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Author has written 29 stories for Warriors, Pokémon, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Final Fantasy X, Yu-Gi-Oh, Homestuck, Misc. Plays/Musicals, and Mario.

Deltra would care for a beta reader, but is, sadly, too lazy to go out and find one. That and, when she does look, she can never find any good ones. Characterization isn't a problem, just anyone with time to kill every month or so who can help with her self taught grammar and atrocious spelling would be nice. If you are interested or know someone who might be, don't hesitate to PM her. Really, she's not as mean as she might seem in the below information. She just wrote this all at a really late time of night. Thank you for your time.

Username;; The lovely Ms. Deltra 307. You can also call me Leap, guessing as that's typically what I go by now a days.

Age;; Sixteen, yo!

Grade;; Sophmore in high school.

Gender;; Quite female, last time I checked.

Birthday;; March 16th.

Likes;; Um... Well, I like drawing when it's not making me tear my hair out due to my raving perfectionism. Writing, as you probably guessed, is also high on my list. I play-by-post roleplay a lot - I've run, like. Four sites total as head admin - but that's kind of an on and off thing, much like my process of writing fanfiction. I love manga because it gives me something to do, read specifically in my free time at school and anime the lazy way out of getting to the story idea without having to actually read it all. Which is quite good, too. Maybe if I wasn't so horrible at video games I'd like them more, but I'm pretty in love with them as is. Also, my heart lies with Silver from Pokemon. Just so you know. =w=b

Dislikes;; Pfft, the usual. Again. Flamers, obnoxious people, basically sixty-five percent of what the universe offers to us. My writing scheduled and lack of a sense of priority are really starting to get on my nerves, though. Not loving that fact that my brothers have something against Vocaloid so I can't listen/sing it without getting made fun of or - in some cases - can't even listen to it at all without getting in trouble. Yes, because Hold and Release is such a horrifying song, I know.

Favorite Anime;; Oh, goodness. Um. Well. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni is my favorite right now. Er... Soul Eater, Puella Magi Madoka Magika, Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicles, both Fullmetal Alchemist series, Hetalia, that whole shibang. The older Digimon anime wasn't too bad, either. And I have these weird, growing obsessions with Dragon Ball Z - Kai if you want to be really specific - and the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime that can also be noted. Really, nothing too out there.

Favorite Manga;; Well. If you look above. You've already got some of them. *can't get her hands on too much manga* I have a few Higurashi volumes and currently own the first seven volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh!, though. The Maximum Ride manga - or is it just a graphic novel in disguise? - is pretty darn sweet, too. And Pokemon Special is the greatest thing to come out of the Pokemon franchise. Ever. Ever. All my love. Everywhere.

Favorite Games;; My favorite game series will probably always be Final Fantasy X being the big, totally awesome and nostalgic game for me. That is literally the first game I've ever layed eyes on. ... I was a poor child. I didn't even hardly get to watch television. The Zelda series is also quite wonderful, Four Sword Adventures being the first game I ever got to play. Mario can kill my time for hours until I get stuck and rage quit. X'D Um... Pokemon games, obviously. Okami is a masterpiece. OFF is a new favorite of mine, probably being near the top of the list of favorite games. ... I started playing IB, got halfway through, cheesed out, and never finished, BUT WHAT I PLAYED WAS GREAT. Also, Star Ocean: 'Til the End of Time is my baby. The Sly Cooper series is my other baby. I dunno, there are a lot of games I adore.

Favorite Books;; I like Warriors still. Just haven't read it in nearly a year. :I Maximum Ride is my favorite book series. The Hunger Games used to be completely and totally awesome to me, but I think it gets more attention than it might deserve. Hated the movie, too. That's about it for books that totally thrill me. I mean, I like reading, just not a lot really is all BAM in my face. Er... Wow, I haven't read too many actual novels in a while. I just recently started reading The Fault in Our Stars and it's glorious. I also read a Selective Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate within the past week, but I don't think that'd count as a favorite, helpful at it was, much less a book.

Favorite Music;; While I have no absolute favorite song - too many to choose from - I do have a handful of ones that have caught my attention, Devour by Shinedown being the apple of my eye right now. Um... Well... Heavy metal and hard rock are typically the genres I swim in, smooth jazz and slower piano music also holding a place in my heart. My favorite band of all time is Rammstein with Powerman 5000 coming in second and Vocaloid is just aboslutely wonderful. even if people don't like my constant listening or singing of the songs. X'D

Story Statuses;; Oi, where to begin. Well. As of the time of writing this, Yu-Gi-Oh! is kind of eating away at my soul so updates no a lot of the stories will be slow and such. However. I shall let you know which ones are where in terms of continuation and why. Ready?

A New Hope - You know, that super old Warriors one? Ha ha. No. Don't even kid. You don't remember it. Heck, I don't even remember what it's about. The plot is bad, the writing is bad, and Warriors just isn't eating away at my soul like Yu-Gi-Oh! right now. I think that's reason enough to dub this story DISCONTINUED.
Shadows from Whatever with a River and Death - See above. DISCONTINUED.

Shadowcrawlers, Yeah - You guessed it. DISCONTINUED.

Shadows Rising - I'm seeing a lot of shadow related themes here. Have the clans been playing in the Shadow Realm too much? DISCONTINUED.

Rise of Hollystar - Oh, hey, look! One people might actually care about! Look, guys. I love the support. Seventy reviews? With the ten chapters, that's roughly seven reviews per chapter. In other words, this is my most popular work so far. Sadly, the writing is bad, the plot is bad... Are you getting deja vu yet? Yes, people, the Rise of Hollystar is also DISCONTINUED. It's been over two years since an update. Do you REALLY think I care about it enough to continue after two years?

Darkness of the Heart/Silent Screams/Return of the Clans/Golden Sun - All five are squashed into one because I'm lazy, they're mostly in order, and they all were about the same level in my mind. Cool plots at the time that I thought would get me a ton of reviews and stuff and make people happy. Sadly, they all ended up as flops. Have you guessed it by now? In other words, all of my Warriors stories - including Rewritten - are officially DISCONTINUED until further notice. Maybe I'll take up one of them again. Maybe. For now, I'll leave them up in case people want to reread them, see how I've improved over the near three years I've been on here, or simply mock my horrid writing.

Through Shadows and Light - And we go to a less bleak side of Deltra's fanfiction account... not to see much better results. I will tell you this now; I love Shadows and Light. I did back then and I still do. The characters need work, but the plot, even if being just an AU adaption of the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon plotline has been with me longer than I've had this account. Really, I'd like to pick this sad piece up off the ground and remold it into something better. Until then, I'll put this on HIATUS.

Rising Flames - This story wouldn't be understood without Shadows and Light to lead it along. Whatever was going into this fic can simply be slipped into whatever remake of that I end up writing, anyway. In other words, DISCONTINUED.

Where Heart Meets Soul - This is another story line of mine that I love and won't be forgetting any time soon. The last time I successfully live action roleplayed with myself was actually to this story line. The humor was witty and funny for once, the characters pretty true in my eyes, and the plot an interesting mix of two popular fandoms. Of course, because it was a mix, it didn't get as much attention as I wanted it to and, discouraged after a month or so after posting it, the story feel through the roof. The quality of the prologue seems fair enough that, if I am to take this up again, a rewrite is unnecessary. So, until further notice, this is also on HIATUS.

Soul of Silver - And the apple of my eye in the Pokemon fandom, the Johto remakes novelization. Again. Just another thing that I had a lot of hope for, but just didn't come together right. Even the remake has such a contrast in the prologue and first chapter, I think, that it just kind of looses it's shine. As much as this plot kept me entertained all those years ago and as much as I'll replay the awesome fight scene utop the Radio Tower, it's time to put it to bed. A Soul of Silver is finally DISCONTINUED.

Tell Me Where it Hurts - Goodness, you don't know how much I rambled on and on about this at school in order to kill free time of my own and others'. Tell Me Where it Hurts, while an update probably won't be around until spring or something, isn't gone yet. The angst, characters, and plot are enough to keep this going. So, it is with a happy heart that I dub this as a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Imperfection - However, this one is a little more difficult. I have no idea where to go with this. I like the first chapter and it's not too long of a story so it shouldn't be taking this long, but I'm at a complete loss. This one is also being put onto HIATUS.

25 Ways to Make Sure You're Insane - Guessing as this is a one-shot collection and doesn't really have a driving plotline that requires updates, I like to tell myself that I can be pretty lax with this one, despite my goal of an update every week. About eight months without an update kind of exceeds the weekly limit, but this is another one that I like too much to let go in any form. This is another WORK IN PROGRESS.

Fragile - The Pokemon fandom isn't leaving my system any time soon as proved with this Wedlocke novelization. A lot of progress has already been made on it, an entire structure already made. I just don't want to post any of the completed chapters until I'm well in so that it's not me struggling to write a chapter while people wait for updates. This upcoming story has YET TO BE POSTED.

Visio Dei - I doubt anyone got excited about this story, save for me, but - well, it's been a year and I've made a ton of progress. But for as much progress as I've made, I've thrown stuff out even more. I've completely scraped the idea of this being Yu-Gi-Oh! due to the fact that I've only had one major kick of Yu-Gi-Oh! muse since my two one-shots; clearly, not enough to write a massive epic as a sci-fi AU. Then it was going to be Homestuck, because I was practicing writing as the characters, but I couldn't make the characters fit the roles. Except Davesprite and Jadesprite who, in fact, fit their roles so well, it actually made it impossible for me to allow myself to change it back into a Yu-Gi-Oh! thing with the character that they'd taken the place of. Frustrated, I called it quits, and decided to make it into a completely original novel. Best decision I ever made regarding this story; it was practically one hundred percent original from the get-go, anyway. So, as you can guess, this will never be posted here, seeing as it is no longer a fanfic. I do have a Fictionpress account that I would consider posting it on for all interested, but the stuff on there's embarrassing, yo. Guess this story's just for my enjoyment and mine alone.

Cry to the Heavens - I might not even post this here, but for those of you curious, this is what happens when Leap shoves characters from one fandom into the plot line of another and gets really giddy about it. Honestly, I don't know if you want to read this. Like. I dunno. I'm insecure about my writing. Only twelve chapters, but they're all, like, somewhere between thirteen and sixteen thousand words long. >3>; (I have actually been working on this since my last profile update, believe it or not, but the chapters are long and draining and progress has been slow.)

Deltra's Bucket Load of One-shots - No, this isn't actually a fanfic title. Also, there aren't as many one-shots in the bucket as I'd like. I have a couple of ideas for a couple. I dunno, I might start on one right now. Actually, heck it, yeah, I'm doing that. Right now. Where doing this man. Where making this hapen.

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