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Hi there y'all :D

My name's Liz, but you can call me Lizzle. This is mah shizzle and I'm of the hizzle.
(I'm terribly weird, but I like it that way)

So, I love to write stories. The only problem is that I usually don't finish them. That's because I daydream a lot and it always consists of making up stories I'm the main character of. And then I get awesome ideas for new stories and I abandon the old. It's a vicious circle.

I'll try to finish this new one though :D I'm really hyped up about it, because I amde the characters myself and I'm just fangirling about them all the freaking time. I'm gonna draw them as well, so if you wanna see them, check my dA account out:

Another annoying habit of mine is reblogging/etc too much (as you can see below), don't mind all that stuff. I just can't bring myself to delete it( I suspect I have a mild form of hoarding, since I have a hard time throwing stuff away. "I might still need it someday!" "It has emotional value!" some of my excuses)

So, check out my stories and feel free to ask me any questions you'd like :D I won't bite :p

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