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Hello everyone! I promise I didn’t leave for good. I had a lot of editing and rewriting to do. Along the way I had some life changes and I found a full-time job at a library and I picked up new hobbies and interests, so posting anything has been kind of hard. To be honest, I’ve felt shy about putting my work back out there because I’m a perfectionist who hates putting out crappy work. However, with The Hobbit coming out soon, my motivation has been rekindled to present the final (hopefully the last?) edition of my fanfiction LOTR trilogy and also to present a couple other stories I have been working on for the past year and a half, including my Moby Dick tale and my House of Usher story. I’m a “classics” girl, I guess.

For those of you who have already read my LOTR trilogy, I apologize, but I’ve gone back and made some major changes, particularly with my poor OC, who has been through the ringer lately. Getting her all straightened out is a bit difficult. OC’s are actually very difficult to write! But I hope you enjoy the changes I made to my descriptions of places and events. I actually brought home The Atlas of Middle Earth in order to characterize the landscapes a bit more, and I played with the relationships of the characters a bit more. I decided that it made more sense for Adelaide to decline a marriage rather than to accept it, so she and Frodo will remain lovers—however, Legolas will continue to be a pest for her. I don’t think she’ll ever seriously date any Elves.

A word about my Moby Dick story. I wrote it when I was back in college and revisiting my obsession with Herman Melville’s tale. I’m dead-serious: Moby Dick is and will always be my favorite novel on the face of the planet. Call me Weird. But I don’t care. Anyway, there was a time in my extreme youth when I loved the story of Moby Dick more than anything else in the world. I even wrote a little fiction about it in a notebook. That notebook is God Knows Where now. So I decided to do a new fanfiction, and…the result is Coming Home, because I always feel at home whenever I have Moby Dick in my hands.

A word about my Poe story. I developed a crush on Vincent Price. God knows how old he was in the 1960 classic Poe tale, but I seem to fall heavily for the handsome and elite—classic guys. So there had to be a fanfiction there as well. Again, my OC never married, but I can’t ever resist lemons.

I was going to write a Harry Potter fanfiction, since at one point I had a steaming obsession with Alan Rickman, but I think I missed out on that train years ago—besides, after writing my LOTR trilogy, I was so exhausted that I didn’t even want to think about picking up a seven-book fanfiction. So if you come across references to the “wizarding world,” you’ll just have to take my word for it that Adelaide did go and have a grand ol’ time in Harry’s magical realm. ‘Cuz I’m not going to write a fanfiction on it.

Ah, yes, questions about the Agency Adelaide works for. I know it sounds corny, but I truly believe that books are the transportation devices that throw us into another dimension. The Agency is just another word for your local library, and Agents are librarians (I am pleased to be one, even as I’m writing this). Travelers are people who love to visit other worlds and build up “fiction circles.” So when I write my fanfictions, I have only one OC (representing me, of course). You’ll notice that she uses aliases, but there’s only one of her. By the time The Hobbit is over, she’s officially joining the Agency as a full-time Traveler.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the people who have R&R’d my work with such enthusiasm. I love to write, and I love developing as a writer. Thank you all for your continued support.

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