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Taste On My Tongue is a new blog that will be recommending and reviewing all genres of Twilight Fanfiction. However, this is not all we are. We will hold one-shot Challenges, monthly contests for multi-chapter stories, writing tips, author interviews and interactive chats with our readers.

We want to focus on stories that are well written, with a good plot, but are not getting the reviews or readers that they should be. We want to be that light that shines on them to give them the push they need to become one of the greats. We have planned to have bi-weekly ‘Little Fic That Should’ Blog posts to shine a light on the best under reviewed story we can find in that time. We will spotlight the fic; give it a good review, and interview the author. We will then archive the blog post into a page specifically for our “Little Fics that Should”.

There will be two interactive chats per month. The first will be a Fic of the Month Club. Much like a Book of the Month Club, each month a different completed fic will be listed for our followers to read. On a specific day and time, a link for a private chat will be put up for anyone to join and talk about the fic. This will give authors and readers a chance to talk and interact with one another. We believe that a closer relationship between reader and author will produce a stronger fandom. The second will be a monthly Lemonade chat. We will accept questions all month long on tips and tricks to writing effective lemons. We will open a chat and answer all questions submitted as well as any other that arise during the discussion. At the end of each chat, the transcript will be copied and placed into the writer's advice column for future reference.

We will help to promote any fandom wide fundraisers as well as participate as much as we can. We have readers, writers, betas, and graphic artists all on staff who will be happy to donate any of our services to the cause.

So here are all the details you need to know for our first one shot challenge!

Taste on My Tongue Contest

With the launch of the new blog Taste on My Tongue, we thought we would challenge our readers in a fun way to get the ball rolling. We want you to write us a sexy one-shot and make sure you tell us what the taste on your tongue is!

Have fun and good luck!

Presented by:

Staff at Tasteonmytongue.blogspot.com

Contest Rules and Guideline

1.Submissions must be a one-shot.

2.Submissions must be posted on Fanfiction. You may post elsewhere if you wish but to be added to the community it must be on fanfiction. Please know that if you do not already have an account it may have you wait two days before posting.

3.There must be a description somewhere in your fic about the taste on your characters tongue. It can be anything from the way ice cream tastes to the taste of their partner's cream. We don't care what it is, we just want it detailed and sexy.

4.Must between 4K and 10K words. No more, No less. This does not include A/N or header. The official word count will be assessed during validation.

5.Limit of two entries per author.

6.Entries must be M or T rated. Entries may be Canon, AU, AH or of any genre. Any and all pairings are accepted.

7.One shots must be written for the contest and not be based on an already posted fic. One-shots may not be expanded until after the contest is over.

8.Absolutely no entries of rape, incest or pedophilia. Any entry found guilty of this will be disqualified.

9.Your entry must be beta’ed. We don’t want to be distracted from the story by too many errors. We recommend Project Team Beta.


All entries must feature the following heading:

Taste on My Tongue Contest Entry


Your pen name:


If you would like to see all the stories that are a part of this contest visit:

Submitting an Entry

Post your one-shot between the 1st and the 15th of May. In the summary of your one-shot make sure to put Entry for the Taste on My Tongue Contest. Send a message to the Taste on My Tongue when it is posted and it will be added to the community for viewing.


Entries will be accepted from May 1st through May 10th.

Voting will run from 18th through the 25th on the Taste on My Tongue Blog.

Winners will be announced on May 28.

1st place and runner up will be chosen based on votes by reader.The judges will also select their favorite entry.


Winners will receive a banner featuring your story name and penname to post on your website and/or profile and of course bragging rights.

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