always try something new and are never boring.

Eminem-His recent album and more serious work are very good.

Sublime- R.I.P Bradley and Loie Dog. Your music will always remain awesome and give people respect for ska.

Nirvana- MY GOD THEY WERE AWESOME!!! I will never get tired of their work, even if they will never make any more.

Van Halen- May they rock on forever.

Beastie Boys- Their beats are hard in their songs.

Coldplay- Mylo Xyloto is the SHIT!!!

Muse- One must truly understand what is going on in the world to understand the political undertone.

The Seatbelts- Cowboy Bebop. Nuff said.

95 Percent of teens would have a breakdown if The Jonas Brothers were standing on the edge of a tower ready to jump, copy and paste if your a part of the 5 who would bring a lawn chair and popcorn!!

Favorite Naruto Pairing:

Naruto/Hinata- Come on people they were meant for each other.

Naruto/Harem- Hey, people can dream can't they?

Favorite Bleach Pairings:

Ichigo/Orihime- Kind of like the Naruto/Hinata of Bleach.

Ichigo/Rukia- I do not know why I like it, I just do.

Favorite Code Geass Pairings:

Lelouch/Shirley- True love that ended tragically.

Lelouch/Kallen- This one just seems to click just as much as the one above.

Favorite Evangelion Pairings:

Shinji/Rei- They are a cute looking couple and besides, she only has 1% of his mother in her so it is NOT incest technically.

Shinji/Asuka (Rebuild)- A lot less of a bitch to Shinji and has a lot more redeeming qualities than the original.

Shinji/Harem- Kid deserves one for the crap his pops put him through.

Favorite Fate/Stay Night Pairings:

Shirou/Sakura- If you go through the Heaven's Feel route, you will understand why I love this pairing.

Shirou/Saber- A man who dreams of being a hero and the girl version of King Arthur is a match made in heaven.


Shirou/Every Girl- THE HAREM MUST BE FED!!!

Most Hated Characters:

Sakura Haruno- A bitch, nuff said.

Kakashi Hatake- An hypocritical asshole who plays favorites.

Sasuke Uchiha- Too power hungry and full of himself for my tastes.

Kiba Inuzuka- A very arrogant douche.

Gendo Ikari- The literal representation of ALL asshole fathers in reality and fandom.

SEELE- In order to achieve their messed-up version of immortality, they decided to kill the rest of humanity.

Charles Zi Britannia- Second only to Gendo on the asshole father scale. And a social Darwanist to boot.

Suzaku Kururugi- Guy is seriously retarded in thinking that becoming the Knight of One would solve all his people's problems.

Light Yagami- A psycho serial killer who, by gaining power by pure chance, thought himself as great as God.

Luna- Ruin is the salvation of both man and machine you BITCH!!!


Vicious- You killed Spike.

Favorite Quotes:

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?!"- Team Dai-Gurren (Gurren Lagann)

"If you have forgotten death, then why have you also forgotten what it means to be alive?"- Casshern (Casshern Sins)

"Whatever happens, happens."- Spike (Cowboy Bebop)

"If you, or anyone, forgets the face of death. I will return."- Casshern (Casshern Sins)

"I'm Batman"- Batman

"Get busy living or get busy dying."- Red (The Shawshank Redemption)

"Bang."- Spike (Cowboy Bebop)

"No one can escape time. It delivers us all to the same end. You can't plug up your ears and cover your eyes."- Pharos (Persona 3)

"You need to wake up and face reality!"- Yu (Persona 4)

"But above all else... I'll never forgive you... for MAKING MY DAUGHTER CRY!!!"- Asura (Asura's Wrath)

Ruin is the salvation of man and machine. Copy and paste this on your profile if you love Casshern Sins!

See you around Space Cowboy. Copy and paste this on your profile if you love Cowboy Bebop!

To all "Hinata Cheats On Naruto Fic Writers." FUCK YOU!!!! In no way will Hinata cheat on Naruto, especially with Kiba of all people. She is too much in love with Naruto to do something like that. Copy and paste to profile if you agree.

If you believe that Naruto and Hinata are meant to be together and think that it will happen, copy and paste in your profile

If you hate NejiHina, or KibaHina, or any other coupling with Hinata that doesn't involve Naruto, then copy & paste this into your profile

If you think Masashi Kishimoto is ruining Naruto and agree, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. The Fifth Rider of Armageddon, Hiroshima Namikaze, Zaara the black, desuta, Reikson, D-reaper X-20, blackstardragon624, chinoodin, The Silver Blossom, RasenganFin, Raidentensho, Knives91, Kingkakashi, DarkSamuraiX1999, THE HEE-HO KING, Wirespeed91, Naruto 21, GraityTheWizard, GuyverZero, durwin, Hakkyou no Yami, VFSNAKE, Stormrunner56, Haru Kitsune, DragonMaster4381,Kauzi, The Infamous Man

Fullbring: Noun. A Manga/Anime series that continues despite the logical closure point and only continues due to the creators wishing to milk it's fan-base for all it's worth. If you agree this is where Naruto, as a series, is heading copy and paste on your profile then add your name to the list: Highvalour, The Infamous Man

Favorite types of Naruto:

Dark Naruto- A hyperactive blond after years of abuse is not very real.

Evil Naruto- Hey, if I was Naruto I would want to fuck Konoha up after what it did.

Godlike Naruto- It is just awsome how he shuts everyone up with his skills.

Challanges (If interested in any, PM me so I can enjoy them):

Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine/Batman TAS crossover: When Bruce foiled a robbery in the Gotham City Museum, he met the dangerous yet beautiful lady thief known as Fujiko Mine. This chance meeting sets off a series of events that will delve Batman and all the members of the Bat family into a disturbing conspiracy, an unorthodox thief, and other rogues dragged into a twisted story. Will the Batman be able to capture Lupin the Third? Will Jim Gordon be able to work with the agents from Interpol, Zenigata and Oscar? And just who is Fujiko Mine?

Fate Zero/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Crossover: Kishibe Rohan is a mangaka who's starting to really consider giving second thought as to where he goes to get inspiration. He had come to Fuyuki City to be inspired for the setting of his next great manga, and perhaps even find some interesting frames for characters. Unfortunately, his luck also followed him. Soon, Rohan was forced to become involved in a series of murders, and then in a flash of light a clingy fox girl proclaimed him to be her 'Master' in a 'Holy Grail War'. When did cliche magical battle royals become part of reality? Why can't Kishibe Rohan simply work on his manga in peace!?!

Fate:Stay Night/Persona 3 Crossover: Minato did not expect much when he arrived to Fuyuki City. Just another year of going through motions in a school filled with people he would not really care for. But when he arrived at midnight, things seemed to change. Instead of seeing people, he saw crosses. He met a boy covered in tattoos, asking for him to sign a contract and take responsibility for his actions. He somehow summoned a fox-girl after being attacked by a Blue Lancer, and was somehow dragged into a war between magicians. Oh yeah, and to top it all off he can now summon something called a Persona. So much for a regular, boring year...

So yeah, the only rules are that Minato goes to Fuyuki City instead of Tatsumi Port and summons the playable Caster from Fate/Extra. Also, Angra Mainyu is actually a God rather than just some poor schmuck slapped with the name, thus resulting in the different Dark Hour. Social Links and etc. are fair game.

Fate/Zero Challenge: A simple change of plans causes ramifications that forever alter the future. The Einzberns were unable to find Avalon in time for the Fourth Holy Grail War, leading to them giving Kiritsugu the Catalyst for the legendary Hound of Ulster. Rather than use the King of Conquerors or the Love Spot, Kayneth decided to use the battlefield's location to his advantage and summoned a facet of the sun goddess Amaterasu. Instead of stealing his teacher's relic, Waver trusted the Grail to summon a Servant best suited for him... and got an arrogant blonde girl dressed in red who fancies herself as an artist and royalty. These three changes will completely alter the course of the Fourth Holy Grail War, for better or for worse...

Yes, this is a challenge to completely change up the Servants AND the classes the Masters originally summoned them in! Kiritsugu gets Lancer/Cu Chulainn, Kayneth gets Caster/Tamamo-No-Mae, and Waver gets Saber/Nero. Those are the only three 'recquired' summon order/Servants. THe others, go nuts! Pair Rider/Iskander with Tokiomi! Assassin/Jack the Ripper with Ryuunosuke! The sky's the limit here! (And yes, before you ask this was partially inspired by Kiiam's Want and Need, credit goes to him.)

Fate/Stay night Challenge: What if the Saber Shirou summoned on the first day was not Arturia Pendragon. What if, instead of the King of Knights, he summoned the Fifth Roman Emperor: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus? Can Shiro learn to live with the haughty, arrogant, and beautiful (And very female) Emperor? How will her inclusion change the Fifth Holy Grail War?

The rules are that Saber is the playable one from Fate/Extra, and she has very expensive tastes which cause problems for Shirou. She is also bisexual (Since she did marry Octavia despite her being a girl) so her hitting on Sakura, Taiga, or Rin would not be out of the question. However Saber MUST be paired with Shirou. How she interacts with the characters and Shirou himself is up to the author.


Agitated Animator:

Superior Spider-Man/Fate:Stay Night Crossover: The opportunity was possible. It was so close, the chance to utterly defeat his enemy so brutally and poetically while giving himself a second chance at life at the same time. But Otto Octavius was no fool. He knew he could not keep the charade for long, and he would be right back where he started. So he devised another plan. He would take over the body of someone else. Somewhere so far away from the Avengers and Spider-Man's prying eyes, that they would never notice him rising from the ashes in a new body. Through a set of circumstances, he took the body of a boy within the Japanese town of Fuyuki City, of one Emiya Shirou. Now reborn in a new, fit, body, Otto Octavius will buy his time and even perform his life better than Emiya Shirou ever could. But meanwhile the Fifth Holy Grail War begins, and Emiya Shirou is not willing to die quietly as the villain steals his life...

Evangelion/Fate:Stay Night Crossover: On the year 1999, a dying Kotomine Kirei made a wish upon the corrupted Holy Grail: complete and utter human suffering. As soon as that wish was made, the Katsuragi expedition accidentally awoken the slumbering 'Adam', and caused the horrific tragedy known as Second Impact. The world changed after that day. Beings known as 'Angels' are coming from the heavens to besiege the city fortress 'Tokyo-3'. And during all of this chaos, the Holy Grail War begins anew. And Shinji will learn that some people are willing to do anything for a wish...

The Servants are not specifically from Fate:Stay Night, but are Servants actually made by Type:Moon and can be found on their wiki. While you are free to choose the Servants, below are my suggestions. Everything else is fair game.

Shinji Ikari- Saber (Red Saber/Nero)

Hikari Horaki- Lancer (Diarmuid of the Lovespot)

Maiya Ibuki- Archer (Robin Hood)

Kensuke Aida- Caster (Shakespeare)

Toji Suzahara- Berserker (Lancelot)

Rei Ayanami- Assassin (Jack the Ripper)

Kaworu Nagisa- Rider (Medusa the Gorgon)

Bleach/Persona 3 Crossover: Ichigo thought changing schools would make him forget. About Shinnigami, Hollows, Pluses, Soul Society, and the friends he was slowly drifting away from. It was only supposed to be a one-year thing. But what the Hell is up with this town? Why are people turning into coffins? And what's this about a contract?

So yeah, Ichigo will replace Minato, and some events would change in order to fit in the Bleach Verse. Like Pharos fighting both Aigis and Isshin and thus the only way of stopping him from destroying both the human world and Soul Society was by sealing him in Ichigo, which Isshin kept a secret. Pharos is also the reason why Ichigo has such a powerful hollow side, and is mirrored by Thanathos and Orpheus' appearances changing. Orpheus gains Ichigo's hair but has a paler shade, plus wears the top part of Ichigo's Shinnigami robes. Meanwhile, Thanathos gains Ichigo's Final Hollow Form's horns, mask lines, and torn up version of Ichigo's Bankai pants. Everything else is fair game, including pairings.

Bleach/Fate:Stay Night Crossover: A year after loosing his Shinnigami Powers, Ichigo takes a trip to Fuyuki City for a research project in his Sociology class. He never expected to be dragged into a war between Harry Potter wannabees and the Legendary Spirits they brought back to the land of the living. Nor did he expect to summon a little girl named 'Assassin' who constantly keeps crawling into his bed half naked. So much for living the life of a regular human...

Rules are that Ichigo is powerless and summons 'Jack The Ripper' as the Servant Assassin due to their shared sense of trying to find where they truly belong. Assassin's wish should be changed to getting a family, thus she sees Ichigo as 'hers' and wants to be with him forever when he tries to defend her. Anything else is fair game.


Farmer Kyle:

Casshern Sins/Marvel Zombies Crossover: It began with a flash in the sky and a ripple through the clouds. A being fell from another world, and began the plague that would completely destroy the Marvel Universe. Hero after hero would fall to the Hunger and loose whatever conscious that once driven them. However, the carrier of the Hunger was not the only being that fell from the sky that day. Casshern is brought to this dying world after his final confrontation with Luna, and makes it his mission to protect the living while combating the dead. Can he protect the remnants of the human race with his new allies? Or will they all fall too? This is no world of heroes or robots. This is a world of Marvel Zombies!

Casshern Sins/Sekirei Crossover: Years after the end of Casshern Sins, Humanity had found a way to halt and reverse the Ruin. Sealing Luna so that an event like it could never be possible again. Humanity then set out to destroy every robot on the earth and begin anew. Covering up hundreds of years of death. A thousand years later, humanity has rebuilt, and Casshern still walks the Earth drifting from town to town under the false name Akoz. Haunted by the 'ghost' of his long-dead lover Lyuz. He drifts into the town of Shinto Teito and unintentionally becomes the Ashikabi of the Sekireis Kuno and Akitsu. Can Casshern learn to love once again, even if all it does is bring him pain? Or will MBI and Minato learn the horror of the man simply known as... Casshern.

Casshern Sins/Teen Titans Crossover: During a fight with Control Freak, the Teen Titans accidentally make him press the wrong button on his remote. Bringing a fictional character into their world. And they brought over the deadliest character in anime history: Casshern. Now in a world of heroes and villains, and one where he is a fictional character, Casshern attempts to find his place in it while avoiding the Teen Titans. Meanwhile Slade becomes intrigued by the deadly robotic assassin...

Casshern Sins/Marvel Crossover: Deviates the plot after episode eight, however the first chapter should follow closely to episode nine. After falling with Bolton into the graveyard of robots, Casshern meets a community of robots who look almost as new as him. He meets Nico, a robot girl and her 'father', Tony Stark who constantly makes new parts for the small community. After defending the small community from bandits, Tony gives Casshern the clue that he might not have been the cause of the Ruin. But a man simply known as 'Doom'. Now Casshern desperately searches for the man called 'Doom' and the supposedly still alive Luna. Along the way encountering many former 'heroes' and 'villains' of the world before the Ruin. A man that wears a spider on his chest, constantly clinging to the memory of his dead love. A sad, lonely man who walks the Earth eternally with claws coming out of his hands. A former killer with a mouth who constantly tries to bring humor to a bleak community. And a crime lord who has an entire town of both robots and humans under his thumb. Can Casshern truly discover the true sequence of the past with his fellow travelers? Or will the past finally bring Ruin to him?

Casshern Sins/Terminator Crossover: Casshern was the first synthetic humanoid, the first Terminator. Perfect in every way. When he was first activated by Skynet, he slaughtered the remaining armies of Earth without remorse. Killing soldiers, men, women, and children without feeling any sorrow. However his A.I was also perfect, and he began to question Skynet as to why he must kill the humans. In response, Skynet wipes his memory and locks him away, keeping the still loyal Dio and making 'dumbed down' versions of Casshern which are the Terminators we know now. Years pass, and eventually Casshern is discovered and awakened by one John Conner. How will Casshern's reawakening change the course of the war? Will robots or humans win? Or will Casshern simply bring death to both sides?

Bleach Challenge: What if Ichigo discovered Fullbring before he met Rukia? How will being a Fullbringer, instead of being a Substitute Shinnigami, change events? The rules are that Ichigo has only the first stage of his Fullbring until he meets Rukia who gives him her Reitsu. Whether he jumps to either second or final stage after that is up to the author. Ichigo must NOT know about X-cution and is not a part of them. Who he is paired with is up to you just no Yaoi.



Evangelion/Clerks Crossover: Shinji was raised by a distant cousin when he was abandoned by Gendo. Unfortunately, that cousin happened to be Jay. How will events change when Unit One is piloted by a drug-dealing, cursing, and pot-smoking Shinji with his right hand woman, Silent Rei? Basically, Shinji acts a LOT like Jay, and Rei is taken under his wing immediately after he meets her. This is supposed to be a comedy and Shinji must be paired with Rei. Anything else is fair game.

Fate:Zero/Clerks Crossover: Jay and Silent Bob went to Fuyuki City all thanks to a lucky lottery ticket. They were not expecting much. Just to smoke some blunts, expand their 'buisness' a bit, and pick up some Japanese 'bitches'. What they got themselves into, however, was totally unexpected. First a weird-ass circle flashes in front of them, with Silent Bob getting funky tattoos on his right hand all of a sudden, and a hot fox chick keeps following them around calling Silent Bob 'Master'. Can these two idiots survive the Fourth Holy Grail War? Will Silent Bob finally find his soul mate through the Servant 'Caster'? Or will they just bring the whole war to a new level of idiocy and chaos? SNOOCH TO THE MOTHER FUCKING NOOCH!!

The rules are simple, Silent Bob becomes the Master of Caster rather than Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Caster is Tamamo-no-Mae from Fate/Extra. Whether Jay, Silent Bob, and Caster work alone or ally with another Master like Waver Velvet is totally up to you. Pairings are also up to you but Silent Bob must be attracted to Caster (For comedy reasons). Other than that, go nuts.

Gurren Lagann/Green Lantern Crossover: Instead of Simon finding Lagann that fateful day inside of his village, he finds seven rings. Each the very last of their former corps. Five leave Simon, but the green ring of will latches onto Simon himself while the blue ring of hope makes Kamina it's bearer. Now, as the final members of the green and blue lantern corps Simon and Kamina must fight the Spiral King and Beastmen empire with their power. However, they will soon find they are not the only lanterns on this world. Only rule is that Simon must be paired with Nia and Kamina (Should he still live) with Yoko. Everything else is fair game.

Teen Titans/ Various X-overs Crossover: After their battle against the Brotherhood of Evil, the Titans are invited by Superman to join the Justice League. Overjoyed, Cyborg and most of the Titans jump at the chance to join the big leagues and accept. However, Robin and Raven refuse and kick out their teammates. In need of bringing in members that they can actually trust, they turn to Batman who presents them with various unknown but powerful heroes. Now, forming the newly named 'Titans', Robin, Raven, and their new teammates will take the DC world by storm. Rules are this takes place in the DC animated universe, Also, the new members of the Titans must be from various comic and game sources including but not limited to Wildstorm, Marvel, inFAMOUS, and Prototype. Pairing must be Robin/Raven but the others are up to you just no yaoi.



Code Geass/Marvel Crossover: At the end of Zero Requiem, Lelouch Vi Britannia died to create the perfect world. However, the gods had other plans for him. Thrust into the Marvel Universe at the beginning of Civil War, Lelouch takes up the mantle of Zero once again to aid Captain America's resistance against Iron Man's Registration forces. Can Lelouch's involvement turn the tables for the fighting heroes? Or will it only bring the war to a whole new level of brutality? Rules are Lelouch must be on the anti-registration side of the Civil War under the guise of Zero. Whether or not he gets powers is up to you. Pairings are up to you just no yaoi.

Code Geass Challenge: In the year 2009, after years of being under siege by Britannia, Spain decides to launch a destructive counter-strike with their secret weapons code-named 'Reconquista' (re-conquer in spanish) Which is several nuclear warhead missiles. After the launching of ten in several strategic locations and their horrible affects, Charles has no choice but to have Britannia surrender to the Spanish crown. Hungry for even more power after beating their 'unbeatable' foe, Spain begins to use the Knightmares recovered from it's new territory formerly known as Britannia in order to form the new Spanish Empire. Eventually, Spain's invasion leads to Japan, where it is able to easily absorb into the empire. Lelouch Vi Britannia, hiding in Japan there with his sister after Spain's public execution of the Royal Family, sees Spain becoming no different than Britannia was and vows to destroy the empire. Only rule is that Lelouch must be paired with either Shirley or Kallen. Everything else considering this huge shift in CG history is up to the author and thus fair game.

Code Geass/inFAMOUS Crossover: A month before the Shinjuku incident, Lelouch is tasked by Ruben Ashford to deliver a package to an old friend. On his way to the intended destination, in the middle of the Tokyo Settlement, Lelouch receives a call to open the package. No sooner after opening the package, it explodes. Destroying seven blocks all around and causing massive amounts of death and destruction. In the center of the blast is Lelouch, now gifted with the power over electricity. However, because of the blast and plague, Area Eleven is now under quarantine by Emperor Charles himself. Effectively trapping his son Clovis and the Britanian forces with the now revitalized Japanese Liberation Front and the various terrorist groups. With his new powers and the support of his sister Nunnally and best friend Rivalz, can Lelouch bring order back onto the streets of Area Eleven from the chaos he unleashed? Or will he let his hatred blind him and destroy everything? The choice is yours. Rules are Lelouch has all of Cole's powers and the choice of him being a hero or a villain is up to you. Who Lelouch is paired with is up to you just no Yaoi. Also the choice of Lelouch still getting his Geass from C.C is up to you.

Soul Eater/Batman Crossover: What if Jason Todd was not the boy Batman chose to become the next Robin? At a young age, Medusa left Crona in Gotham City to collect his first human soul. Stumbling onto Jason Todd as he was attempting to steal the tires of the Batmobile Crona, with 'persuasion' from Ragnerok, is ready to kill Jason only for Batman to stop him. Ordering Jason away, Batman asks Crona a young child would want to kill. Crona, not knowing how to deal with questions, tells Batman his/her upbringing with Medusa. Horrified with what the young child had to go through, Batman decides to adopt Crona and trains him/her to become the next Robin! How is Crona supposed to deal with his/her new family and being a hero? Rules are Crona must be good even if a little unhinged because of his/her childhood. Whether Crona gets an attitude adjustment because of his/her training or stays cannon is up to you, but Ragnarok should remain like his cannon self. Paring and his/her true gender are up to you just no yaoi if he is a guy. Also it is your decision if this is in the DC animated universe a.k.a Justice League/Teen Titans or the comic universe.

Soul Eater/Teen Titans Crossover: What if the Teen Titans had gotten a sixth member on the day they formed? Crona is left in Jump City by Medusa who wishes to continue her research undisturbed for the time being. While walking through Jump City, not knowing how to deal with being alone in a strange city, the Gordanians invade the city searching for their former prisoner, Starfire. Not knowing how to deal with alien invasions, Crona decides to help battle against them and eventually meets up with the future Titans. Together, they are able to drive off the Gordanians and Robin offers him/her membership to their new team and even friendship. So happy with the fact he/she has people offering to be his/her friends, Crona tearfully accepts. Now, how will Crona deal with being a member of a superhero team, supervillains, pizza, and the eventual return of his/her 'mother'? Rules are Crona is a member of the Teen Titans. The Titans must also help him/her try not to kill their opponents but otherwise he/she and Ragnerok must stay like their cannon selves personality wise. Who he/she is paired with and his/her true gender is up to you but no yaoi if you make him/her a guy. Otherwise, go crazy. This takes place in the Teen Titans cartoon continuity.

inFAMOUS/Justice League Challenge: After activating the RFI, Cole died saving humanity from the plague and the Beast. His story should have ended there however, the universe had other plans. The energy threw Cole's weakened body into an alternate dimension where he recovered and learned all he could on the new world of both superheroes and supervillains. Setting up shop in New York City, Cole fights the scum of the underworld there, eventually grabbing Batman's attention. Batman, wishing to for a team not under the Justice League's control, offers Cole a deal. Now Cole forms the all new Outsiders to combat the evil in the world while at the same time giving Superman the middle finger in how they do things! Rules are that this takes place in the Justice League/Teen Titans cartoon continuity. Who Cole is paired with is up to you just no Yaoi. Other than that, go crazy.

inFAMOUS/RosarioVampire Crossover: The headmaster saves Cole from dying after activating the RFI, but the catch for Cole's second chance in life is that he must become a teacher for Yokai academy. And that is not the only trouble to Cole's new life, because the revival caused some unwanted vampiric powers to rise once more in him. So now, Cole must handle the craziness of the academy as the new Shop Class teacher while making sure Tsukune stays alive from the various monster threats. Rules are that Cole must be an ally to Tsukune and his 'harem'. Who he is paired with is up to you just no yaoi. Fic must begin in First Year.

Naruto/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Steel Ball Run Crossover: As a Genin, Naruto always wanted to prove himself to his teammates and the people of his village.He wanted, no needed, to become Hokage and earn recognition. When Naruto stumbles upon an add for a race across the country of 'America' with a hefty amount of money for a prize, Naruto decided to enter as well. With a stubborn mule as his 'horse', several other Shinobi from both within Konoha and out of it, and a good amount of luck, Naruto sets off to win the race that will earn him an unending amount of people recognizing his existence. But things get bizarre along the way as Naruto gets involved in a search for corpse parts...

So yeah, Naruto in his infinite amounts of pre-timeskip stupidity, enters himself into the Steel Ball Run race. How he gets the money is up to you, but he must ride a mule. (Due to him not realizing until he gets onto the starting line that he could have just trekked on foot like Sandman).

Lupin III/Naruto (With a hint of Hidan no Aria) Crossover: Uzumaki Kushina has met many men during her career as a Kunochi. She has also betrayed even more for the sake of missions. However, there was one man who held a small place in her heart before she married Minato. A man who went from the toughest customer of the underworld to the assistant of an unorthodox thief. She entrusted the care of Uzumaki Naruto to one Daisuke Jigen should anything happen to her. When she and Minato die, Jigen keeps his promise to another woman who betrayed him and whisks the child away to the lands across the ocean. Twelve years later, Uzumaki Naruto is now the most trusted assistant of Riko Mine Lupin IV, daughter of Lupin the Third and Fujiko Mine. Deciding that the Elemental Nations would provide her a new sense of entertainment, Riko drags Naruto and Goemon Ishikawa XIV into a gritty, groovy, and sexy adventure in the land of shinobi. However, there are many dangerous individuals in this new stage of the world. Not to mention that the new Lupin Gang must stay one step ahead of Koichi Zenigata, who will not let age stop him until every member of the Lupin family is behind bars!

As you can tell, Naruto is raised by Jigen. He should only be a skilled marksman, and NOTHING ELSE! No overpowering him, no instant understanding of Chakra. NOTHING. He should remain loyal to Riko, but other aspects of his personality should remain up to you, as should the gender of the new Goemon. Pairings are up to you, and NO BASHING. Other than that, go nuts.

Naruto/Higurashi Crossover: It was supposed to be a few peaceful days before he graduated and became a ninja. No worries except for being caught while pulling pranks. He was just supposed to train, see what his fellow classmates were doing, try to one-up Sasuke-teme, and attempt to woo Sakura-chan. However, something frightening is settling in on the once-peaceful village of Konoha. And now one Naruto Uzumaki must see if he can survive the coming madness that is consuming his once-peaceful peers...

So yeah, everybody but Naruto, including Hinata, goes bat-shit insane and begins killing one another. If you read Higurashi or seen the anime, you know what I'm talking about. The only rule is that Naruto still remains the relatively sane man. Otherwise, LET THE SLAUGHTER BEGIN!!!

Naruto/Samurai 7 Crossover: The Uchiha coup happened weeks before the date Sarutobi thought they would strike, and the Uchiha clan was successful in taking over Konoha. However, just like Itachi predicted, their actions caused the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Killing hundreds upon thousands and nearly wiping out Shinobi all together. Bandits now rule the land, answering only to the capital Amigakure. A village that is being sucked dry by the bandits decide to hire Shinobi in order to fight back against their oppressors. Little do they know that these seven Shinobi will completely change the world...

Rules are that there are seven, and only seven main Shinobi characters in this fic. Remember, Samurai 7 and the movie it was based on are centered around tragedy so don't be afraid to kill off characters in an epic and heroic fashion. My suggestion to the Shinobi used here would be...

1st Shinobi- Uzumaki Naruto

2nd Shinobi- Hozuki Suigetsu

3rd Shinobi- Subaku no Gaara

4th Shinobi- Chojuro

5th Shinobi- Juugo

6th Shinobi- Uchiha Sasuke

7th Shinobi- Deidara

Naruto Challange: What if on the day her mother died Hinata unlocked the bloodline of her ancestor, the Sage of Six Paths? Banished from her clan for not being a true Hyuuga, she meets Naruto and Tenten who inspire her with the dream of bringing peace to the Shinobi world? While performing a peacful protest against the violence of the Shinobi, Danzo who feels threatened captures the three and holds Naruto hostage and offers to release him if Hinata kills Tenten. Tenten sacrifices herself when Hinata refuses to perform the task. Enraged by her friend's death, Hinata becomes...Pein. Rules of the challange are a dark and/or evil Hinata who becomes Pein and has all of the Rinnigan's abilities. Naruto must support her every decision like Konan did for Pein. Tenten must be Hinata's Deva Path, other paths are up to you. Pairing must be Naruto/Hinata but other pairings are up to you just no Yaoi. Timeline must take place before graduation.

Naruto/Death Note Crossover: We have seen them a million times already. Main character gets Ryuuk's Death Note instead of Light and fucks shit up. Well, what if someone unexpected got the Death Note? Someone like one Hyuuga Hinata? With the power of the Shinnigami behind her, Hinata aims to create a perfect world for the object of her affections. That is if said object does not stop her first. Will Hinata succeed in creating a perfect world for her Naruto-kun? Or will she be thrown into prison like a criminal by Naruto himself? Rules are that Hinata becomes slowly corrupted by the Death Note, perhaps to a greater degree than Light. It must be NarutoXHinata, but with a demented twist and should the author chose it ends a bit tragically.

Naruto/Gurren Lagann Crossover: Naruto, alone and unwanted by many, hides his pain through a mask much different than the one in cannon. Instead of being a cheerful loudmouth, his mask becomes one similar to the Mighty Kamina! Will Konoha survive this Naruto? Will his enemies tremble at his might? Just who the hell do you think he is!?! Story should be relatively close to cannon, but Naruto's personality must match Kamina's. Pairing is up to you but preferably I would like it to be with Hinata.

Naruto/Future Diary Crossover: What if Deux Ex Machina decided to use the Naruto world as the stage of the survival game for the throne of God? Total and unrivaled carnage would be the result! Rules are that several different Naruto characters are the diary holders and all of them but Naruto are secretly psychos (Except for the actual psychos). The diary holders are up to the author but the first and second must be Naruto and Hinata who must be paired together. However, here are the ones I am thinking...

1st holder: Naruto Uzumaki

2nd holder: Hinata Hyuuga

3rd holder: Mizuki

4th holder: Kakashi Hatake

5th holder: Konohamaru Sarutobi

6th holder: Zabuza Momochi

7th holder: Shikamaru Nara

8th holder: Sabaku no Garra

9th holder: Deidara

10th holder: Kiba Inuzuka

11th holder: Sasuke Uchiha

12th holder: Tobi



Naruto/Batman Crossover: Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchurriki of the Kyuubi was beaten by Uchiha Sasuke at the Valley of the End. But, Sasuke did not simply leave Naruto there and went to Orochimaru. No, Uchiha Sasuke dragged Naruto's beaten body to an abandoned warehouse and beat him with a crowbar. When Kakashi finds him and Sasuke, he is too late to save Naruto from death. Sasuke is sentenced to prison for his horrible crime and Naruto is buried. However, a Lazarus Pit is underneath the grave and the fumes eventually bring Naruto back to life. Naruto stays undercover after digging out of his grave and hears all those that he thought were his precious people berate him. Fueled with anger, Naruto runs until he falls into a cave filled with the weapons and costume of the former Red Hood, Jason Todd. Donning the mask, Naruto returns after three years to exact his revenge on Konoha and Sasuke. Rules are that Naruto is the new Red Hood and wields all his weapons including guns, gadgets, and the knife. Pairing must be Naruto/Hinata but it can be a harem if you want just no other girls from Konoha. There must be mass Konoha bashing but other bashing is up to you.

Naruto/Batman Crossover: After years of protecting Gotham City, Damian Wayne finally died but not before transferring his mind into the Batcave's computer. Time moved on, Gotham City fell before being eventually replaced by Konoha and the legend of Batman and Robin was forgotten. Years later, after the failed Sasuke Retrieval mission Naruto and one of his younger friends (One of the Konohamaru Corps or Hannabi) accidentally stumble upon the Batcave and re-activate the computer, reawakening Damian. He then offers to train the two to which they accept. After three years Naruto and his partner explode back into the world, ready to face Akatsuki and the new Doctor Hurt and his Club of Villains which has the new Joker in its ranks! They will show that, even if the world has forgotten about them, BATMAN AND ROBIN WILL NEVER DIE!!!!

The requirements are that Naruto must wear Damian's Batman suit (From Batman #666) and his partner must wear Damian's version of the Robin suit. "Robin's" personality must be different with whoever is wearing the suit. Udon must be like Richard Grayson (Robin 1), Konohamaru must be like Jason Todd (Robin 2), Moegi must be like Tim Drake (Robin 3), and Hannabi must be like Damian Wayne (Robin 4). How Naruto is like when he is Batman is up to you. You can make him like canon Batman, Frank Miller Batman, or even like Richard Grayson when he was Batman. Pairing is up to you however those who take this are forbidden to bash Hinata. Other than that, go crazy.

Naruto/Watchmen Crossover: A child once held the Kyuubi and was shunned for it. But he always kept a slimmer of hope that people will see him as a hero, one who protect all that is good and defeats evil. Deciding to help a couple find their missing daughter, he finds the kidnapper's home. What he finds there defines the darkness within humanity and makes him see the black and white in life. He then kills the kidnapper for the murder and realizes there is no god, only them. He then makes it his personal mission to punish the scum of Konoha and wipe away the foam from Konoha's lips one bubble at a time. Naruto dons his 'face' and becomes... Rorschach. Rules are that Naruto has Rorschach's world view, brutality, and mask. Naruto must still be somewhat cannon in public but at night he completely becomes Rorschach. There must eventually be dark Naruto/Hinata and no harem. Timeline has to be pre-graduation.

Naruto/Fairy Tail Crossover: After a run-in with ROOT Anbu who wished to kidnap him, Naruto leaves Konoha at the tender age of three. After some coincidences he finds himself in the mountains and meets the dragon Igneel, who takes pity on the young Naruto and raises him as a son, teaching him how to read, write, and learn the lost magic "Dragon Slayer". After seven years, Igneel disappears on the 7th of July without a trace, leaving Naruto alone once again. In the hopes of finding his adoptive father, Naruto wanders the Elemental Nations and trains in his fire "Dragon Slayer" magic for two years before deciding to visit his birth village. Look out Konoha, here comes Naruto Dragneel. Rules are that Naruto has Natsu's personality and magic skills. He must also not hold any firm loyalty toward Konoha except for the friends he makes there. Whether he gets Happy as a companion and how it happens is up to you. Pairing must be Naruto/Hinata but you can turn it into a harem if you want. Bashing is totally up to you.

Naruto/Avatar The Last Airbender Crossover: One and only one character of your choice from Naruto lands into the world of Avatar. Only conditions are that it is not Naruto or Hinata and no yaoi. (There is enough of that shit on this site) How the character gets there and what they do next are up to you. The character can make a name for himself or herself by either by joining the Avatar crew, Fire Nation, or an entirely new side. That is simply up to your creativity. If they stay single, get a girl, or get a harem is up to you. Also whether they learn bending or not is up to you but they should still use Chakra. Challenge inspired by Thanathos' Naruto/One Piece challenge. Check his out if you have the time.

Naruto/FMA Crossover: After Neji mortally wounds Hinata at the Chunin Exams, Naruto reveals to Hinata his true feelings to her. Naruto then gives her a Philosopher stone that contains one of the homunculus while he takes another and thus they become the two new homunculi. The rules are that Naruto and Hinata must be together, whether there is a harem or not is entirely up to you just NO SAKURA! Who you bash in the fic is also up to you. Naruto must also take some aspects of the homunculi's personality. Timeline must follow directly before third part of the exam.

Naruto/FMA Crossover: We all know that Naruto is the son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, but what if that was not the case? What if, in an act to save his daughter from the horrors of being a jinchuuriki, he uses another baby, who is the last surviving Ishvalan? After years of abuse from the villagers and Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina, despite practicing the pacifist ways taught in his religion, Naruto finally snaps and gains the power that was once found in the savior of his people? Rules are that the story is a Dark Naruto fic that starts out as a pacifist-Ishvalan Naruto and later turns into a Scar-Naruto. The pairing must be with Hinata but can be a harem if you want. A must on Minato/Kushina bashing but you can add others if you want.



Naruto/Bleach Crossover: Alone and abandoned by his family and godparents for his sister who holds the Kyuubi, Naruto walks into Konoha's forest and finds the zanpakutō of Coyote Stark. He then gets all of Stark's powers and receives the companionship of Lilinette Gingerback and he will soon show Konoha his worth... just as soon as he is done taking his nap. Rules are that this is a Naruto with a laid back and/or lazy personality and is very powerful.Naruto has all of Stark's abilities and this can be a harem fic with Hinata and Lilinette in it(she looks 18, more or less imagine her taller and with T&A) Before you go all whiny on why Hinata is in it, it is because she sees a kindrid spirit in Naruto. She is also overshadowed by her sister no matter how hard she trains to please her father. Bashing is totally up to you but a must on Minato/Kushina/Jiraya/Tsunade bashing. Timeline can take place whenever you want.



Naruto/Bleach Crossover: Naruto reveals on the VOTE battle to Sasuke he is the reincarnation of Grimmjow Jaggerjack before beating him in his released form. When he returns with Sasuke he is banished by Tsunade. Realizing that the village will never recognize him as "the king" he leaves the village with Hinata who is unwilling to leave her one true love to form their own path. Rules are that Naruto has Grimmjow's personality, arrancar powers, and Panthera. Naruto must be paired with Hinata but you can make it a harem if you want. A must on Tsunade/Konoha bashing but any other bashing is up to you.




Naruto/Bleach Crossover: We all know that Naruto Kyuubified after Pein stabbed Hinata. But what if something else happened? What if Naruto turned into Ichigo's final hollow form in order to protect Hinata and his village and battled Pein? How would the Shinobi world react to the frightening power that Naruto now possesses? Rules are that Naruto is a Vizard and now wields Zangetsu after he battles Pein in final hollow form. The pairing must be with Hinata but you can turn it into a harem if you want. Bashing is also totally up to you.

Naruto/Bleach Crossover: What if Karakura Town was not the area Rukia was assigned to guard? What if she met Naruto after the Mizuki accident who is able to see ghosts? What if in a fight with a hollow, she was forced to transfer her Shinigami powers to Naruto? How will Naruto be able to juggle his responsibilities as a Shinobi, Jinchurriki of the Kyuubi, and Substitute Shinigami? Rules are the story-lines of Naruto and Bleach have to be mixed in some way. Naruto must also wield Zangetsu and eventually become a vizard. Whether he can only use his powers in the spiritual world or in both worlds is up to you. Pairing must be NarutoxHinata but you can make it NarutoxHinataxRukia or even a Harem if you want as long as Hinata is in it. Bashing is totally up to you.

Naruto/Bleach Crossover: Naruto and Hinata died after Pein's invasion. And because of the Kyuubi, Naruto was sentenced to hell. But Hinata, unwilling to pass on without the one she loved, decided to go with him. From hell and after countless hours of suffering together they watch their supposed friends belittle them. Hungry for revenge, they ally themselves with Kokuto, Shuren, and other Shinobi hell denizens to return back to the realm of the living and make everyone pay. Even if it means destroying the world in the process. Be warned Elemental Nations, the Togabito are coming. Rules are that this is an evil and Togabito Naruto and Hinata. They must have some sort of power which I will leave to you along with some chains of hell. Pairing must be Naruto/Hinata but harem is optional as long as she is in it. Must take place after Pein's invasion.

Naruto/Bleach Crossover: What if everything you thought you knew was a lie? After returning Sasuke from the VOTE Tsunade sentences Naruto to execution. Everyone who Naruto thought were his precious people abandon him except for Hinata who confesses her love for him. Filled with the despair from the abandonment and the love that will never be, Naruto turns into a hollow after the execution and changes his whole identity to... Ulquiorra Schiffer. After his eventual battle and death from Ichigo, the shinigami king who feels guilty for everything that was done to him sends Ulquiorra/Naruto back to Konoha, where three years have passed. (Time moves differently in Hueco Mundo) Rules are mass Konoha bashing and Naruto must be paired with Hinata. Naruto must also keep most of his Ulquiorra personality and all his arrancar abilities but they can be limited if you want. Also timeline should start preferably at the beginning of Shippuden. Anything else is fair game. You can also do alternate versions like "Naruto is Grimmjow", "Naruto is Stark and Lilinette", hell even "Naruto is Gin" as long as he ends up with Hinata.


Ban Moroichi:










Naruto/Bleach Crossover: On the battle of the bridge, Naruto learns that to truly be strong he must protect his precious people. Once Haku dies by sacrificing herself for Zabuza he unlocks his bloodline. Now, with the spirit of Haku residing in his right arm he will fight for others but never for himself. He is now the new weilder of Brazo Derecha de Gigante. Rules of this challange are that Naruto is a pacifist. And to define pacifist I mean Chad's view on fighting. He must be paired with Hinata but you can turn it into a harem if you want as long as Hinata is in it. Bashing is totally up to you. Timeline should take place after the Wave arc.

Naruto/Bleach Crossover: What if instead of the original arrancars, Aizen found 10 others to become the Espada? How much would the Bleach universe change if Aizen chose the former 10 jinchuuriki as his warriors against soul society? Rules are that all former 10 demon hosts are turned into arrancars and are in the place of the original Espada. For example the Diez to Cero Espada could be Amaru, the Noveno Garra, the Octova being Yugito, Seveno being Yagura, Sexta being Roshi, Quinta being Han, Cuarta being Utakata, Trecera being Fu, Segunda being Killer Bee, and the Primera being Naruto. The fracciones could be your choice like all of them being the original Espada or former Naruto characters like Hinata being Naruto's Fraccion. Other than that, go crazy.


Phoenix Goddes 333:

Naruto/Marvel Ceossover: At a young age Naruto stole a red hood and boots from a dying demon on his way back from the academy. After actually looking hard at his situation and the gritty life of the red-light district of Konoha he learned that to get ahead, one has to take what they want anyway they can. Discreetly gathering all the missing-nin with the help of the powers from his stolen items, he is now the leader of the new band of missing-nin even better organized than Akatsuki. Naruto is now... The Hood. Rules are this is a dark and evil Naruto fic. He has all The Hood's powers and is very intelligent. This has to be a Naruto/Hinata fic but you can make it a harem if you want. You can even turn Hinata into the new Madam Masque. Mass Konoha bashing is required but any other bashing is up to you.

Naruto/Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover: During the sealing of the Kyuubi, Shadow the hedgehog is somehow caught in the sealing, how he got there in the first place is up to you. Now with the powers of Shadow Naruto will become a legend. The rules are that this is a dark Naruto fic and Naruto has all of Shadow's chaos powers and some of his personality. Naruto has to be with Hinata but a harem is okay as long as she is in it. Bashing is also up to you.



Naruto/Star Wars Crossover: After dying at the hands of Konoha after the VotE battle, Naruto is reincarnated as Galen Marek, Darth Vader's secret apprentice from The Force Unleashed. After dying again after fighting both Vader and the Emperor, Kami sends Galen back to his home world where three years have passed. How much will the Naruto world change now? Rules are Galen is paired with Hinata but a harem is also acceptable as long as she is in it. There must be mass Konoha bashing but any other is up to you. Story should take place after The Force Unleashed 1 and the beginning of Shippuden.

Naruto/Beelzebub Crossover: The Kyuubi, a bastard fox that does not care for any type of man or his fellow demon. So when Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub III needs someone to raise his son, who better to choose than his most bastard subordinate? Of coarse, he did not realize that the Kyuubi was recently sealed. So now Uzumaki Naruto, fresh from the academy, is stuck with raising the infant demon lord. Not only that but he has to deal with a very scary yet hot demon maid and a very weird and possibly gay dimensional transfer demon. Can the young Shinobi's life get any more hectic? Rules are that Naruto actually cares about Baby Beel but unfortunatly (much to his ire) has to bring him along on missions. This has to be a Naruto/Hinata fic but you can turn it into a harem if you want. Timeline should start right after the Mizuki incident.

Bleach/FMA Crossover: What if after Ichigo saves the Gotei 13 on the hill, all the shinnigami betray him except for Rukia and his fellow Ryoka? After the betrayal the Shinnigami King reveals himself as nonother than Truth and grants Ichigo a zanpakuto(s) containing one or more of the seven homunculi? How much will the Bleach universe change with this event? The rules of the challange are that Ichigo gets a zanpakuto containing one of the seven homunculi (each if you give him more than one) and it has all the powers of said one or more homunculi. (a.k.a a Pride zanpakuto controls shadows, a Greed zanpakuto covers Ichigo with the ultimate shield and so on.) Whether he gets their regenerative abilities or not is totally up to you. Also there should be Yamamato and Central 46 bashing. The pairing can be with anyone but the only shinnigami he can be with is Rukia. (No yaoi though, I do not have a problem with gay people, it is just that there are too many of those on this site.) Setting should take place after the battle on the hill during the rescue Rukia arc.



FMA Challenge: We all know that when Ling, Edward, and Envy escaped Gluttony's stomach, they met Father and Ling was turned into the new Greed. But what if that was not the case? What if Father knew Edward would be more trouble than he was worth and decided to turn him into the new Greed? How much would the FMA universe change with this act? The rules are that this is a homunculus Ed fic and he is to have the same agreement that Ling and Greed made. You can bash whoever you want to in this fic and the pairing can be with anyone. (No yaoi though, too much of those in the FMA library.)

Songs To Think About While Reading Fics:

The Holy Grail War (Fate:Zero Sense & Fate:Stay Away)- Avalon Blue by Aoi Eir

Fate:Zero Sense (Chapters 1-9)- Ougon No Kagayaki by Maki

Fate:Zero Sense (Chapters 10-20)- To The Beginning by Kalafina

Saber (Fate:Zero Sense)- Oath Sign by LiSA

Lancer (Fate:Zero Sense)- A Cruel Angle's Theisis (2009 Edition) by Yoko Takahashi

Archer (Fate:Zero Sense)- H.T from Badland Rumble by Tsuneo Imahori

Rider (Fate:Zero Sense)- Gurren Lagann OST: Rap Is A Man's Soul!

Assassin/Wade (Fate:Zero Sense/Fate:Stay Away)- Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 OST: Deadpool's Theme

Berserker (Fate:Zero Sense)- Bleach OST- Emergence Of The Haunted

Caster (Fate:Zero Sense)- Naruto Shippuden OST: Sasuke's Theme

Fate:Stay Away (Chapters 1-12)- Disillusion by Sachi Tainaka

Fate: Stay Away (Chapters 13- )- Another Heaven by ARCADIA

Archer (Fate:Stay Away)- Daia no Hana by Yoriko

Lancer (Fate:Stay Away)- A Cruel Angel's Thesis by Yoko Takahash

Rider (Fate:Stay Away)- Sorairo Days (Tengen Toppa Edition)

Assassin (Fate:Stay Away)- Soul Eater OST- Black*Star (Never Lose Myself)

Caster (Fate:Stay Away)- Fairy Tail OST- Erza's Theme

Berserker (Fate:Stay Away)- Casshern Sins OST- A Path

Avenger (Fate:Stay Away)- Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua OST- EMIYA LEGACY

Shinji Ikari (Fate:Stay Away)- Sakura Nagashi by Utada Hikaru

Kamina (Code Geass: Kamina of the Revolution)- Sorairo Days (Masaaki Endoh Version)

Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass: Kamina of the Revolution)- I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin

Gurren Lagann 2 (Code Geass: Kamina of the Revolution)- My XXX is the Best in the Universe (Lagann-hen Version)

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