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Hi!!! Im SparkHeart. I love dancing and writing! And Reading. LIKE WHO DOESNT?

I write Warrior stories xD





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Ok Ok. Before you ask, Sparkheart is the main character in my story: Irascible

She is based off me.

If you want to know how the story is placed look below

'Irascible' The Story

Time Placed: After Firestar's Quest when Squirrelkit and Leafkit are born.

Why: To Show a Different in the series

Sparkheart is the third kit of Firestar and Sandstorm, shes the youngest of the three. Twisterr, she was born along with Squirrelkit and Leafkit.

Later on in the story, she changes and something different happens to her that you will basically never expect

KitName: Sparkkit

Apprentice Name: Sparkpaw

WarriorName: Sparkheart

Mother: Sandstorm

Father: Firestar

Sister(s): Squirrelflight and Leafpool.

Mate: (You Will Findout Later On)


Appearance: A beautiful, young, light ginger tabby she-cat with adventurous heather-blue eyes. They say here eyes are a gift from StarClan. Which is later on proven from Firestar visiting the moonpool. (Spoiler muchh)

Sparkheart is my character. I made her, nobody can steal her. She looks like Heathertail from WindClan but has lighter pelt which is Ginger.

Ok, So me and my friend(s) Roleplay. like crazy! We send stories of our cats' past, what if stories, crazy crack dream stories. So..I decided. LETS SHOW MY FANFICTION..people that I dont even know if they look on here- STUFF:D


Leader: Meteorstar- A beautiful white she-cat with orange splotches with fierce yet soothing green eyes. (This is mine- I made Meteorstar.)

Deputy: Snowfur- A young white she-cat with black tipped ears and tail with amazing deep blue eyes. (This is my friend Icey's cat. She doesnt RP with me and Bffs(my other friend) so much anymore)

Medicine Cat: Brightspirit- A very sweet yet fierce white she-cat with striking yellow eyes. (Me and Bffs made her up together. She was a kit when Meteorstar just turned leader, and then turned into Brightspirit after her mentor had died when she was an apprentice.. Brightpaw.)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Snowpaw- A pure white she-cat with amber eyes. (Created by Icey. Snowfur's daughter)


Foxcloud- A handsome dark brown tabby tom with striking icy blue eyes (YES. We love this guy. Ok we have like a million definitions of him. 1) Meteorstar's mate. 2) A she-cat obsesser. the she-cats LOVE HIM, which very aggrivates Meteorstar 3) The anger problem cat, Meteorstar and Him fight a lot. 4) The hot one xD... We like praise this awesome tom xDD Hes happy about that. He has like fangirls. xD)

Skystorm- Pure white tom with handsome amber eyes. (Hes secretly seeing the medicine cat. BAD SKYSTORM!)

Darkfur- A very dark brown tom with almost black eyes. (Mate to Snowfur. Icey made him. He gets annoying but eh xD)

Lightwhisper- A light gray tabby she-cat with young green eyes (Meteorstar also had another mate before Foxcloud. Cloudstar. Yup, Forbidden love. Cloudstar(pelt) was in StormClan and Meteorstar(light) used him to get over her parents' death. Foxcloud was also in AirClan when they started secretly seeing eachother xD. We love forbidden love. So this was Meteorstar's daughter)

Fogcloud- A dark gray tabby with fierce amber eyes. (Lightwhisper's mate and foxcloud's apprentice xD So yeah)


Bluepaw- A very dark gray tom with striking blue eyes. (Snowfur and Bluesaturn's son. Yeah I know, long story..)

Mentor, Lightwhisper (Used to be Meteorstar but Foxcloud got her pregnant -.- xD)

Snowpaw- A pure white she-cat with amber eyes.

Mentor, Brightspirit


Meteorstar (Listed Above)


Bramblekit- A white tom with brown tabby stripes and a blue-green eye mix (Parents: Meteorstar and Foxcloud)

Oakkit- A dark brown tabby tom with striking icy blue eyes (Parents: Meteorstar and Foxcloud)

Hollykit- A beautiful she-cat with ginger splotches and tipped ears with graceful green eyes (Parents: Meteorstar and Foxcloud)


Speckletail- Oldest cat in HorizonClan. A dark brown she-cat with light brown specks around her body and has striking violet eyes.


Leader: Branchstar- An old dark brown she-cat with surprisingly young amber eyes (Shes so old. That she was Foxcloud's MOM mentor. And she was a warrior when Foxcloud's grandmom was born...Yeah shes old but really good at fighting. And she has cursing problems like Meteorstar.)

Deputy: Blackeyes- A black tom with very dark amber eyes. (This is Darkfur's brother. And Gingerleaf's mate)

Medicine Cat: Gingerleaf- A beautiful ginger tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes (Foxcloud's sister and Blackeyes mate. Branchstar allowed her as medicine cat still since she has nobody else in line)

(Not Many Known Warriors)


Leader: Silverstar- A beautiful young gray tabby she-cat with young blue eyes (Daughter of Pantherheart and Crescentstar. Crescentstar is in HorizonClan and broke the warrior code with Pantherheart)

Deputy: Unknown. Sources say(Me and bffs) that her older brother is the deputy.

Medicine Cat: Poppyheart- A young tortoiseshell she-cat with beautiful amber eyes.


Leader: Flamestar- A dark ginger tom with handsome yellow eyes (Meteorstar basically wants him to die xD)

Deputy: Shellbreeze- A young dark brown she-cat.

Medicine Cat: Tawnyheart- A young tortoiseshell she-cat with wonderful green eyes. (The only cat Meteorstar likes xD)

So thats it xD

Pictures of the Clans:

Meteorstar and Foxcloud and Foxcloud's past-mate upset(I made all of these btw): 

Meteorstar's Family Tree: 

Foxcloud's Family Tree: 

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