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Hey, everyone :D

So i'm Elizabeth, but i hate my full name so just call me Lizz or Lizzie. So where to start; well, i'm 16 and i live in Sydney, Australia. I love my home but my dream is to move to the States when i'm older. I love America, i love the people i love the sightings i love everything about it. And of course its the home of my future husband, Taylor Lautner. Haha, no i don't think so. But i do have MAJOR- and i mean HUGE crush on him. He's my favourite character in twilight, he was my favourite actor when i was little, and he is GOR-GE-OUS! Obviously.

So i'm not actually sure how i got into the website. I think my friend i dance with told me about 'Jacob Black' stories being on this, and i was on straight away. I was so amazed by how many stories there was on it. i didnt even know you could do that sort of thing. So i read all thses different OC stories and i fell in love! I started with my own and i'm still going now. I did have 5 stories going but i'm just focusing on 1 right now.

I think my writing skills have improved majorly since i started publishing my work. I made some many grammar mistakes when i started it wasn't funny. But now i am describing things more clearly, i know more vocabulary to use, and my grammer has improved so much!

I love all my loyal reviwers who inspire me and motivate me to keep doing what i'm doing. Their really the only thing that keeps me going with this; without them i'd be nothing. Besides the fact that they love what i do, they give me pointers and ideas for my stories which makes them 100x better. So i just liked to say thanks to all of those generous people who take the time to sit down and read my writing.

I can't stress enough, how much i dislike stories that have the same concept, the same people, the same really bugs me. So i think that's what got me to start my story "Howl". I may fool you into 'thinking' its your typical love story. The sister, The best friend...thrown into a supernatural world., no, no...not what you think. I can ASSURE you, 100% that this definitly NOT typical!

Ok so you can't write a full summery on the site, so i'm just going to write it here for the story i have going on right now.


So this story is based on a song by 'Florence and The Machine'. There an awesome band and this song caught my attention immediantly, and i just knew i had to write something for it.

The story starts in Twilight. Sienna Swan is the younger sister of Bella Swan. She's a sophmore and attends Forks High. After her parents divorce, Bella and Sienna are split up, only seeing each other a few weeks each holiday. But now Bella is back in town, and she has definitly caught the towns attention. Sienna has to deal with her sister mingling with the schools 'most eligible bachelor' and the fact that her best friend, Jacob Black, is starting to fall madly in love with Bella too.

Sienna thought her sister returning was a good thing. But as months go by, she loses all of her friends, and the one person she had left is lost to her sister. Having everything get taken away from her was a drastic change for Sienna, and finding out her "former-best friend "is a werewolf just extends the drama in this story. Dealing with the loss of good friends is one thing, finding out supernatural beings walked the school halls she had been in was a totally different story.

Now this isn't your stereo-typed story. Sienna doesn't just fall in love with someone and finds out about the vampires and werewolves everyone lives happily ever after. No, there is so much more to it than that. Twists and turns in the story that will leave you thinking 'Wait, what the hell!"

But trust will ALL make sense in the end.

Have fun reading :)

Also, click the url below if you would like to see what Sienna Swan looks like :)

link to mine and Mebs2010's YT video's--check them out :

1. Why Hello There...:

2. Were not weird, we just have imaginations:

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