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:)) Eyow! i've already written some of my stories of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! uhmm.. all are YAOI!!

Sorry for the late updates of my stories!! having a hard time, because my eyes were too sensitive... i have my limit in using the computer... too much radiation will give my eyes a bad effect :((

my deviantart account where i posted my drawings... (Gokudera in maid outfit my drawing) LINK: /

hope you check it out...

Name: Akane Shinbashi

Brithday: November 28


Gender: Female

'bout me: i love reading lots of fanfictions especially if it's about my favorite pairing and YAOI!! uhmm... I LOVE TO DRAW!! well, i can draw well, but not so well as what animators do.

I am actually a high school student from an all-girls school... uhmm... also a filipino... but sort of mixed italian...

actually at school i am always the art maker... i love to make friends to tons of nice people!!

i love shounen-ai anime and loves YAOI stuffs!!

i'm an active high school student... that's why some of the teachers always tells me to sit down on my own desk... hehe i always roam around the school and i hate following the school's regulations... well, i don't care about that... but even i'm that active i forbear myself from having bad reputation in school. my grades are just right... not too high and not too low. AVERAGE!

my friends would always give me gifts such as teddie bears, pillows and anime collections... well they say that it suits me best.

i love hanging out with my buddies... shopping and eating cakes! but i still take care of my body... in order not to get fat.. _

sorry for having bad grammar... well... not that good in english... (i always sucks in that subject!) my favorite subject is DISMISSAL and PE!! hahaha :))

i love the korean-japanese band DONG BANG SHIN KI!! well, i also love other k-pop and J-pop groups...

... hmmm... last year i actually runs as a student council treasurer... luckily i won... well that's because no one runs as a student council treasurer... only me...

well... in my school... pure girls... i always take care of the bad things that are happening such as fights between other classes and stuffs... i want to take care of it... not to intrude in their fights but actually to fix it... well... some of the teachers ask me to do so... and as always it's our class versus other classes... that's why i take responsibilty...

i can't say that i'm that known in school... but a little... because i love cooperating with people...

if i heard someone who knows me calling me in other names, or in a different pronunciation, i always say... "DAMN! You pronounced it wrong!!" or "That's not my name!"

okay, stop talking about school...

hmm... my favorite anime so far...







reading manga

watching anime

listening J-pop and K-pop

making fan fiction stories

hanging out with friends

surfing the net

YAOI YAOI YAOI stories!!

Katekyo hitman reborn:

8059 yama goku: Be mine again

1827 hiba tsuna: Dangerous Love

D18 Dino hiba: Interchanged

Prince of Tennis:

Fuji x Tezuka: Jealous

Momo x Echizen: Reach Out

On Going Stories:

8059 yama goku: As you wish, Master Chapter 4

...well actually, i don't actually plan on updating FOR NOW... but i promise to update it... not at this time... but on some other time.. sorry for the really late update.

that's all i think... for now... :))

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