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Author has written 19 stories for Army Wives.

SherwoodShippers is the writing team of LilDramaQueen10 (Being Sick, Empty Nest) and She'sAShipper (When Was the Day).

The team is dedicated to showing the dynamics of the unique relationship that exists between Frank and Denise Sherwood and take the readers behind closed doors and into a world where they are able to truly focus on one another.

Our first collaboration is Stand, named for a Rascal Flatts song that encompasses all that it takes to be a soldier or a soldier's wife.

Stand: Based on a concept developed by LilDramaQueen10 answering one burning question. What if Denise went to visit Frank the night he broke their date? In this story she does choose to try to see him but never makes it there as she is harmed on her way to their home. When Frank finds her, he promised to protect her and never let her be hurt again, but those bent on revenge for an unnamed sin make that impossible. As Frank and Denise watch each other battle this unknown monster they realize sometimes you need someone to help you Stand.

All Bets Are Off: Denise gets upset at Frank's attitude when it comes to helping around the house so they switch tasks for a day, he babysits ten wild kids including a set of infant twins while she does a full day of Army PT - chaos and surprises ensue.

The Greatest Man He Knew: While visiting his father's grave, Jeremy passes some important advice he received from his father to his own son, who's soon to be a father himself.

UnSung Heroes: A post episode piece for "Safety First". Denise's emotions and hormones get the better of her, but her husband is there to point out it's not always the person in the field that deserves the most credit.

Looking Happy - Denise Sherwood always looks happy, but with her marriage on the rocks, her friendships in a ditch, and her career all but ruined it's just too much for her to take. Can Frank put his anger and pain aside to be there when his wife needs him more than she ever has before?

Home Fires Burning - Frank and Denise are separated from one another on September 11, 2001. He's at the Pentagon and she's at home. See both sides as we commemorate an American tragedy and pay tribute to American heroes on the front line or the homefront.

Coming Soon:

Shadows - Denise is injured in the accident with Claudia Joy and Frank moves Heaven and earth to be at her side but even he can't understand what demons Denise is fighting in her dreams. Is is a horrible nightmare? Or is it a memory?

Another Kind of Mother's Day - Denise struggles through her first Mother's Day without Jeremy with her husband at her side.

Coming Home Soldier - Frank returns home after the Blackhawk crash a llittle worse for wear onthe inside and the outside. Follow the Sherwoods to those private places we never see. Takes place between the homecoming and Jeremy's revelation in "Who We Are"

The Birthday Girl - It's Denise's birthday and her friends decided to throw her a party inviting many people from both her professional and personal lives. Frank meets flirtatious biker girl, Angie, intimidating over protective Stevie, and...Mac...Not for Mac fans. (referring to Corporal Riley McCadden, not CB's JAG character.)

Twister: A rare weather event strikes Ft. Marshall while Frank and Denise are separated. Frank worries about his wife who is deathly afraid of storms and Denise worries about her husband driving in such dangerous weather. They each search for the other, thinking the worse, until an act of heroism on Frank's part brings them to one another's side.

The Care and Feeding of Denise: When Frank is called to the Pentagon, he leaved Jeremy in charge, armed with a book of explicit orders written by his father which he follows to the letter, but will a surprise turn of events force him to throw away the playbook or will be follow his father's words.

The Tie that Binds: When Denise arrives home from work covered in blood and sobbing her heart out Frank fears the worst. Slowly she reveals what she'd witnessed that evening, which unleashes a secret that Frank had buried for nearly 30 years even from his wife.

Sister, Sister: Denise's sisters are visiting and at each other's throats. When Frank comes home on leave he demands some kind of order to the chaos, but he's having some trouble of his own that he won't even talk aboout with his wife. Plus, Suzanne reveals a secret about Jeremy's birth not even Frank knew.

Fires and Embers: Claudia Joy lost her daughter in the Hump Bar bombing, Jeremy lost his love, but Denise lost herself or rather she realzied she did. That is even more evident when Frank, pulled off his deployment, is injured in the blast, and at home to watch as the wife he knew quietly becomes a stranger. Can he pull her back or will he lose her forever?

Collateral Damage – Sherwood Style: Go behind the scenes the night of Jeremy’s suicide attempt, see it from Frank and Denise’s point of view, and watch what happens after the dinner party, this is everything Frank/Denise fans wanted but didn’t get.

The Storm: Frank confronts his wife about her closeness with Dr. Getti and her iciness in their bedroom, has Denise lost her attraction to her longtime husband, is she cheating, or is it something even more sinister? Frank wont’ rest until he finds out.

Beach Party: It’s been another 100 days of no casualties at Fort Marshall and even the senior command is having fun. The Holdens and the Sherwoods head to the beach for a much deserved break, while there Frank runs into an old friend and Denise meets an old enemy. Fireworks!

Tangled Web: Frank has kept a secret from Denise and now it’s coming back to haunt him, in more ways than one.

Through the Heart: Frank’s made enemies, he knows that, but he never expected the revenge to threaten his baby daughter’s life.

Unavoidably Detained: Denise struggles with her husband and son deploying, and her brave face only last so long, Frank and Michael must come with an ingenious way of delaying Frank’s deployment, only their method may have a worse effect than either of them think.

Military Family: Frank feels duty bound to return home and tell Claudia Joy of her husband’s status and to support her in this troubled time. When he does, he is in attendance for his daughter’s birth and may just be saying a final farewell to his military family.

A Woman Knows: Denise gets the visit every Army Wife dreads, a CAO telling her that her husband is dead. Three years later she is ready to move on when she meets a lonely, battle weary soldier with a mysterious past. Can Denise find love again? And is there more to this romance than meets the eye?

Pregnancy Pillow: Desperate to help his wife rest and to get some sleep himself, Frank invests in a pregnancy pillow for Denise only to discover that it is slowly replacing him. What is a husband to do?

Meet the Sherwoods: Jeremy’s faux pas results in he and Tanya Gabriel marrying quickly. When Tanya’s father arrives to meet her fiancé and his parents this get a little hectic, especially when it is revealed that Denise once broke an engagement to Tanya’s father, so she could marry Frank. Will the wedding take place? Or will Jeremy and Tanya be separated by their parents’ feud.

Changes: She’s hot, she’s moody, and she’s irrational…Things are about to change in the Sherwood house, and no one know if it’s for better or for worse.

Protective Measures: Denise and Frank refuse to permit a teenage Molly to drive around with her friends newly licensed older sister, but when the girls are killed Molly must struggle with something even more challenging than her parents’ old fashioned ways…plus, Frank and Michael have been keeping secrets from their wives, what happens when they are found out? The consequences might just be deadly.

Carpe Diem: After losing three friends in a deadly car crash she could have been in herself if not for Frank’s protective ways, Molly decides that life is too short to miss out on things and begins to try, just about everything she shouldn’t. Can Frank and Denise help their daughter or will it take an outsider to put her back on the straight and narrow?

Till Death Do Us Part: Frank and Denise learn the meaning of this phrase just as 16 year old Molly reveals she’s in love with a motorcycle riding 23 yr old marine, and love might not be the only thing she’s fallen into. Who will survive this shocking turn of events? Not everyone.

Sacrifices: A newly engaged Frank is on top of the world. He's finally healed from the wounds inflicted by Denise's affair and their divorce, so what happens when he receives a phone call from Colorado telling Denise has been critically injured in a motor cycle accident? He flies to her side quickly of course, arm in arm with his new bride-to-be only the woman that he sees in the hospital is a far cry from the woman he'd married and divorced...will he be choose to stay in his fiance's arms or will Denise push her way back into his heart?

The Heart Won't Lie: Newlyweds Getti and Denise are trying to adjust to their life together when Frank arrives with troubling news about Jeremy. Bonded by their worry and a long history, Frank and Denise find themselves rekindling their friendship, which might just lead them to rekindle their love.

Jaylynne Series: Baby Steps, The Measure of a Man, Loss of Innocence, What Hurts the Most, Growing Pains, Perfect Match, And Baby Makes???, One Day at a Time.

Baby Steps: After Frank is injured in an accident things at the Sherwood home get pretty hectic, especially with a four year old, Frank's parents, and health worries for Denise. They learn that when the pull together they'll make it even if it's just, Baby Steps. Posted as She'sAShipper.

The Measure of a Man: Two years after his accident Frank is faced with life outside the Army, financial concerns, and a fluctuating job market. While Denise is out earning a living, Frank much to his chagrin, is home with their family, but with his health still precarious and a host of other concerns, Denise finds that things in her life are spiraling out of control, she'll take drastic measures to get it back.

Loss of Innocence: Now 12 years old, Jaylynne isn't Frank's little baby anymore, but it's his arms she runs to when things in her young life are just a little too tough to take. Maybe, she'll always be his baby.

What Hurts the Most: Now 16 going on 17, Jaylynne is concerned with school, boys, her own self image, and...finding a way to break free from her parent's old fashioned ways even if it means hurting the one person that was always there for her.

Growing Pains: What do you get when you cross a midlife crisis, an overprotective parent, and soon to be 18 year old girl - chaos. Add prom, Denise's brother, and a pretty nurse named Farrah and that spells disaster. Can the Sherwoods make it through to the finish line? Or is their parenting just beginning?

Perfect Match: 24 year old Jaylynne returns home with Alex, the man she wants to marry, but no one will ever be good enough for Frank's little girl, least of all this tatooed rocker with a 9 year old daughter. Will he ever learn to accept Alex? Or will someone from Jaylynne's past win back her heart?

And Baby Makes ???: When a pregnant Jaylynne's husband is called away, she returns to her parents home where things are far from picture perfect. And once again, at her father's knee, she learns one of life's toughest lessons, sometimes you must sacrifice one life for another.

One Day at a Time: Life's a marathon, not a sprint, Jaylynne continues to learn this lesson as a busy young mother, fighting for everything she holds dear.

Reviews and comments are appreciated. We will take requests so if you'd like to read it, chances are we'll write it! Enjoy!

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