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Hello Fandom!

If you're looking for the stories- all updates will be found here-

Welcome to my world!!! Walk with Me is my first attempt in writing fan fictions. It is my baby in every sense of the word. I discovered the Twilight phenomenon in November 2009, later than most people, but it consumed me and I read the entire series in just weeks and have read the books many times since then. I just started writing last April and am on a roll.

Writing is a creative outlet for me and hopefully, by doing so I am able to give you some enjoyment as well. I have a favor to ask. If you enjoy my stories, take a sec and let me know in a review. It doesn't have to be lengthy. If you have a question, ask it. I will be happy to answer it.

I don't have much to say about myself except I am trapped (and loving it) in this twilight world. I am also a banner h00r. I usually have several banners for my stories not counting the chapter banners. LOL. I love making them too.

Thank you for checking out my profile.

Whisper to a Scream is an entry and a second place winner in public votes at the PickYourPicContest. Writers must choose from a number of pictures and write a story about it. Here's the picture that inspired the One-shot and the Banner. Updated 10-28-11.

Irreversible is nominated for the Hot Potato Award (Story you drop everything to read) Category at the Tomato Soup Award. I will appreciate every vote I can get. Thanks in advance.

Here we are, another One-shot from a contest. This time it's a collaboration with my best gal, Shadow_Kissed. Curse in the Darkness is an entry to the Opposite Attract one-shot contest here at FFnet. Another proud moment for us, it came home with First Place-public voting. Here's the winner Banner and the Story Banner by Debra. Please give it a whirl. You will love it. LOL! Updated 08-15-2011

Here's a recent One-shot I wrote for the Write that Tune Contest at ffnet. Every Time We Touch. We get to pick a song from their list of songs and I chose the song of Cascada- Every Time We Touch. To listen to the song. please use this link . I'm proud to say this One-shot got Second Place in public voting. Here's the winner banner artfully made by KatMom, and here's a banner I adopted from Maimu's collection. Updated 08-14-2011

Here's my newest One-Shot that won First Place in public vote in The Love Actually contest. Light in the Wilderness.

Please check out the Story and the Banner and Banner.

The Love Actually contest Link.

Please give this story a whirl, you just might end up liking it. It's in The Writers Coffee Shop Romance Series Original contest.

Shaletan Code: With the King's untimely death, the seven Realms are looking to Princess Lianndale to mate and restore order before true chaos changes the lives of everyone, including the humans. Dron, the Shaletan Warrior, Leader of the Elves and guardian to Lianndale is torn between duty, his past and forbidden feelings for the princess. As the Princess reaches her prime of her Matera cycle, Dron must make a choice. Will he reveal the secret and risk everything? Can he put his past behind him and find love, or is he doomed to watch in silence as another becomes King and he is left with a broken heart.

I received three nominations at The Sunflower Award- one for me and two for my stories.*

Please consider voting if you believe we deserved it.

The Sunflower Award- Irreversible by LFC Hotstuff

Best O/S- Shake by LFC Hotstuff

Master of Cliffhangers- LFC Hotstuff

Here's the link where you can vote: The Sunflower Awards

*Walk With Me has been Nominated at Inspired Fan Fic Awards for Favorite Edward under 1000 reviews!

Link to vote*

Final round of voting is going will be over on March 14. Vote for Walk With me HERE Favorite Edward under 1000 reviews... actually, the story just passed 200 reviews! LOL

The Writer's Coffee Shop review of Walk With Me

Check it here

Walk With Me Banners - To view the banners, please click here

Walk With Me Playlist: Listen here

TEASERS for WWM is posted on my blog. Please check it out and let me know what you think!*

This is the playlist for Chapter 13- Cause we've ended as lovers - Jeff Beck. The music will knock you socks off, not to mention your panties. I urge you to listen to this

song while reading the middle part of the chapter.

Chapter 47: Here's the Link for the WWM's anniversary banner and pictures of the gift from Carlisle, Esme, Charlie and Renee to Bella.

Chapter 48: Wedding Slide, Bella's Wedding gown manipulation by Luisa and Playlist. Finally right?

Chapter 49: Honeymoon Slide

Midnight Blue rec by Dreamin of Jasper Blog:

Vampire Edward has fallen for Human Bella...again! Except this time she's married to Human Joe who's dying of a brain tumor. Edward confessed his love for her but is trying to explain to Joe what he is & possibly offering him immortality! I can't wait to find out what Joe thinks when he processes all of this...he might think Edward's the one w/the brain tumor! LOL

MIDNIGHT BLUE - Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LFC HOTSTUFF has decided to give us a treat for Halloween...and no, it's not chocolate but it's definitely SWEET EDWARD He's a vamp, Bella's human, & he's falling in love w/her. Sounds familiar, right? Forget what you know from the 'Saga' because this plot is like nothing I've read before. Give it a try..it's 2 chapters in & I'm defnitely hooked!

Irreversible- 1st Place winner-People's choice in the Jukebox One-shot contest. For the contest, the authors had to select songs from their list and once the song is reserved in the writers name, it cannot be changed. Most of the songs that I wanted were already taken and the song I picked went well with the story I had in mind. You will notice the lyrics in some parts of the story. Song title: I'm not in love by 10cc.

Link to the contest: Jukebox Contest

A short review by Wayward Pushers Blog.

Wheelchair Sex position CHART: Here's the chart that I mentioned in chapter 3. Check it out if you want to giggle and blush! LOL

This will be the last link I'll be sharing with you as far as this story is concerned. Dream Love Chair- will be found on Chapter 25. Don't forget to check the positions too. LMAO

This just in; got an email from the Quickie Contest host informing me that my One-shot entry for the Strict 500 word limit contest got the Voter's Choice Award. A total shock for me considering there were 116 amazing entries altogether.

Link to the Quickie Contest.

My entry is entitled See Me. An Edward and Bella fic of course. Check it out. It's posted on my blog. Tell me if this is something you want to read in the future.

See Me Banner

Heart to Heart - took Second Place in Public Vote for the Trying for a Baby contest

Heart to Heart winning Banner is made by Christag_Banner. I've also adopted a Banner at TwiFicPics by Violentdelight.

Playlist for Heart to Heart - Lullaby by Creed

Road To Mercy - 1st Place Winner in the Games With James One Shot Contest - Collaboration with the talented Shadow_Kissed.

Road To Mercy Banner: Check it here

Road To Mercy Playlist: You can listen to the playlist here

LINK TO THE CONTEST: Games for James

Broken Time - 3rd Place Winner - FreeWriters & Readers Musical Cues One Shot Contest

Broken Time Banner:

3rd Place Banner made by Julie - Check it out here

FFFW Banner done by Lindz - BT

Broken Time Playlist: The O/S was inspired by this song: Blind by Lifehouse

Running Scared Banner:

Main Banner expertly done by Dazzled-by-Jake

Chapter Banner made by yours truly

I have a playlist for most of my stories. I can't write without them. Running List- playlist

Shake Banners: Edward and Bella Banners made by yours truly.

Where you can find me:

My blog: - A teaser for Archaic Lies, a One-shot we pledged for the Fandom Fights the Floods, is posted there. Please check it out.

*Fandom Fights the Floods Link *

FreeWriters and Readers: LFC Hotstuff

Freedom Fan Fiction Writers FFFW: LFC Hotstuff

Check me out on Facebook Elle F Cee

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You can also check out my other collaboration stories here. Vag-Underworld

A shared Blog with Shadow_Kissed - Vagina of the Underworld.

Thanks for dropping by.


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Name reviews
As a vampire with a long list of mistakes and indiscretions, Edward Cullen is quite familiar with regrets and forbidden cravings. He only exists, bordering on the edge of death and life. Now, he's about to step over that edge. When he came across a human girl about to be raped and killed, Edward discovers the very thing he's been searching for, a chance for a new life, redemption,
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Walk With Me reviews
Edward lost his legs prior to receiving immortality. Bella was devastated by the man she then loved. Can two damaged people be brought back to life by love? This story will draw you in completely.
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Can Bella still salvage herself and Edward from the mess she created? How late is too late? All Human. 2nd Place winner-public voting @ PickYourPicContest.
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