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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Vocaloid.

To my lovely readers:

My dearest readers thank you all who are supporting me by reviews and such. I'm very glad to know that people do like to read somethings that I used to only daydream about when i had the chances. I know that I have had some problems with spelling, capitalization, and punctuation that i have not corrected so please be patent while I go over my stories and edit. this may take a while because I myself do not have enough time in the day, but I will do my best and continue trying to give my all. I'm sorry if I have displeased anybody with my mistakes and will gladly try to go back over them in the future. I'm not the best writer right now, I'm still very new to writing these stories myself and I will try to improve in the future. Thank you for reading my stories, and thank you for liking them too. The first time I released a story I was scared nobody would even give a thought of even reading them. So I thank you very much my wonderful readers.


Picture of surprised Naruto:

Picture of Hatsune Miku:

mikuxlen Every Heart:

I really like Mikus hair so that's why i used it for a Hinata hair base.

P.S There is this really cool website called snafu comics they have a Naruto comic there if you like NaruHina you'll love this!


av. couples :) they make my heart skip a beat when they are together, i just love them loving eachother ( not in a perverted way sickos lol) :D

Naruto and Hinata- NaruHina WOOT! WOOT! i aso found proof in the manga too! Like when Hinata got hurt Naruto went all 9 tailed foxy mode,and when sakura got hurt well he just kept on doing his alread foxy mode and i think he also hurt her too...

Link and Zelda- there just so good together.

Len and Miku- IDK why i just love the couple :D ive been going crazy over them lately XD

Akari/Angela and Luke- They have fun adventures and are the perfect match! Besides on Harvest Moon I married Luke so... cha ;)

Namine and Roxas- they are perfect for eachother its so beautiful *gets all teary eyed*

Sora and Kairi- same as Namine and Roxas but with a little less passion

Zagr- well... i don't really know why but I just like them together :)

Hitsuhina- not really a crack couple person but... totally love this couple.

and more!

Dislikes in couples >8(

Take someone for power- it just makes me mad for someone to not like someone until the person they dont like gets power -.-

Family couples- Dude there like brother and sister or mabye cousens it just seems wrong!

Last resort- someone ran out of people and is going to the only person that can give saku-er I mean the person what she can have which is just dispicabe!


Tinier Me: kelsie93 and my group is MikuxLen

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Hyrule High, Not Your Average Student by ArchSageZelda reviews
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the new hokage reviews
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