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Hello people of Fanfiction! The name is Ms.Imaginative and welcome to my wonderful profile of stories.

Continent: United States of America (U.S)

State: New York

Hair color: brown

Eye Color: hazel

Height: 5'7

Gender: Female

Personality: Loud, speaks her mind (painfully honest) and, motherly


Reviewing Blog:

Theme Songs: Irrational Anthem (Plain White T's) Anything But Ordinary (Avril Lavigne) Brick By Boring Brick (Paramore) Welcome to Mystery (Plain White T's) Misguided Ghosts (Paramore) Oh No! (Marina and the Diamonds

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Favorite Writers: William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J.K. Rowling

Favorite Songs: Hey Jude (The Beatles) Across the Universe (The Beatles)

Favorite Albums (Broadway, Motion Picture and Regular): Wonders of the Younger (Plain White T's), Beauty and the Beast Special Edition Soundtrack and Wicked the Original Broadway Cast

Favorite Color: Black, Blue and Green

Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleson

Favorite Actress: Kathrine Heigl, Helan Bonham Carter

Favorite Movie: Edward Scissorhands

Favorite T.V. Shows: Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock

Favorite Bands: Paramore, Plain White T's

Favorite Singers: Avril Lavigne, and Drake Bell

My Philosophies

-“You see all these cars in front of us? Each one of those people inside those cars has a story. Whether it’s crazy, full of love, hurt or promise, it’s still a story.” Ms. Imaginative

-If you’re an artist, let your creativity flow

-Death is never the solution

-Don’t become power hungry, it’s not worth it. Just look what happened to all those power hungry dictators, they're rotting in hell right at this moment.

-No one’s perfect, but everyone expects you to be.

-There’s a theme song for EVERYONE, trust me.

-There’s such thing as the perfect guy, but he’s either gay or taken. If he’s gay make him bisexual and if he’s taken, get rid of the girlfriend.

-Everyone has a destiny in life, and it’s up to you and only you to figure it out.

-Your teddy bear is your best friend because he/she is the only thing that can’t talk back to you.

-“Live” spelled backwards is “Evil” … Oh the sweet irony

-“If you take away all signs of happiness, get rid of the desks and put up bars in my high school, it could be the perfect jail.” Ms. Imaginative

-Listen to the words of the song, they just might mean something.

-Glasses will ALWAYS make you look smart. Trust me, I know from experience.

-Follow your dreams and never give into negative influences and follow your personal values.

-Keep the wheels in your head turning they might just change your way of thinking. It did for me.

-Love isn’t an emotion it’s an undeniable force of nature. But everyone takes advantage of it.

-A sparkling vampire is SO wrong. A vampire should burn and burst into flames when in the sun not SPARKLE

-“When you all graduate high school and then go on to graduate college and try and fulfill your dreams of taking over the world remember this… LEAVE RUSSIA ALONE!” My friend's Social Studies Teacher

-If you truly want to make an artist cry, then rip up their drawings with no remorse

-When someone asks you “What’s up?” reply, “The sky, what else?”

-Life is a challenge, live up to the occasion

-Cartoons are the greatest form of entertainment. And if someone thinks their stupid, slap them in the back of the head and call them the meanest word you can think of.

-“There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free if you truly wish to be.” Gene Wilder

-There are two roads in front of you, one is a boring old road, but it leads to your destination faster. The other road is a much, much longer road, but it's filled with beautiful roses & trees. You don't really care which road you take as long as you reach your destination. You are willing to fight back if anything goes bad. Life is a handful for you, but you try your hardest to make it smoother.

-“Ms.Imaginative, whatever is on your mind is always on your mouth.” My BFFL Half- Blood Warrior Kitty

Soundtrack of my Life

Opening credits- Drive By (Train)

Waking Up- Oh No! (Marina and the Diamonds)

School- Ignorance (Paramore)

Falling in Love- Silver Screen Romance (Good Charlotte)

Fight Song- Let Me Hear You Scream (Ozzy Osbourne)

First Kiss- Bring Me to Life (Evanscene)

Breaking Up- 50 Ways to Say Goodbye (Train)

Life being good- Makes Me Wonder (Maroon 5)

Friday Nights- Good Time (Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen)

Mental Breakdown- Bury Me Alive (We are the Fallen)

Driving- Pocketful of Sunshine (Natasha Beningfield)

Wedding- As the World Falls Down (David Bowie)

Life- When Can I See You Again? (Owl City)

Death- 21 Guns (Green Day)

Funeral- Speeding Cars (Imogen Heap)

End Credits- I Am Not a Robot (Marina and the Diamonds)


In Your Eyes

I can see the world reflecting in your eyes

But I can see that it's all a bunch of lies.

I wish for you to see the world the way I do

But what I really want is to be with you.

In your eyes I see my reflection

and in doing that, I have fear of rejection.

I was never the prettiest flower around.

But you don't care

You just kiss me and tickle me to the ground.

In my eyes you see how I view the world.

But that's ok, because it shows that I'm a different girl.

Showing that I'm different is the first step to success

And the best way to show my difference is from the way I dress.

I love your eyes so much, they're too good to be true.

But the thing I love about my eyes, is that they can't take them off of you.

I Want to Hate You but I Don't

I hate you so much that you make all my limbs go loose

But everyone loves you but they'll soon find out the truth.

Your face is like an Angel with hair and eyes to match

However, your politeness in school and in language always seems to lack.

You're the apple of every girl's eye and it makes me sick

But I've always, truely, wondered where you learned that flirty trick.

Another reason all the girls wait in line

I just because you're musically inclined.

You play your melodies oh so sweet

It makes everyone squeal with joy at the wonderful treat.

However, I can see straight through that beloved mask

And once I expose you people will cower at you and gasp.

In the end, when I got to know you and I found out what's true

I didn't expect my, mind, heart and soul to fall in love with you.

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