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So, you've probably noticed that i have removed most of my stories... I'm apologize for this but i simply had no more inspiration for all of them. The good news is that i'm still writing and new ideas and fics are on the way. Don't know how long it will take for them to actually get posted her but i promise to keep you up-to-date. Thank you for everyone who ever reviewed and added to alert/favorite.

Okay, so i created a new account "Milla P" because i wanted to start fresh with my new ideas. The story described below will be posted there.

New story (not published yet):

Fandom: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (English dubbed anime, sound episodes and picture dramas)

Title: Contract Ragnarök: Dreaming of Butterflies

Rating: Maybee M (as i think the original anime is that too) but i'm thinking of toning it down a bit

Pairing: Hmm i'm still unsure about this one. Perhaps Gino/OC, tiny bit one-sided Luciano/OC, hints of Suzaku/Euphemia, slight Suzaku/OC (friendship-like?) and most definitely OC/OC

Warnings: Violence (blood & gore), OC's

Timeline: Will be the same as in the anime and will progress at the same pace (R1) but you can consider this an AU up to a certain point as some events are slightly altered

POV: My original female character will 'tell' the story, so to speak. Though the story is told from her POV, it will be an he/she-perspective, if you know what i mean

Final info (I won't reveal too much yet but i can say the following things):

- I will use several OC's (most of them are family/friends of the main character and family of the canon characters)
- The canon characters will all come forward in this fic. Especially Gino Weinberg, Miss Lohmeyer and V.V. have a much larger and significant role. Lelouch's story isn't the centre of attention, still his actions will influence everything
- This whole fic will focus more on the Britannian side instead of the Black Knights and Japanese (Elevens) in the original story
- Some orginazations that will appear: the Order of Geass, the House of Lords, the JLF (Japanese Liberation Front) and the government of Britannia
- This will NOT, i reapet NOT, be just a rewrite of the series plus a perfect lil' OC! The story is something different. Although there are events that are the same, i will bring them from another perspective
- The major difference from the original series is definitely the perspective. She will have relations to the canon characters but not to the extend of a fairytale romance and she won't be just ADDED to the anime. She has her own story

Please pm me if you have any comments or something else to say. I'd like to remind you, this is a work in progress so things might change slightly.

30/07/2011: I'm going on holiday tomorrow at like 7 in the morning... i'll be gone for 2 weeks so no updates then :(, sad i know but i'll try to write and think of new ideas while i'm camping. Yeah we're gonna drive to Austria with the caravan and then on the way back stay in the Czech Republic for a few days. There i'll have Wifi. Seriously, i don't know how i'm gonna survive without internet! I'm gonna miss reading everyone's stories. I do hope to see some updates when i return. The new Code Geass fic i've been working on is growing and growing inside my head and i've already put some ideas on paper. The title will be: Contract Ragnarok: Dreaming of Butterflies (yeah i changed it) I'll explain why when i actually publish it. Above, you can get a little more info on what and who. For now, i'm off. Later!

21/07/2011: So, i was going to update my story Fiddler's Green but i'm not completely happy with the chapter yet. It might take a few days before i actually post it. On with the real news: The fic about Code Geass i mentioned earlier is definitely underway. I have created a nice plot with an OC. Currently i'm still debating how i will incorporate it into the anime story (I was thinking starting at season 1 but maybe after season 3 and create a whole new AU). I don't particularly like it when writers put an OC in the mix of all the canon characters and then adapt all the events taking place in the OC's favor. You could say i'm a bit of a hypocrite, since i always use a major OC in my stories, but the point is that i will try to make the whole thing original, without ruining the anime. And i think i have just the tools to do that. I really don't know if i'd be a success but i do hope i will get some responses when the first chapter comes out. I'm sorry to those who'd rather have me update my other stories, but like i said: WRITER'S BLOCK isn't a girl's best friend.

12/06/2011: Well, i'm kinda stuck with my stories at the moment. Enormous writer's block. If is was up to me i'd remove all of them and then start all over rewriting them. But as it turns out i decided against this idea. I'll let them be for now.

In the mean time my interest for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion has grown immensely and i've got this amazing idea for an OC (ofcourse! what else?). I don't know when or even if i will post it here, but i'm working on this new fic as we speak. The title will probably be: Code Geass: The Sword of Justice has no Scabbard. It will be rated M, will contain more violence (if possible), gore, sexual situations and rude language, i think, than the series. Also, i will change certain aspects in the storyline, but nothing too major. I'll like to hear your opinion about this:). I'll give you a heads up on how things aredevelopping with this idea as soon as it becomes available.

30/05/2011: Here i have a pic of what Liv from my story Fiddler's Green would look like. I found this photo on the internet; i don't know you it is and i do not own it in any way! Her eyes would be a little darker though, but that's just a minor detail. I chose this pic because it portraited exactly how i imaged my OC to look like and i was just stoked when i found this! I hope you like it:

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