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Author has written 3 stories for American History X, Crow, and Twilight.

And again, I am back. I know right, I'm lame, because I keep poofing. Anywho, I have new ideas for plots, I'll try and do them on here, maybe they won't all be fail. I have new muses and new stories. be warned. My stuff might be a lot darker now too. I've sort of gotten into the whole naughty/nice thing.


I totally jacked my cousin's polyvore account for my own personal use since she made it and has all this kickass stuff but never uses it. I'll do stuff for the stuff I do here, there as well. is me on polyvore.

/m\ twilight original character /m\


cheyenne swan



little bit


*angel* that's her petname from Embry.


cheyenne emma swan

date of birth

18, is 2 years younger than Bella, 1 year younger than her imprinter


18, story is set probaby around breaking dawn pt 1, so shes still a senior in high school.

originally from

Phoenix, Az

why she's in Forks

Cheyenne is the youngest daughter in the Swan family. Bella's getting married and wants her sister to be in the wedding. Cheyenne also wants to spend more time with her father, she's just sick of her mom and Phil being on the road so much, as well as a few other personal things that'll come out during the story, involving an ex, and some trouble she frequently got into. Basically, her parents decided that the only way to settle her down or reign her in was to send her to live with Charlie, her father.


el humano, senor

imprinted on by

Embry Call


  1. wild
  2. sarcastic
  3. slightly tempermental
  4. loyal to family and friends
  5. outgoing
  6. good at finding trouble occasionally
  7. nosy as all fuck
  8. protective
  9. free spirited
  10. flirty
  11. easily amused
  12. competitive
  13. intelligent
  14. passionate
  15. creative
  16. athletic
  17. can get jealous easily
  18. sometimes a bit gullible
  19. bit mischevious


  1. the colors hot pink and aqua
  2. dresses, heels and makeup
  3. English. It's her best subject
  4. sleeping late
  5. classic rock music
  6. going barefoot
  7. swimming/surfing
  8. gymnastics, she's hella flexible
  9. antagonizing Jessica Stanley, one of her sister's friends. She's hated the girl for almost as long as she's known her.
  10. being a flirt
  11. cupcakes
  12. thick blankets
  13. bonfires
  14. marshmellows
  15. horror movies, paranormal themed television shows or soap operas
  16. swearing in Spanish
  17. dancing. she's good at any and all kinds of dance.
  18. halloween. she loves costumes and candy, pranking.. so it's a win win win for her.
  19. stuffed animals
  20. wild flowers
  21. candy apples
  22. steaks
  23. dr.pepper
  24. sneaking out. she's quite stealthy when she wants to be.
  25. kissing.
  26. playing her music loud.
  27. wearing sunglasses.
  28. playing guitar
  29. singing
  30. writing, mostly songs
  31. showing off. at pretty much everything.


  1. the fact that Jacob Black liked her older sister, doesn't notice her.
  2. a whole lot of rules
  3. people babying her
  4. pop music
  5. cats
  6. being judged before someone gets to know her.
  7. the color yellow
  8. waking up early
  9. waking up early when there's no coffee.
  10. the effect alcohol has on her (due to her being so small for her age, height and weight wise, 5'1 and 120 lbs, it makes her silly stupid crazy giggly when she drinks a lot of it.)
  11. jessica stanley
  12. mike newton
  13. the Volturi twins, even though Alec has a fixation on her.
  14. feeling like she's not as pretty or as loved as her sister.
  15. being caught sneaking back in
  16. being cold.
  17. the amount of rain and cold in Washington.
  18. failing
  19. spiders
  20. snakes


  • had a bad, bad, bad crush on Jacob Black when they were kids. but he sort of just always preferred Bella, seeing her as a baby sister instead.
  • Alec Volturi gets sort of fixated on her.
  • /m\ harry potter original character /m\


    Brigitte Ava Brighton


    nein. Goes by her full name, Brigitte.


    November 1st, 1981


    * is a year younger than the Golden Trio, and attends Hogwarts.*



    blood status:

    Muggle mother, Janine Brighton, will be vaguely mentioned in the story, she is an original character also.

    Half Blood father, father unknown, isn't around and hasn't been around for Brigitte's entire life. (It's Snape, result of a fling with her mother, while her mother was trying to 'help' Snape cope with the loss of Lily. )


    Spinners End, Cokeworth


    Janine Brighton, muggle with magical abilities who attended Hogwarts with Snape and Lily, the others, but was a background character for the most part.

    unknown, as she had a boyfriend around the time of Brigitte's conception, but was also attempting to help friend and neighbor Severus Snape through the pain of losing his beloved Lily.


    Lives with her mother, though her mother isn't really a good parent, she's an alcoholic, she's constantly either depressed or angry, and she's coping with a form of dementia that's uncurable. The alcohol is mostly to keep her numb, the family's dirt poor, they can't afford pain medication and Janine refuses to see a healer at St. Mungos, as she's 'cut ties' or tried to, with that part of her life and background.

    Severus Snape. The two lived next door to each other in Spinners End and eventually attended Hogwarts together, although they drifted apart when Snape met Lily, and only reacquainted themselves shortly after Janine lost Richard in the First Wizarding War and Snape lost Lily.



    special abilities:

  • Is really good with potions, seems to have a natural talent and knack for picking them up, as did Snape at her age.
  • Due to her mother's blood lines (gypsy or something) she occasionally gets 'visions'. She usually ignores them, however, due to the fact that they're either inaccurate, or they're too difficult for her to make sense of. Nobody really knows about this ability until later on in her school years at Hogwarts, the start of the story I write using her in it.
  • pairing:


  • quick tempered
  • observant
  • sarcastic
  • loyal
  • creative
  • dirty humored
  • rebellious
  • free spirited
  • passionate
  • very very girly
  • bit of a flirt
  • seems fearless
  • outspoken
  • is secretly insecure about herself, often second guesses herself.
  • intelligent
  • messy
  • easily annoyed
  • a bit clumsy
  • likes:

  • jelly beans
  • swimming
  • sleeping late
  • dancing
  • playing in mud, rain or snow
  • scented candles
  • playing poker
  • rabbits
  • going barefoot
  • sundresses and skirts (mostly plaid ones)
  • makeup, she's fascinated by all the different shades of lipstick that Muggles seem to have
  • the colors black, coral, white, lilac and aqua, red
  • old jewelry
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • wearing a blazer that she found in her mum's closet, it's way too big for her, she likes to pretend it's her fathers. It actually is, she just doesn't realize it.
  • playing guitar
  • peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches
  • climbing trees or anything that's a good bit off the ground.
  • hide and seek is her favorite game, though she prefers to hide rather than seek, hiding amuses her. Especially when she manages to scare the living crap outta someone in the process.
  • reading
  • inventing things whether it be a spell, or something else entirely.
  • baking
  • apples
  • gardens
  • horror movies
  • Edgar Allen Poe is her favorite writer
  • muggle magic shows and tricks
  • dislikes:

  • the way people treat Professor Snape, since he's her neighbor, she knows a completely different side of the man that rarely gets seen.
  • large dogs
  • extreme heat
  • small spaces
  • her mother being an alcoholic
  • loud arguments
  • being called names or teased
  • being ignored
  • waking up early
  • burnt food
  • pumpkin juice
  • strong foul odors
  • being babied
  • know it alls (ahem, cough, Hermione, cough)
  • large swarm of birds
  • wand:

    8 and a half inches, elm wood, unicorn tail hair core


    her mom, vodka bottle in hand, shouting at her.


  • the smell of old book binding
  • cotton candy floss
  • dark hair or red hair
  • either dark green or dark brown eyes
  • the smell of fresh mown grass
  • the smell of rain
  • patronus:

    a koala bear

    best subject:





    worst subject:


    favorite teacher:

    Professor Snape, given that he's actually her 'neighbor' when school is done for the term, she's sort of rooted herself into the man's life.

    least favorite teacher:


    loose bio/timeline of her life:


    her typical look is this:

    grungy rocker days

    hippie grunge girly days - hippie grunge girly days dress/boots

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