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May 23, 2012

The Serpent's Shadow

So I finished The Serpent's Shadow...a week or so ago? I'll review it, but I apologize in advance if I forget something or get something wrong!

Caution: Spoilers!!!!!!!

Summary: In this third and last book, we immediately realize how badly things have gotten since Apophis's rise, with many Nomes being ruthlessly decimated, leaving no survivors. To save the world (which sounds cheesy but is totally what they have to do), Sadie and Carter have to find a way to defeat Apophis. After they have big setbacks, they find out what they have to do in order to defeat Apophis: capture his shadow. Racing against a deadline, as always, Sadie and Carter, along with Walt and Zia, must find out the secret to capturing a god's shadow, figure out where Apophis's shadow is, and defeat him, despite the huge dangers.

Thoughts: The book was great, of course, as expected from Rick Riordan. Since it's really been a looong time since I read the book and therefore don't remember that much... I'll just talk about what bugged me. :P

And the biggest thing that bugged me...was the Anubis/Walt thing and how that was resolved. Now, I'm not one of those hardcore Sadie and Someone shippesr, but I really did like Anubis much more than Walt. I was actually pretty...disgusted, to put bluntly, at how the whole Walt/Anubis thing was solved. Many people had already predicted what would happen before the book even came out. Sadie didn't pick anyone. Instead, Walt and Anubis merged into one. So Walt could survive and Anubis could have contact with Sadie. At first, Sadie's reaction to finding out was good and as expected. But then, at the end, she just thinks that it's all fine and dandy that they merged and it's good she doesn't have to pick one of them. That just bugs me. I don't think it's right. It just feels wrong. I mean, it's kind of like polygamy, seriously. I just don't like the solution.

But on the upside, Carter and Zia finally had their date at the mall! Whoooo! Rick Riordan didn't write all of it, but oh well.

And also...I love how Rick Riordan brought in Drew and Lacy from the Heroes of Olympus series. Haha I didn't realize it at first, but when I read the part about the summer camp, I was like, "Heyyyy wait a second!"

So that's all I have to say about the book. The Kane Chronicles was a good series. Not as good as PJO, obviously, but I liked the writing better than Riordan's writing in the Heroes of Olympus. Carter and Sadie were funny and clashed together well. So yes, read the series if you haven't!

Author Updates/Writings in Progress: The first five chapters of The Quest for the Golden Fleece are up and hopefully, the sixth will be up soon. I'm also looking for a prompt in The Serpent's Shadow to write fanfic for the Kane Chronicles.

My Fanfics:

Working on

The Quest for the Golden Fleece: So a lot of people asked if I was going to do the sequel for The Quest for the Master Bolt and write The Sea of Monsters in Annabeth's point of view. I hadn't thought about continuing it before, and even though it was fun to write The Quest for the Master Bolt, I felt a load more carefree after I finished, knowing I didn't have to frantically type up chapters after I got home from school and post them up. So I had a long rest period after completing TQMB (too lazy to type the whole thing out) because I'm just that lazy, but then I decided I would write The Sea of Monsters in Ananbeth's point of view. It'll be a bit different this time because for this story, I'm coauthoring for the first time! So I'm working on the story with carameltootsieroll! And it takes a lot longer to write the chapters. I want to be chapters ahead so it won't take basically two months to update! So I am working on the sequel, but sorry, it won't be up for a while. But thanks to everyone who read TQMB and wants me to write the sequel! I'm so sorry for the horrible updates for TQGF and I want to thank everyone for reading, reviewing, favoriting, and subscribing because it really does mean a lot! CHAPTER 7 IS UP!


The Quest for the Master Bolt: My first fanfic! When I read stories, a lot of the times, I wonder what other characters were thinking when they were in the situation with the main character. So I cracked open my book of The Lightning Thief and decided I'd write Annabeth's point of view. I had the idea for a long time, so I just started typing it up. It was pretty fun writing the chapters in Annabeth's point of view. I wrote about nine chapters in advance but then after that, I was back to writing chapters one by one. It was a pretty great experience for my first fanfic. Huge thanks to everyone who read, reviewed, put it on alert, and faved! You guys helped and encouraged me a lot!

Birthday Cake: When I read The Red Pyramid, I wanted to write a fanfiction for the book. So I reread the book and looked for something to write the fanfic on. I decided to write one about Sadie's birthday and the fight and the cake exploding. I had borrowed the book from my friend and I couldn't keep it forever, especially since everyone knew my friend was like a personal library and wanted to read The Red Pyramid too. So early one morning, I got up, jumped on the computer, and started typing away at the building idea. I based off the argument on arguments with my sister. Okay, we never argued about/like that, but I thought about how an argument would go like when I argued with her, and that's what I came up with. Again, thanks to everyone who reviewed and favorited! I honestly didn't expect that many reviews. Thanks so much!

Presents and Pranks: It had been so long since I'd posted some writing on here, and I felt bad for taking so long on the sequel to The Quest for the Master Bolt so I decided to write something else in Annabeth's point of view. After thinking, I decided on writing about when Annabeth got her cap of invisibility. I mean, how has no one ever stolen Annabeth's invisibility cap? Why didn't they use it? Hm... I put a LOT of foreshadowing in the story. You've probably picked out some when you first read it, but you probably haven't noticed all of the foreshadowing. I just love finding foreshadowing in fanfics, don't you? Except when it's really extremely obvious. Oops. I might have made some foreshadowing too obvious. :P But thanks for reading this one!

I Take a Distress Call: Just a little one-shot I decided to write quickly for fun. It was inspired by the quote in The Throne of Fire when Sadie said that Carter thought Zia was sending him a distress call and Carter said there was a 'Z' carved into his mashed potatoes. That was a quote I originally thought about writing a fanfic about when I was reading through the book. But when I came across the bet quote, I decided to write about that. But then I read a review for Birthday Cake from greenplanet that said she wants more fanfics with Carter in them, so that inspired me to write out the mashed potatoes quote. Nothing else to do, after all. :) So enjoy! I wasn't expecting this much feedback so I thanks you guys so much for all your nice reviews and for adding this story to communities (eeeek!)!

Why Did Dylan Quinn Have to Exist?: Another Kane Chronicles story. I actually bought The Throne of Fire this time, so I didn't have to immediately return it to a friend. I knew I was going to write a fanfiction for the second book in the series so while I was reading, I looked for good prompts in the book. And then when Sadie said that she had never got her friends into that much trouble, not even when they got shut in the boys' changing room because of a five quid bet, Dylan Quinn's knickers, and a squirrel, I knew that's what I wanted to write the fanfic on. I actually planned a lot on this story compared to my planning on Distress Call, which just came to me naturally. I tried different scenes and different ways they got into the bet. Eventually, I kind of didn't plan as much, which was bad me. :P Thanks for reading and reviewing this!

Looking for a beta?

I'm always open and up to beta-ing because, call me nerdy, but I actually really like reading over things to check for grammar mistakes, better phrasing, etc. Please PM me if you want me to beta for you! When I beta, I'll probably read through the document multiple times before I'm finished editing. Even though I take some time to update my stories (which I'm extremely sorry for), I don't take nearly as long at all to send you back your edited document. Give me a few days at the most! I've read a lot more books than the ones I listed in my beta profile and would be totally up to beta for more than just those books, so feel free to ask me if I've read another book. However, the ones I listed are the ones I know best. If you want me to beta for you, thank you, and I'm excited to read and help you with your story!

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