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Hey guys! (:

Im Naomi, often refered to as Gnome or Gnomee. I live in the UK and think it's rubbish most of the time; it's way too cold! Friends are just as important as my awesome family to me, my girls are my life sometimes! Boys come and go, but I think Joe deserves to be put on now, sometimes he's all I bother getting up for (L).

I've always been a bookworm, reading 1 book a week, sometimes more, and writing loads of odd little stories. My friend suggested I put some of my work on here and after a while I agreed! I love loads of different authors, J R R Tolkein, Anne Cassidy, Enid Blyton, Stephanie Meyer, Ally Kennen, the women who wrote The Lady Grace Mysteries, Marie-Louise Jensen, Susan Cooper and Rosie Rushton. Phew! That was a list! I love, love, love all these authors and more but it would take me forever to write them down!

My other passion is the performing arts (: yes, all three of them. But more of the music side at the minute, well, singing basically. I've just got my grade one singing award, which is really good I think, seeing as though I only started preparing for it 2 months ago. And I only have one 20 minute lesson a week for the time being. Oh, and if I'm not: writing, singing, gossiping, catching boys or texting I'll be horse riding! I started 4 years ago and I really enjoy it, but it's more of a hobby than a passion.

So, my writing is very unique and will probably be as real as possible, swearing and all. I like to keep my stories as real as possible, so the reader (hopefully!) gets immersed in it and enjoys it right from the start to the last sentence. That's the main goal for me, for people to enjoy my stories. All reviews will be welcomed! Good and bad will be taken into account!

-Thank you to all the people who have 'alerted' my story, and a special thanks to tryingtochillhere for the support and suggestions. You guys rock! :D-

That's all for now so,

p e a c e o u t .