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Author has written 2 stories for Twilight, and Hocus Pocus.

*Important* I have 2 pages of reviews... Thanks to all that have taken the time to read and review my first story, I have a Hocus Pocus story posted so be looking out for that and the sequel to Tough Lover is... When Life Gives You Lemons will be written and edited this week during my School Spring Break and at least the first chapter will be posted as well. I am looking for a beta so if anyone is interested send me a PM.

I am just a simple girl. My favorite things to read/write fanfiction on are Vampire Diaries, Vampire Acadamy, SVM, Percy Jackson and The Olympians, and Twilight. I have just recently fell in love with Harry Potter FF, staring herminone and anyone but Harry and Ron. I am a college student and my current major is Associates of Art and my future consists of more college where I plan to get a double Major in Theater and creative writing, and a double minor in British Lit and American Lit. I hope to someday be a high school or college teacher with a successful novel series on the side.

Contact Information

Email: fanfiction.xangelofmercyx09@
Facebook: AngelOf Mercy

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