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10.2008 : Waiting for the snow to start falling. I'll be playing FF7 again ... (lost track of how many times). The first time I played way back in the day, it was autumn & the snow was falling. Couldn't go to sleep at night until I heard all of Cloud's STORY. Yeah, I'm FF dependent. But, damn - it's been 10 YEARS (!!) and here we all are, still writing FF7 stories ... Just kill me. I had a mini O when the buzz came down that Squenix would be remaking FF7 for PS3. Seems the new buzz is that won't be happening - but there's always Crisis Core for PSP!! Like I said ... please ... just put me out of my misery.

I'll be writing for nanowrimo this year and may or may not post my epic tale, depending on how hard it sux. And, crap - I'm catching a cold. I'll update again later, prolly out of my mind on nyquil.

Oh, yes - I'm only putting up the stories I've written that I'm satisfied with. I have to be pretty much 100 satisfied with it or I won't post it. I just can't live with something I can't stand behind.

12.2008 : I can't even think of anything I want to write. I hate to think that I'm growing out of writing fanfic - I won't let it happen!! I have been playing Crisis Core, however & am getting a fangirl thing going for Zack. Is it just me, or does he have the same personality and moves as Tidus? I didn't fangirl over Tidus, howevs. He seemed ... virginal. Zack ... not virginal. Definitely willing. I don't know ... if I can think of a shortie to write, I'll write it. Maybe on winter break I'll come up with a longer piece. Oh, yaoi fangirls - one pair I think is a definite is Lazard & Sephiroth. Is it me (again), or is CC totally gay? Even the costumes the Genesis copies wear - they have skirts on em. Why not just have them wear a short leather jacket with nothing underneath, mini skirt, fishnets and stilletos? Way more interesting.

1.2009 : Happy new year one and all. Best wishes for 2009. Me, I'm preparing to write again. Just a warning. But seriously, I think I'm growing up. Finally. I think my writing will be more adult, and I'm not talking xxx rated, but there will be some of that, too, as needed. Like a spice. Too much can throw the whole dish off. Oh, who am I kidding. I don't think anyone ever complained about too much lemon flavor. I have yet to see that in anyone's reviews -- too much smut. Now I just have to get inspired.

2.1.2009 : My friend J's bday tomorrow - groundhog day. _ Another of my favrit couples - Misa Amani & Light Yagami. I also like Light and L. I don't know if I'll write anything about these three, but I might ... Also Yuri & Alice from Shadowhearts. I'm serious, if I could I'd just stay in my PJs all day & write fanficcies, I would. I have a very dirty mind. I always have, even when I was a little kid. I don't know why. I MUST put it to good use. I'm also on AFF. My nick is ErotiChi. I have stories there that are too hardcore for FF net. I'll be updating out there, too. The last 4 years have been tough. I finished school and moved 4 times. Now I'm planning on getting back to writing. So BE WARNED. LOL.

4.1.2010 : no April fool's - can't believe this coming July I will have been here at fanficcy for EIGHT YEARS! Homg ... I was just a little baby bee when I put up my first ficcy - FF8 Garden in Summer (I think). Now I'm a (almost) full grown worker bee. Making honey. That doesn't sound X-rated, does it? That is my own nickname for him ... But I digress. I must do something spectacular, or die trying, for my 8 year anniversary July 2nd, 2010.

5.1.2010 : k. I noticed that I still get traffic on my profile even though I'm not really (GUILT) writing anything right now ... so I should update - I'm still working on Walk This World. I've lost track of what number plot revision I'm on, but I think I've finally got an ending I like and can live with, and one that rings true. So today I'm going to get busy with chappie 7. APOLOGIES are definitely forthcoming! ^_^

9.1.2010 : have I ever written anything for you ...

11.21.2010 : sometimes I dream about characters. Last time I dreamt about Squall and I think Seifer. We were at camp and two girls and I were making bets on which one of us would get some from Squall first. Talk about LOLLLLLLL. Anyway - I take this to mean that I have at least one more story in me about him; sometimes I think characters want me to finish writing stories about them that I have yet to finish. So ... I'll get past this nanowrimo thing ( and then get back to some of the things I need to finish. ^_^

4.1.2011 : April fool's again. I've never said why it is I keep coming back to writing fanfic - it's easy to jump into. I have ADD and a host of other ... maladies ... including being really really sick of winter ... so I need to work on finishing. I totally forgot about Loveless until I was surfing out at manga fox the other day (at work; don't tell anyone). Now I'm inspired to finish WTW after a total rewrite, which will be ... oooooo ... probably my 20th revision.

11.1.2011 : This is getting to be like a damned diary. Does anyone ever read this stuff? I hope not, because I'm going to tell you -- I've been doing some unexpected soul-searching. I'll tell you a secret. I grew up on FF7 and FF8. I was just a child then, playing way too late into the night, with a snow storm raging outside, snug as a bug in my girly bed, watching as Cloud told everyone about Sephiroth and exactly how everything had gone so wrong. Now I've grown up (kinda) and ppl always say, "You should write something to SELL!" I know that's bullshit. I'm not that great of a writer. Sometimes I get a case of the sads about it. So I've decided to write what's in my head, and so far it's all fanfics. Maybe I just have to get them out of there before I can move on. I don't know. But it wouldn't hurt to ... find out. Okay - it might hurt your eyeballs, and I apologize for that up front. ^_^ I'm just going to write what I want to write for a while and see where that takes me. Have I told you lately how much I love you? BIG HUG!! ^^;;;;

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