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Author has written 21 stories for Harry Potter, Star Wars, White Collar, Glee, Star Trek: 2009, Supernatural, Bates Motel, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Well, I guess this is the part where I talk about myself. I have been a fanfic reader for a couple of years and never thought I would write anything until I fell in love with the Neville/Draco pairing from Harry Potter. The only problem with the pairing is that they are not a very popular, so I had start writing to feed my addiction.

I love reading Dean/Cas, Clark/Lex and I've been reading some Draco/Harry..they are not my OTP, but many of the writers for that pairing are so good they manage to suck me in and make me believe it. I've also recently discovered Snupin and if I had a maruader's era OTP it would be Severus/Remus.

I've begun cross-listing my fic at archive of our own under the same username.

And, for those of you who review I want to say thanks...the feedback is very helpful and I do appreciate it.

Update 1-10-12

So, I've decided to keep this profile as a sort of log of my fanfiction addictions and changes in writing that I hope to update regularly. I know I enjoy seeing other writers that do the same, so I hope you don't mind reading through my ramblings to find updates.

I have added a couple of fandoms to my write/read list over the past few months. This includes Glee Kurt/Dave aka Kurtofsky and White Collar Peter/Neal..though I am cooling my heels a little on that fandom because it has a lot of OT3 pairings and that's just not my cup of tea, even though I can see why the fandom would go there. A fandom that I'm reading in but not writing is X-Men First Class with the Erik/Charles pairing--if you have not seen this movie watch it..the chemistry is amazing and the fanfic that has sprung from movie is some of the best out there. The additions of these new fandoms and my continuing love of Draco/Neville has caused me to stop reading Harry/Draco completely. Again there are great stories and great writers in that fandom, but now when I read them all I can think is that it feels like Draco is cheating on his true love Neville.

A recent change in my writing seems to be that I can now work on more than one story at a time..though not at the same time. Which sounds confusing but basically means I usually start writing a new story when my last story is winding down or I take breaks from larger stories like Rise of the Wolf to write quick one-shots. I'm really working on saying more with less since writing the longer novella-length stories take so long and have enjoyed trying to vary my writing style. Which isn't to say that I'm going to stop writing the long stories, just that they may not be the focus of my writing in the future.

Currently I have three WIPS:

1. Rise of the Wolf- a HP fandom Draco/Neville story that is finished but needs some beta work and re-writes on the last three chapters, so if your waiting for updates, just know that the story will be finished...the one promise that I made to myself when I started writing is that I would never leave a WIP unfinished and I won't leave you hanging. As a matter of fact I promise Chapter 8 will be up by 1-17-12 and the last two chapters by 2-1-12. There I said it..and I'm too OCD to not meet a deadline, so it will happen. This will be my longest story to date at about 55,000 words.

2. DILF - this is a Glee fandom story that to be honest with you keeps distracting me from my Rise re-writes...but it's so shiny and new it's hard not to go there when I get bogged down in re-writes. This story is mostly done with only a chapter and half left to it should be complete by the end of February at the latest and end up around 20,000 to 24,000 words.

3. No One Knows it All - this is going to be a novella-length story and I know that several of you have it on Alert, but it may be March before I come back it. I just can't do another novella while editing Rise.

Of course I have a whole list of new ideas and may do a few d/n one shots when the mood strikes, but for right now these stories are my focus.

And just one more note. I am my own Beta which is the worst idea ever I know, but my old beta quit when her job changed and it takes a lot for me to trust someone with my writing, so I apologize for any mistakes..they are my own and I will correct if you let me know.

Update 5-13-12

Wow, it has been 5 months since I updated this profile. I have thought about adding an update several times in the last few months, but I have been so busy writing and reading I have not been able to keep it up as I would have liked, though I have learned a great many things about myself as a writer that I wish to share.

First and foremost, I learned that I need to be very careful when I choose to write in any sort of deadlined fic fest or prompts. I had been avoiding them, since my first attempt at a monthly prompt turned into a 30,000 word monster (*see note below), but after listening to an episode of the podcast show called slashcast, I decided to give it a try in several different venues with varying results. (btw if you like slash I really recommend catching is fun to listen too and has a different focus every month, so if it's not something that rings you bell one month, the next you might find something worthwhile).

Now back to the fests...the first one I signed up for was Harlequin HP Style on Livejournal. This was an anonymous prompt-based fest that had a nice long deadline and a pretty low required fic length, so I thought it would be an easy was I wrong. First of all, having a prompt tied to a specific prompter really made me nervous because I didn't want to disappoint the prompter, which of course led to a terrible case of writer's block. I ended up needing an extension and though "Passion's Inheritance" did turn out to be a pretty good story (at least according to the beta and the reviewers) it just doesn't 'feel' like my stories usually do.

The second fest I decided to participate in, went a lot smoother. It was Kurtofsky week on tumblr. This fest was structured so that there was a daily prompt that had been voted on by the people who cruise the Kurtofsky tag. There was no claiming or word limit on submissions and there were several ways to submit the work. The fic/art etc.., just had to involve the Kurt/Dave relationship and relate to the prompt in some way. This low-pressure fest was more my cup of tea. I completed 2 submissions and did a little work on a third that I never finished. I was really pleased with the two pieces I completed and have received a lot of positive feedback on those stories.

So, in summation, I tried the fest thing and at least now I know what works for me and what doesn't.

As for my reading and writing in general, I'm happy to report that I have finally finished the three works in progress that were looming over my head in January. This has freed me up to write some one-shots, most featuring Dave/Kurt, who are quickly becoming my writing OTP, overthrowing Draco/Neville for the moment. I am still reading both of these ships as well as my other main reading ships Dean/Cas and Clark/Lex with forays into Sherlock/John, Snape/Lupin, Peter/Neal, Sam/Cas, Finn/Blaine and Raj/Howard when I can find them. I have almost completely stopped reading Eric/Charles though I still ship them. It seems I need to have regular doses of the characters I love to keep shipping them, so my movie ships just sail on by while my television ships stay strong.

As for upcoming projects, I have a Dave/Kurt fic that is in the final stages of editing and will be ready to publish in the next week or two. It was supposed to be a PWP, but it grew a darn plot on me and I will be writing what looks to be a multi-chaptered sequel. I also have a Draco/Neville WIP called How to Woo a Barmaid, but I just can't seem to get into writing it, so it's likely to stay a WIP for a while to come. I'm hoping that I have time this summer to do quite a bit of writing, though I'm kind of in a reader mode at the moment, so who knows maybe it will be weeks before I pick up the laptop to write again.

Note* The fic I wrote for this fest is called Wizard Wars. It was a Star Wars/Harry Potter fusion. I don't know why, but I have had almost no response on this fic from readers on this site. It has the lowest readership of any of my multi-chaptered fics and is the only fic I ever had to remove an anonymous review from because that very brave person gay-bashed me in it. Anyway, if you're interested, check it out...the few people that have read it over on archive of our own have left me some great reviews and if, while reading it, you figure out why it was such a flop, let me know, so I can avoid those pitfalls the next time.

Thanks and I will do this again at the end of summer to report on my progress then...also I've joined tumblr and may post these updates there at some point.

Update 6-3-12

Updating this way sooner than expected, but it's been such a busy month I just had to take a few moments to capture all that I've been working on:

First I have been writing like mad on three different stories! It is driving me a little bonkers, but at the same time it's been good for me to practice writing from different perspectives and moods...though now that I say that, most everything I have been working on is rather angsty with the occasional comedic moment thrown in. These are all multi-chaptered fic as well, one of which will absolutely end up over 20,000 words. Two of the stories will be kurtofsky and one will be my first ever OT3 featuring Klainofsky. Now, if you have read this entire entry you will notice above that I state my discomfort with OT3 and believe me when I say I had no intention of writing one, but the story seems to have taken on a life of its own and it wants to be an OT3, so I finally gave up and starting writing with that goal in mind.

One of these stories will feature a new pov for me since it is being told from Blaine's perspective. I've never written him before and I have to say I'm kind of enjoying his character again now that I've removed him from the horrific things that season 3 of Glee saw him doing. I mean (or at least I hope), he's the same kinda self-centered/self-assured guy that he is on the show, just a little less douchy than what the writers turned him into this year.

I've also gone through and done a second beta on several my multi-chaptered fic and some of the one-shots. Man between 'Rise of the Wolf' and 'DILF' and 'No One Knows It All' I saw a huge improvement in my writing and grammar skills. As a matter of fact I would like to take this moment to say that all of you who commented that 'Rise' needed a few grammar corrections were way too nice to me. I actually hid my face when I saw all the your/you're and its/it's confusions throughout the story. That being said, I'm glad you weren't too hard on me. I was so touchy about my writing at first that I might have given up totally if I had gotten too many 'your grammar sucks!' comments.

Anyway, I just published the first chapter of one of the fics mentioned above today, it's called "A Seal Upon Your Heart", so if your in the mood for some Kurt/David check it out.

Update 9-3-12

Well, if you're reading this for updates on my unfinished stories or promised sequels you should know I've kind of gone a writing hiatus. At first, the hiatus was just going to be for the summer, but my recent attempts to continue working on projects usually end pretty quickly with me leaving to read some Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf), Steve/Tony (The Avengers) or some other Teen Wolf (yeah it's kind of been my summer obsession) fanfiction. At this point, I have no idea if or when I will go back to writing, though getting the occasional nudge from a reader does force me to go and look at my writing folder which holds the next 2 chapters of "A Seal Upon My Heart", the half-finished sequel to "Cheerios for Champs" and the nearly 7-chapter Klainofsky I was working on. I usually read over the titles, feel guilty, try to force myself to write and close the folder. I do want to thank those of you that are still reading and fav'ing. I really do appreciate it and I hope you enjoy the stories as much I enjoy the reading I've been doing the last 3 months.

Update 6-10-13

Wow! That was a very long hiatus...well, sort of long, not George Martin long, but still... anyway I'm actually surprised to be writing again, especially since I've been feeling very uninspired lately. It's all due to my new found love for Hannibal and the renewal of my Star Trek obsession from high school. I have been reading Hannibal/Will and Spirk fics mostly, with the occasional Dean/Cas thrown in for good measure (forever love me some Dean/Cas, but can't write them for crap!)

Anyway, as seems to be the case for me, when I find a new pairing, but can't find enough fic to suit my needs (which is another reason I don't write dean/cas - cause I could read forever and not read it all) I have started writing my own stories. I've published one work for Trek's Spock/Kirk pairing and have two others in the works. One is an under 5,000 word fic inspired by a prompt over at lj's badsexfest, while the other is looking a bit longer. I've committed to not publishing anymore WIP's, so who knows if they will see the light of day, but I do pick at them when I get the chance and they seem to be making progress. I've also written a few snippets for some Hannibal/Will stories, but I'm struggling with the language a bit. The show is very well written and trying to keep the character's voice/grammar usage/language skill has been a problem, so much so that one of the stories I'm working on is a high school au, because I want to write Will/Hannibal love story without having to google every other word. (btw never say that you would never write a certain genre or type of story because someday those words will come back to haunt you)

Anywho, it's good to be back and all the positive feedback from my new story, both here and over at archiveofourown has made it a surprisingly easy and enjoyable return.

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