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Hello. I am a Robot. But I am also an Owl. That is all you need to know...

...if it helps to deter who I am, allow me to offer you some tasty facts about me:

1) I like OC generator stories

2) I'm British.

3) VALVe is my favorite game company.

4) I HATE slash fics and stupid pairings

5) I HATE half arsed, stereotypical, unoriginal OC's

6) I'm partial to Kentucky Fried Meerkat

7) I have a cat, his name is Carlos. He's a lazy shite. He's still awsome.

8) I make a living wrestling whales and drop kicking endangered animals off cliffs

9) I don't like Vegans

10) I'm standing behind you with a machete

...ok, that last one's not quite true, but it could of been.

Here's a little joke that made me smile:

A lampost outside my house has gone missing.

I think I might attach a notice to my cat to see if everyones found it.

Oh, and one last thing...

Look at your profile. Now back to mine. Now back at your profile. NOW BACK TO MINE. Sadly, it's not mine. But if you stop posting random shit on it and start talking about intresting things, it could look like mine. Look down. Back up. Where are you? Your searching FF.Net for The Profile That Your Profile Could Look Like. What's on your browser? Back at my profile. I have it. It's a story with a decent summary. Look again. I NOW HAVE MANY REVIEWS. Anything it possible when your profile is intresting and not shit. I'm on a laptop.