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I'm here to start a one girl revolution
I'm not a barbie doll, shopping mall, silicone substitution
I thought I told ya
I'm a soldier
And I'm not leaving til the battle's over
One girl revolution

Chele and Sarah are starting a Twi-Girl Revolution!

History is filled with all kinds of women of merit, from Abigail Adams to bell hooks. Cleopatra to Oprah. Jane Austen to Dorothy Parker. Lilith to the performers at Lilith Fair. It’s filled with women worth looking up to for their strength and accomplishments. We want to explore the strength inherent in so many of the Twilight women, not often given space for expression.

We will host a series of themed writing challenges, each of which will seek to enrich the collection of Twilight fan fiction with stories about the smart, capable, strong women of The Twilight Saga! For announcements about challenges and other tidbits, follow us on twitter: @TwiGrrrl

We're announcing our first call for submission!
First call for submissions! ;)

The "Under Her Thumb" Challenge!!

"The more potent, unasked question is how society at large reacts to eager, voluntary violence by females, and to the growing evidence that women can be just as aggressive as men." -Katherine Dunn

For this our inaugural challenge, we want to see women who wield power between the sheets: we’ve seen enough of Domward and Domsper; we want to see the Twilight ladies take the reins! Always wanted to read about Lady Alice and her boy jasper? Dreamed about Domina Rose and her harem of servile admirers? This is your chance to write it!

We’re looking for FemDoms, ProDoms, Dominas, Dominatrixes, Ladies, Misses, Mistresses, and Ma’ams!

Because this isn’t a contest, the rules will be a little different; namely, there will be less of them! Drabbles, ficlets, one-shots, multi-chaps, everything is welcome, as long as it’s a new story and it fits the theme of the challenge. Our only no-nos are pedofic and non-consent. Everything else is fair game. Get creative!

We're accepting submissions for the "Under Her Thumb" challenge through June 13th.

If you find yourself wanting to participate, but without an idea for a fic, below are some text and visual aids to get your brain juices flowing. If you’d like to claim one of these, shoot us a PM, and we’ll remove it from rotation.

Prompt 1: Angela is a photographer in Washington, DC. After shooting one of her clients decked out in full leather gear--and asking plenty of questions during it--she gets curious about the local D/s scene. (CLAIMED 4/20).

Prompt 2: Unbeknownst to her neighbor Edward, Rosalie is a Dom with a brand new pet, Emmett. After a particularly loud session, Edward comes knocking on her door to see who's been 'murdered'. Rose lures him in, and he stays for a while. In chains. (CLAIMED 4/21).

Prompt 3: Tanya, Kate, and Irina are best friends who've been in the scene for more than a decade, giving presentations and classes on how to give better head. This year, they're giving a presentation at one of the nation's largest BDSM conventions, and the crowd is bigger than they've ever seen. (CLAIMED 4/26)

Prompt 4: When guests gather for a dinner party at the Cullen house, all they see is the demure, servile Esme who baked those pies for dessert. They don't notice the tiny clues to the truth. Carlisle knows that after all the guests leave, Esme is a very different woman. (CLAIMED 4/17).

Prompt 5: Bella is a world-weary Domina with plenty of experience. Lately, it seems like all the men she meets aren't looking to serve her--they're only looking to meet their own needs. All that changes when she meets one unique boy at a local play party. She went expecting to be disappointed as always, but she will remember this night as the one where Edward changed her life.

PicPrompt 1: Office Ladies

PicPrompt 2: Wax and a Wartenberg Wheel

PicPrompt 3: Vintage Dominas

PicPrompt 4: Take a Bite! (CLAIMED 4/26)

PicPrompt 5: Threesome (CLAIMED 4/20)

Feel free to tweak the prompts however you’d like, or to write something else you’ve got baking in your brain. If you’d like to read some stories for inspiration, we’ve got a list of fics in our Favorite Stories that feature female dominants!

Lyrical inspiration:

"Raise your hand if you don't care
What those platinum girls wear
Raise your hand if you're just here
To have a good time..."

"Too often the great decisions are originated and given form in bodies made up wholly of men, or so completely dominated by them that whatever of special value women have to offer is shunted aside without expression." -Eleanor Roosevelt

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