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First name- Chantavia

Middle name- Celeste

Last name- Nava

Gender: Female(Last time I checked anyway...)

Age: 15

Birthdate: June 28, 1995

Birthplace- El Paso, TX

Birthdate- June 28, 1995


Food- Any kind of pasta (: (Except the one in my dislikes)

Video games- Tamagotchi Corner Shop 3, Halo 3, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Riders

Cartoon characters- Flippy (Happy Tree Friends), Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic X), Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic X), Invader Zim Invader Zim), Dib (Invader Zim), Gir Invader Zim), Walden (Wow! Wow! Wubbzy), Double D (Ed, Edd, n Eddy)

Color- Cerulean (That's a shade of blue)

Music- Rock, Black Metal, Heavy metal, Punk-rock...ALL kinds of rock (: And some pop

Band- Mindless Self Indulgence

Song- Stupid mf--Mindless Self Indulgence

Things to do- Be on my computer, read fan-fiction, watch TV, eat, sleep, ride bikes, swim, play baseball, hang out with friends, do math, dissect things, read Yaoi, draw, read, write, listen to music, cook, do the dishes (most people don't like doing that...I don't know why), be with my cat =(^^)=


Food- Fettuccine Alfredo

Video games- None

Cartoon characters- Anything Spongebob

Color- Green

Music- Rap, hip-hop, R&B, Soul, Classical, Mexican

Band- Not a band, a person...Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

Song- Supergirl--Papaya

Things to do- Go to the mall, Going to the park, going places with people *shudder, sitting around, be without my cat

Clothing style:

Pants- Black pants, denim pants

Shirts- Loose fitting, tight, t-shirts, lo-cut

Dresses- Fluffy

Shoes- Tennis shoes (always)


Lipstick/lipgloss- Red, pink, white, black, clear

Nail polish- Black, red, purple, pink, white, clear, blue, orange, glitter

Eyeliner- Black (All around my eyes like a racoon)

Eyeshadow- Any color just as long as it matches my outfit xD

Blush- Never

Left handed/right handed/both: Both, haha. :)


Bad mood- Angry, bitchy, you don't want to be around me, depressed

Good mood- Too happy, hyper, slightly annoying

Blah mood- I'm just there...breathing...blinking...sitting...doing nothing

Other- Always smiling; never in a bad mood. :)

Talents: Painting nails, playing piano, typing really fast


Cat- One cat (Don Gato)

Dog- I used to have 2 chihuahuas, but one of them ran away (Yoda), and the other we got rid of because he was humping his toys too much (Cookie)

Fish- I used to have one named Opal, but my cat ate him

Spiders- Henry (dead--wolf spider), Esmeralda (dead--black widow), Sierra (dead--black widow...BROWN black widow, but black widow nonetheless), Stan (missing in action--garden spider), George (missing in action--brown recluse spider). I love spiders, they my friends. (:

What I look like:

Hair- Short, kind of like Dora the Explorer

Nose- Polish nose, kinds of sticks up a bit -_-"

Mouth- Big lips, missing a tooth (dentist took out the wrong damn one! ):

Ears- They're ear-shaped...that's always a good thing


Fingernails- Polished all the time, very long, and always natural. One of my favorite parts about me

Finger length- Long and elegant. Great piano fingers. I could be a hand model. (:


Eye color- Hazel brown. In the sunlight at the right angle, they look like Edward Cullen's eyes. Everyone asks me if I wear contacts.

Other- Big eyes, really big eyes without my glasses

Feet- Size 8 in women's

Weight- 135.4 lbs

Height- 5 feet, 1 inch

Race- Hispanic, Native American, Polish, British, French, Hungarian, Irish, German...etc etc

Species- Human...I think


Mom- Alive and kicking. Very mother-like and overprotective

Dad- Deceased since I was ten. September 9, 2005. Never really knew him. He has a stroke when I was 6 months old. He died at 36 years of age.

Stepdad- Alive and a jerk. But all step-parents are, huh?

Sisters- Two little sisters (13 and 9), one annoying step sister (7)

Brothers- Nope

Grandma- Alive and well. (: (55)

Grandpa- Nope

Carrer dream: Chief Medical Examiner, forensic scientist, future dictator ;)

There ya go! I hope it helped you to get to know me a little better. Heh, anyways, I'm still trying to get some up. Kinda hard when you have so many ideas. (:

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