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About Me: Well, what to say. My name is Daisey. Uhmm I signed up on here to read some books and I realize that users on here are really creative. They are sometimes better than the books that are published. I give them a hands up. hehehe. Fanfiction is awesome!

Books: I love reading anything that has to do with paranormal stuff or romance. Hehehe..

Author: I love Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christina Dodd, Lisa Kleypas, and a lot of people on here. The have such wonderful minds and I really love the way they word their stories.

Website: www.myspace.com/daiseylee07 or http://www.fictionpress.com/~daiseylee
Hope you guys contact me. Thanks for stopping by! Love you guys! Hope you guys like my stories also! Much love!

NOTE: I just recently joined FictionPress.net. It's kind of like FanFiction but you write your own stories. My story Love at Sea is up to two chapters, so go read and review. I would really appreciate for comments so that I can improve my writing. Thanks you guys all so much!

March 31, 2010: Happy Memorial Day!! Anyways, I wrote two stories now and would really appreciate it, if some of you guys go and check them out. The website is up there on fictionpress, so check them out! I hope I get reviews also!

Update! July 1st, 2010: OMG, you guys, on FictionPress a lot of people had put my story Love at Sea and Midnight Touches on their Story Alerts and Favorite Story. I am really really happy about that. I've never expect to get so many hits. Even though I don't get reviews, the meaning that they took their time to read it, is enough for me. Well anyways, hope you guys go check it out! Much love!